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Public relations and marketing strategies are created parallel to each other and complement each other to reach the same goal for the organization. Our public relations agency will develop an awareness of the organization and its clients. This awareness will be made use of by us coming up with an appropriate and creative marketing strategy that would be more effective. With proper public relations and marketing, the objectives of the organization would also be accomplished in the most effective manner through influencing, engaging, and building a strong relationship across a myriad of platforms.


A Multi-National Company with operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. 



Media Relations refers to the process by which a business or organization to establish a meaningful relationship with customers, while maintaining the credibility of the business or organization as a whole. This field of study generally examines the relationship between institutions and the press. It is an important factor in any media organization and can be extremely difficult to do without.


We at 360 MediaWise offer a fusion of various marketing tools like online advertising, traditional marketing, public relations, television and print advertising, direct mail, email marketing and social media. Promotion does not only include making awareness among the general public about the product but also involves spreading the knowledge on its features, benefits and disadvantages to potential customers. All our marketing communications efforts work to enhance your customer base by attracting them to the product by making them aware of its features and benefits.


Our investor relations communications relations will enable all our customers to get their business information in front of the largest audience possible by using these innovator services and allowing them to increase their exposure to potential customers, partners and distributors.

PR Influencer Marketing to Take You to Greater Heights

PR influencer marketing is a kind of online marketing that revolves around celebrity marketing. This kind of marketing is one that revolves around the influence of a prominent person on the public. It is the same thing as the same concept of PR influencer marketing. Let us at 360 MediaWise take your company to unprecedented heights through our effective PR Influencer Marketing services.

Let Our Public Relations Agency Make Your Business Visible to the Public Eye

PR Marketing Services offer the best way to make your business visible to the public eye. It is a service which we at 360MediaWise are experts in. There is so much that you can do with the services of our PR firm but in order to make the most out of it you should be sure that you have selected the right one for your needs. When you choose us to be your partners we offer numerous avenues for you to explore when it comes PR marketing, helping you rise above the rest!

Harness The Power of Social Media

The impact and use of social media advertising has dramatically increased in recent times. With each individual, in particular baby boomers, being part of at least one online social networking network, it’s safe to assume that this new form of social marketing is social PR marketing. In simple terms, PR marketing is a method for the promotion and awareness of a company’s products or services. If you were marketing to a company demographic that was more likely to use social networking sites then PR marketing would be the way to go.

You see, with the increased use of the internet, especially within social networks, there are far more opportunities than ever to spread the word about your business. As the number of people that use these sites continues to grow, you can expect an exponential increase in your online exposure and recognition. What this does is help to establish your brand and reputation as an effective resource for your niche market. By creating a profile on an established platform you can increase your chances of getting noticed and become a trusted advisor, not just a company.

Let us at 360 MediaWise Help!

Higher Visibility and Credibility

If you are running a small business, then social media PR marketing may be what you need to grow your business. Your profile can give you higher visibility on these sites. If you have already established yourself online, then this will help you gain a higher level of credibility and build your brand. It’s important to remember that all businesses should take advantage of this powerful new resource, regardless of how large or small they are.

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