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Arthur Murray International is one of the established names in the world of dancing. Regardless of having many franchisees worldwide, Arthur Murray works on retaining a distinct visual identity for the Ballroom and Latin dance market.

This is the importance of having a public relations firm for your brand. When you have the ambition to be on the same level as Arthur Murray, you have to work first in improving your visibility online. It's all possible with 360WISE Media's different digital marketing strategies.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Dance Studio

Digital marketing is such a big industry, and it covers a wide range of topics. There is social media marketing, branding, celebrity marketing, search engine optimization, and small business marketing.

Which Digital Marketing Method Suits You

As a dance studio, the most effective methods for you are social media marketing and search engine optimization. By combining these two, it will be easier for you to attract potential clients and build a credible reputation.

Facebook, the leading social media site for small businesses, is a good place to start. You can announce your events in your dance studio through Facebook live. You can even use the comment section to communicate with your audience directly.

The bonus part is that Facebook has an Insights tool which lets you analyze your posts based on user engagement. You'll get to know what your audience wants to see by looking at your popular posts.

Search Engine Optimization is also suitable for your dance studio. Aside from social media accounts, you should also have a website. While many people use Facebook for local searches, there are still some who count on Google when finding a dance studio nearby.

When someone searches for a dance studio in your area, you will be more discoverable when you have a listed NAP (name, address, and phone number). Your website should be linked to your social media pages as well. This is where people could get to know more about your services and events.

Dance Your Way to the Top With 360WISE Media, Social media marketing firm

360WISE Media has years of experience in public relations, social media, and branding industry. We have helped celebrities and small businesses execute their marketing strategies.

To carry out our vision even better, we team up with other networks in the industry. This is to ensure that every client gets an interactive approach that they deserve.

We helped big brands, such as the Arthur Murray International maintain their prestige is a brand. We can help you, too in establishing your online presence. By working on your visibility, it's likely that you will be as successful as Arthur Murray's dance studio.

Our Hollywood-based company has years of experience in the celebrity digital and marketing trade. Can’t wait to have a better ranking on search engines and social media networks? Learn more about our services by following our social media accounts or by calling our Social media marketing firm 1-844-360-WISE (9473).