Weather based marketing, more commonly called 'weather driven marketing' or simply 'weather marketing', is an ingenious form of advertising automation that uses real-time weather information to trigger advertising messages and ad campaigns based upon the local weather conditions of your local audience. The beauty of this form of online marketing automation lies in the fact that the ads you run in a given time period (when it is convenient for your viewer) will be relevant to their interests and needs, regardless of the time of day or season. Weather based advertising automation is very popular with a wide variety of small businesses looking for a cost-effective way of advertising to their target market.


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Targeted Marketing

The idea behind this type of advertising is to create a market for a particular product line or area of business. For instance, if you sell snowblowers and you want to sell them to people who live in a region with cold winters, you can target those people with custom advertisements in which they will be offered deals that include discounts or free delivery. These deals are usually targeted towards those areas that would benefit most from the product.


Reach Potential Customers

As a business owner, it is a great way to reach out to your customers. By giving them information and tools that they can use to create a customized experience, you give them control over the information they are receiving and you increase your customer base and loyalty. In addition to having access to more information on your company, you are also offering them the ability to make informed decisions on whether or not to purchase your products.

Customized Ads

Unique advertising options such as weather based advertising offers an exciting and creative way to get your message across to a targeted audience. With the convenience of using the internet, you can target people based on their interests and make customized responses to the ads so that you can reach as many people as possible without spending hours writing an entire ad.

Leverage the Power Of Weather Triggered Advertising

The key to weather based marketing automation is the use of geo-targeting technology. This technology takes real-time real-world weather conditions and maps them into a series of customized text and image links for a specific audience. The information is generated using the same algorithms used by internet search engines to determine the relevancy of a web site based upon the keywords it has been programmed to find. By utilizing the power of geo-targeting technology, our internet advertising software allows you to create customized weather based advertising campaigns, targeting audiences based upon their location. It also allows you to determine which keywords are most likely to draw the attention of those customers who live in the particular geographic area that your company serves.

Let Our Weather Marketing Agency Help You Out

It can be done for any product, even those that are not available to people in specific geographical areas. As an example, if you sell cars, you could target those areas that have high crime rates and would be interested in buying a new car. You could offer a great deal to these individuals or you could send special coupons directly to their cell phone with the message that you have found deals that they may be interested in. Either way, you are providing valuable and relevant information to potential customers who live in those areas.

Increase Your Effectiveness through Advertisements

Using weather based advertising allows businesses to increase the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. With an automated campaign you are able to keep costs to a minimum, as well as increasing the number of potential customers that are likely to view your online advertisements. The great thing about using weather based advertising software for advertising is that no one will know that you have chosen specific keywords to target specific geographic areas. In addition, you can choose your weather based ads according to their relevance and preference. You will be able to personalize each ad with the information contained within the weather report. This will allow you to reach your audience in the way that is most convenient for them to your specific brand.

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