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While social media has generally been a marketing strategy used by global or national brands only to engage directly with a single target audience, local franchises can also utilize it as a tool to connect to their existing customer base and foster brand loyalty and trust with the community. In doing so, they will gain the credibility and trust of consumers that they need to help grow their business and generate profits from an already strong customer base. By staying ahead of the trends and connecting with your customers on a more personal level, you can establish a stronger bond and reputation with your brand. The more you stay in tune with the current trends in their daily activities; the more you ensure a long-term and sustainable relationship with them. Using social marketing in the right situations will allow you to increase your brand's longevity and its chances of growth. Let our top social media agency help you out!


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For any local franchise, social marketing can become one of the most important tools in attracting new customers, keeping existing customers engaged and building and retaining loyal customers.


Social marketing offers a more targeted approach to marketing and brand promotion because it allows you to share information and stories with your customers in a more personal manner.


Rather than spending money on print ads, television or radio commercials, you can use social media as a way to reach a large group of consumers with one message.

Focusing on Specific Needs and Want

Local brands are more likely to appeal to a wide range of consumers than larger, national brands. A local franchise’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies within its product or service and what it has to offer to the consumer. While national brands have the luxury of having a mass audience that can easily be reached through advertising and television and radio advertisements, a local franchise should focus on the specific needs and wants of the local community. 360 Wise Media, a social media promotion company, helps you do just that!

Building Your Credibility

While it is possible for a company to build and maintain its brand without being visible to the public, many consumers are not willing to deal with such a corporation on a regular basis, especially if they feel that the company is out of touch. By connecting with your customers on a regular basis through social channels, our social media marketing agency will ensure that you are seen as a credible company that is willing to listen to their needs and concerns. Additionally, this will establish a stronger relationship between the company and your customer base.

Constant Stream of Relevant Information

Social media marketing works by allowing you to reach your brand’s target audience more easily and efficiently than traditional marketing. If your audience is highly mobile and tech-savvy, you can reach them in a shorter period of time and create a better relationship with your potential consumers. Because social media offers a chance to reach people via their mobile phones and tablets, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Since mobile users are now more active and frequent, you can provide them with a constant stream of relevant information and entertainment without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Increasing Your Brand Influence

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly, but only as a part of a complete marketing mix can it be highly effective. A company’s branding will begin to show through its tone, design, color schemes, logo, and even the way in which you communicate with your customers. As one of the best marketing companies in the US we begin by establishing a positive brand image, using which you will be able to establish a sense of trust and integrity among your consumers and this alone is a key ingredient in increasing brand influence.

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