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Study sheds light on the impact of racism on black men’s suicides



Black males, Suicide

According to a brand new study from the University of Georgia, one in three black men living in rural Georgia has considered death or suicide in the past two weeks. Their experiences with racism as children may play a key role in the pattern.

As stated, studies enlighten growing up in an environment with limited resources and experiencing racism while growing up makes it difficult to construct deep and satisfying relationships with others. Feelings of distrust and being very wary of relationships can result in feelings of isolation, which ends up in thoughts of death and suicide.

As Michael Curtis, one of the study’s co-authors, told the website: “When we take into consideration suicidal thoughts, I believe we frequently don’t concentrate to where the differences are and who’s most in danger. We just realize it’s flawed, especially amongst young black men.”

Curtis continued: “Historically, research has not spent much time and effort examining what are the unique cultural contexts that make some men more vulnerable to suicidal ideation than others.”

The number of black men dying by suicide is increasing at an alarming rate.

In their 2023 book, authors Courtney B. Vance and Dr. Robin L. Smith detailed their beliefs identified the need for changes a conversation about black men’s mental health. Smith told NPR: “(Among) black boys and black men, suicide rates are on the rise. The pace is accelerating faster than any other group in the country, in the United States. So we have to ask ourselves why.”

Smith also contextualized the compilation of internalized anti-blackness, saying, “How is it that black boys are sometimes viewed as scary and dangerous, even after they are 6, 7, or 10 years old? The experience the white world has with them is skin color and gender, which taken together creates a level of fear. So the person I’m describing, who’s pathological and demonized, can swallow it as if these lies are true, after which never reveal it and be treated for what it has cost her to be black and male in America.

In reference to the study, Curtis said childhood experiences became increasingly essential as the Black men they interviewed entered maturity.

“We found that Black men exposed to childhood adversity could develop an internal understanding of the world as a place where they were devalued, where they could not trust others and could not engage their communities in a supportive way,” Curtis said. “Engaging in social support is critical for young Black men who face many challenges on the path to success.”

Steven Kogan, lead writer of the study and a professor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia, said one technique to combat suicidal thoughts and other negative reactions to anti-Black racism is to instill self-love in Black children.

“More research is needed, but one finding is clear: Loving yourself as a black person is fundamental,” Kogan said. “Teaching children and adolescents to be proud of being black counteracts their potential to internalize the negative messages about blackness that permeate U.S. society.”

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These sisters started a vegan hair care company inspired by ingredients from their mother’s kitchen – now they have a big offer at Walmart




Ellen and Ione Rucker, the dynamic sisters behind Rucker Roots, are enthusiastic about their recent enterprise with Walmart!

The Rucker family has all the time understood the ability of patience.

The brood of eight was led by a green-thumbed patriarch with a passion for farming and gardening, and a mother who could conjure magic from fresh ingredients. Their father often said that timing, consistency and care are what plants have to thrive. Likewise, their mother, a wizard within the kitchen, spent long days simmering the produce that her husband brought home to make the concoctions she prepared for her family. Everything from home remedies, tasty meals to hair care potions: olive oil to moisturize, avocado to nourish, carrots and turnips for hair growth.

Years later, the youngest Rucker siblings, Ione and Ellen Rucker, took these at-home childhood experiences into the laboratory and launched their hair care line in 2011, a vegan line of products whose ingredient history draws inspiration straight from their parents’ hands.

“We use things that come directly from our life experiences,” Ellen tells ESSENCE. “And it’s that legacy that we want people to feel every time they use one of our products.”

This was the peak of the natural hair movement, when black women were still searching for products specifically tailored to different textures. At the time, Rucker Roots created a revolutionary styling system designed for warmth-treated hair, which was unusual since most natural hair brands offered wash and go styling.

More than a decade after its founding, Rucker Roots is prospering, each in e-commerce and on the shelves of huge retail stores – the sisters just announced a major distribution take care of Walmart – however the path to success has not been streamlined. In fact, it was filled with heartache and large challenges.

“We had to take our focus away from the business a few times because life threw us some serious curveballs,” Ione tells ESSENCE.

One of the largest was the premature death of their beloved brother in 2016. An expected blow that shook the family and adjusted Ione and Ellen’s priorities.

“It was a huge setback for our business because he got sick when he was only 44, so we were on ice for a while,” Ione says. “It was a tragedy because we got here all of the option to San Francisco, California. He was home in South Carolina.

She said they spent a complete yr mourning after which were plunged into mourning when their father suddenly died just a few years later in 2019.

The story of their return was like a hero’s tale.

Ellen, who also faced personal challenges, also grappled with the truth of a child scuffling with serious health issues and ultimately divorce.

“It’s really kind of a comeback story,” says Ellen.

And what a comeback it’s. Earlier this yr, the sisters announced a landmark distribution agreement with Walmart, which supplies their products to 785 stores, including international locations.

“We’re already in Dubai,” Ellen enthuses, adding that the timing of the deal was perfect.

“Walmart came to us in 2019, but we just weren’t ready,” she said truthfully. “Now it’s just from here. This is our time.”

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Middle-aged health is more than just waist circumference. This is why




You’re now not 20 or 30 years old and you already know that regular health check-ups are vital. So go to your GP. During your visit, they measure your waist. They may check your weight. Appearing concerned, they recommend some lifestyle changes.

GPs and healthcare professionals often measure waist circumference as a vital health parameter. This is a greater indicator of abdominal fat than body mass index (BMI). This is the really dangerous fat around and inside your organs that may cause heart disease and metabolic disorders reminiscent of type 2 diabetes.

Men are much more more likely to have health problems in the event that they have a waist circumference greater than 102 centimeters. It is believed that girls with a waist circumference of approx 88 centimeters or more. More than two-thirds of Australian adults have a waist circumference that puts them at increased risk of the disease. An even higher indicator is waist circumference divided by height or waist to height ratio.

However, we all know that individuals (especially women) are liable to this in middle age they gain weight across the middle of their body, which may be very difficult to regulate. Are they doomed to poor health? It seems that while such measurements are vital, they don’t provide all the knowledge concerning the risk of disease and death.

How much is an excessive amount of?

Having a waist circumference to height ratio greater than 0.5 is related to a greater risk of chronic diseases and premature death, and this is applicable to adults of all ages. A healthy waist-to-height ratio is between 0.4 and 0.49. A ratio of 0.6 or more puts the person in the best risk group of the disease.

Some experts recommend Waist circumference must be routinely measured in patients during medical visits. This can start a discussion concerning the risk of chronic disease and easy methods to address it.

Excessive fat tissue and related health problems turn out to be more pronounced in middle age. Quite a few social, personal and physiological aspects make it increasingly difficult to regulate waist circumference as we age. Metabolism tends to decelerate, mainly on account of the decrease in muscle mass, which is typical of humans less intense physical activity, especially resistance exercise.

For women, hormone levels start to vary mid-life and that too stimulates a rise in the extent of fat tissue, especially within the abdominal area. At the identical time, at this stage of life (often including work responsibilities, parenting and caring for aging parents), increased stress can result in: increased cortisol levels, which cause fat tissue to extend within the abdominal area.

Middle age may cause poorer sleep patterns. They contribute to the expansion of fat tissue disruption of hormones that control appetite.

Finally, your loved ones history and genetics may make you predisposed to accumulating more fat in your belly.

Why waist?

This abdominal or visceral fat is much more metabolically lively (has a greater impact on the body’s organs and systems) than subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous fat).

Visceral fat surrounds and infiltrates major organs reminiscent of the liver, pancreas, and intestines, releasing quite a lot of chemicals (hormones, inflammatory signals, and fatty acids). They affect inflammation, lipid metabolism, levels of cholesterol and insulin resistance, contributing to the event of chronic diseases.

Exercise may reduce visceral fat gain in middle age.
Shutterstock/Frozen Sounds

The problem is particularly visible during menopause. In addition to the direct effects of hormonal changes, falling estrogen levels change brain function, mood and motivation. These psychological changes may end up in decreased physical activity and eating more often – often consisting of comfort foods which can be high in sugar and fat.

But these effects are usually not inevitable. Diet, exercise and mental health management can limit the gain of visceral fat in midlife. Importantly, waist circumference (and the ratio to height) is just one measure of human health. There are many other facets to body composition, exercise and weight-reduction plan. They can have a much greater impact on human health.

Muscles matter

The amount and quality of skeletal muscle (attached to bones to enable movement) an individual has affects: an enormous difference for his or her heart, lungs, metabolic, immune, neurological and mental health, in addition to physical functions.

The available evidence shows that it is equally and even more vital for health and longevity To have greater muscle mass and higher cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness than waist circumference inside normal limits.

So, if an individual has an excessive waist circumference, but additionally leads a sedentary lifestyle, has less muscle mass and fewer aerobic capability, then it is advisable to deal with an appropriate exercise program. Fitness deficits must be prioritized over fat loss.

Conversely, an individual with low levels of visceral fat is not necessarily fit and healthy and could have quite poor aerobic fitness, muscle mass and strength. Research evidence is that these vital signs of health – how strong an individual is, the standard of their weight-reduction plan, and the fitness of their heart, circulation and lungs – are more predictive of their risk of disease and death than how thin or obese an individual is.

For example: 2017 Dutch study followed chubby and obese people for 15 years and located that very physically lively people had no increased risk of heart disease in comparison with normal-weight participants.

Getting moving is vital advice

Physical activity has many advantages. Exercise can counteract lots of the negative behavioral and physiological changes that occur during midlife, including those going through menopause.

Regular exercise reduces the tendency to overindulge in foods and drinks to assist with what could also be: quite a difficult period in life.

Measuring waist circumference and monitoring body weight remain vital. If your metrics exceed the values ​​listed above, it’s definitely value making some changes. Exercise is especially effective for losing fat reduction of visceral fat tissue with greater effectiveness when combined with a weight-reduction plan limiting energy intake. Importantly, any fat loss program – whether through medication, weight-reduction plan or surgery – is also a muscle loss program unless resistance exercise is a part of this system. place to begin is by talking to your doctor about your overall health.

Accredited exercise physiologists AND accredited practicing dietitians are probably the most appropriate allied health professionals to evaluate your physique, fitness and weight-reduction plan and work with you to develop a plan to enhance your health, fitness and reduce current and future health risks.

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In Shanghai, Nicolas Ghesquière shares his whimsical Louis Vuitton collection




Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s latest womenswear collection, presented on the Long Museum in Shanghai, was crammed with kitsch elements and engaging checkered accessories. At the Voyager exhibition, Nicolas Ghesquière presented wonderful works with prints by Sun Yitian, an artist from Beijing. In addition to the outfits decorated with Yitian’s artwork, the pre-fall 2024 offering was also colourful and implausible. There was something for everybody, including front row guests Regina King and Jennifer Connelly. The floral dress with a long-sleeved peplum sweater seemed a bit odd, but had a rather sporty feel because it hit the runway in sneaker-like heels. Various leather variants were also presented: a leather skirt with oversized hoops and metal details, elegant platform ankle boots and a series bag in fiery red.

The collection included a basic set of garments that felt like a combo of sorts: a pair of black and yellow leather pants worn with a striped T-shirt and a plaid jacket. This outfit was immediately followed by a fun moment that consisted of a vivid orange and pink knitted and striped sweater paired with a brown pleated leather skirt. The fancy Peter Pan collar added a fun twist to this sweater and gave the sailor dress a brand new twist. At the highest, an oversize jacket was combined with a tennis skirt with small pleats. The most eye-catching element of this styling were black shoes with white geometric shapes.

This Pre-Fall 2024 line from Ghesquière shows the designer’s lack of limits. It also explores the infinite possibilities that will be explored with regards to dressing for colder weather. Instead of wearing shapeless and boring clothes, you may select variations that include colourful sweaters, interesting leather skirts that catch the attention with perfect pleats, and more.

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