If you are looking to make your site more visible on the web to potential buyers, you should consider using what is called "geofencing influencer marketing" to help increase the visibility of your site to a wide audience. The idea behind this type of promotion is to get people to visit your website because they think that it is worth looking at. For example, if you were selling a new car, you would have to create a website that sells that particular brand of car. By adding a few videos and photos, you are going to entice people to click on the video or picture and visit your website.


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There is no denying the impact of geofencing on marketing efforts. It is used to control the accessibility of the property from outsiders by placing a virtual boundary on the Internet. In geofencing, a fence or boundary is drawn on the internet, not physically. The Internet uses these virtual boundaries to mark an end-user’s access to a site. It is done by marking one side of a page with a boundary and another side with a blank boundary. The use of this technique allows advertisers to display banners or links within a site that has been “fenced in,” which means no one can cross that border but the advertisers.

Location Based Marketing

What Is Location Marketing? Location Marketing is an internet strategy that is used by businesses to gain an edge over their competition by attracting customers from a particular geographic area. Location marketing is especially designed for the business of retail; it focuses on the local community surrounding a retail outlet. It can thus be defined in a nutshell as an online strategy in which the web presence of an actual physical location of a business is enhanced.

Engaging the Right Audience

It is not unusual for companies to have a website but it is also not uncommon for them to not engage in any kind of advertising in the social media space because they feel that their clients may be too busy to have a site or may simply find it too impersonal. For this reason, social media marketing has really taken off in recent years as a great way for both companies and clients to reach each other.

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Through geofencing influence marketing services we incorporate keywords that are associated with photos and videos so that people who see them will be able to search for that keyword in order to find the particular website that you are promoting. By doing this, people will see that your site has something useful to offer and that you know how to use the Internet to market your business. This is the same as how you would market your own business by creating a website for yourself and promoting it to make it easy for potential customers to see what you have to offer.

Enhanced Tracking and
Location Based Marketing

Mobile Marketing and Geofencing are the latest buzz words in Marketing. These are technologies that allow for better tracking, location-based marketing and Geofencing influence marketing which allow consumers to have more control over their personal and business privacy. Let us at 360 MediaWise provide an overview of these technologies and how they can benefit you as a business owner or company.

Geofence Marketing
At its Very Best

The important thing about using this type of promotion is that you should keep the content that you are promoting interesting and appealing for the people who visit your site. Make sure that you are promoting something that they would find interesting and valuable to them. You will not be successful if you use a video or photo that is completely unrelated to the subject matter that you are trying to sell. Instead, focus your efforts on bringing the topic or product of the video or photo into the discussion so that you can get more people to visit your website. Geofencing influencer marketing works because you are getting people to visit your website in the hope that they will become interested in the products and services that you are trying to promote.

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