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What are the main features of 360WiseMedia Mobile App?

Last Updated: March 22, 2016 08:29 PM EST
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Contact/Social Features

  • Around Us: Highlight businesses or locations with a specialized map view displaying points of interest.
  • Call Us: Easy, one-touch calling.
  • Contact: Combined call, email, and directions capabilities, plus social integration and more!
  • Direction View: One-touch directions.
  • Email Form: Customizable email submission forms.
  • Email Photo: Quick photo send tool.
  • Fan Wall: Comment board for customers & fans alike.
  • Mailing List: Easy subscription-building feature.
  • Messages: Push notification log.
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter & Google+ integration, plus quick stats on user engagement.
  • WuFoo Form: Direct integration for highly customizable email submission forms.
Promotional Features
  • Events: Showcase key info on events & promotions, track attendees, and post comments.
  • Food Ordering: Seamless ordering with PayPal integration for in-app payment.
  • Google Ads: Ad house & monetized banner ads to your app.
  • GPS Coupons: Allow users to check in at your location to unlock coupons.
  • Loyalty: Highly customizable mobile stamp card.
  • Menu: Display menu items & prices with photos and descriptions.
  • Merchandise: Sell products and take payment right through the app.
  • QR Coupons: Give users QR redemption options by posting scannable QRs at your business.
  • Real Estate: Provide in-depth info for prospective renters & buyers.
  • Reservations: Mobile booking feature allows users to set up appointments through the app.
  • Tell Friend: Easy app-sharing by email, social media, or text.
Entertainment Features
  • Image Gallery: Add custom galleries or link up your Instagram, Flickr, or Picasa account.
  • Music: Upload mp3s or link to iTunes & 7Digital tracks.
  • News: Display relevant, keyword-based content from Google News, Facebook & Twitter.
  • Podcast: Integrate your podcast right into the app.
  • RSS Feed: Pull in your RSS feed for in-app viewing.
  • YouTube Channel: Feature your YouTube channel video stream.
Practical Features
  • Car Finder: Never lose track of where you parked with this timer-based solution.
  • Info: Display great, customizable content with our 3 tiered tabs.
  • Membership: Limit access to your app with password-protection.
  • Mortgage Calculator: Quick tool to add up what you'll be paying.
  • Notepad: Jot down anything you need to remember on this built-in pad.
  • PDF: Upload or link to PDFs for easy in-app display.
  • QR Scanner: Built-in QR scanner for quick use.
  • Sports Stats: Track scores in-app.
  • Tip Calculator: Make sure your users aren't gipping your servers.
  • Voice Recording: Record & email audio.
  • Walkthrough: Great intro tool to onboard new users and highlight key features.
  • Web Site: Simple URL tool that allows you to integrate any site.
We integrate with...
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • WuFoo
  • PayPal
  • Google Maps
  • Google News
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • GetResponse
  • Emma
  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • iTunes
  • 7Digital


Get everyone involved! Keep members updated about upcoming events and highlights. Launch a Mobile campaign to quickly gather feedback on topics or events. Remind people about an event’s location and time or any last-minute changes with a push notification. Finally, make your services or other large events interactive with a fan wall, ability to submit photos and by taking prayer requests or scripture questions via a mobile app! For members who were unable to be with you in person for services- keep them in the know with YouTube videos, recaps, and an easy way to subscribe to a newsletter. Interactions are crucial to any community and a church is no different- keep your members involved with a hub of information and connectivity.

Let a mobile app be the place for your members to keep in touch.





We know how hard you work for your cause. You’ve got a million things on your plate and not nearly enough hours in the day to complete them. You want to reach the masses and get everyone informed about what you stand for. Once you accept that hundreds of folks are already trying to find you on their tablets and smartphones, the logical next step is making their mobile experience as good as possible. Engage app users with the ability to learn about your cause, see events in their area, donate through the app, inquire for more information, sign up to volunteer and receive real time updates sent directly to their device!

Expand your outreach, education, and members through a mobile app!



Your facility is top-notch, your clients are great, the patients are happy, and the team is running like a well-oiled machine.

Is it time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Hardly. It could be time to add an app.

Get all the bells and whistles. Retain clients through a mobile app allowing users to schedule appointments, read about your practice and commend you with positive reviews for new clients to preview. Send push notifications reminding clients to visit and bridge a community of pet lovers with photo galleries. Offer loyalty programs for returning customers and special in app coupons for new members as well!

Why? Because an app can be a critical client-retention and image-building tool. “Today, a good website just isn’t enough” Says Cathy Lawler, managing director at Chicago veterinary marketing company Chesire Partners. “An app shows the client your clinic is cutting edge and into technology” both key attributes for an animal healthcare professional, she says. “And apps are the only way for existing clients to search for you from a mobile device without also seeing your competitors”

The next step for your business lies within a mobile app!



Education shapes the future- and the future lies in technology. Dynamics between these two are crossing paths at a rapid pace- don’t get left behind. Schools and Educational institutes must be present in the mobile world. Parent involvement in their children’s education is key and they want to be connected at all times. Having a mobile app offers a wide variety of ways to interact that keep parents updated. It is an all-in-one information portal for social media, newsletters, lunch menus, sports rosters, mapped venues, emergency broadcasts, time sensitive updates, and more.

Engage parents and students alike with all the information available at the touch of a button!

Restaurant (Bars):


Ordering your go-to-meal is easier than ever with a mobile app. Online ordering is up drastically from previous years and is increasing daily.

It is now easier than ever to increase your revenue and promote customer loyalty. You can increase visits from your current customer base through a virtual stamp card, who doesn’t love stamps cards? They already love your restaurant; so inviting them back is an easy win!

Make it easier for your best customers to make a reservation or order their favorite meal through your app! Online ordering and mobile reservations are at the fingertips of your customers now!

It’s a quiet Wednesday night, “how will we bring in customers to the restaurant?” you ask. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Send a message to your best clients with a special offer – the restaurant will be full!

Night Clubs/Bars:


Do you want your club(or bar) to be the one everyone goes to? First you need to make it easy on your customers! “How?” you ask. Easy. You NEED a mobile app.

Customers are always looking for a menu or drink list online. Having one on your app will not only save them time, but give you the foot up in the mobile world.

Target your customers in the area about special promotions and incentives with a push notification. Send reminders for when their favorite band or artist is coming to town. They will be first in line at the door when you open!

Customers can reserve bottle service or purchase tickets through your app like never before! They can also share the events and app from within the app to all of their followers on Social Media. (FREE Marketing for you!)

Let’s not forget about push notifications. Let your best customers know when their favorite artists will be at your club, or when a new drink is on the menu!

Law Firms:


Did you know by not having a mobile app you could be sending your business to your competitors? In a recent study 40% of consumer are likely to go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience, meaning a non responsive website.

Help promote your business through testimonials and reviews left directly in the app. You can also provide useful information to potential clients through a tips page.

Clients want to set up a consultation? Easy, have them fill out an email form tab that will send you the information so you can follow up with the client.

Hair Salons (Spas):


Salons and spas are one of the biggest industries that can benefit from a mobile app. You can gain new clients, book more appointments, and increase revenue all from your mobile app. Mobile apps offer a bunch of great features to boost business cost-effectively.

Mobile Reservations made simply from the app; there is no longer a need for someone to book these manually.

LOYALTY PROGRAM. The stamp card or special discounts you offer are now available to your best clients directly in the app. You no longer need to print out any coupons!
These are only a few of the benefits for your salon/spa. The possibilities are endless!



You are busy helping clients in your office; make it easier for your other clients to make a reservation. Clients can book from within the app, see your availability, and you both receive a confirm email of the appointment.

Clients can leave testimonials in the app, which means great referrals for you and an easy way to market your company.

Click to Call – an easy way for your clients to call when they need to contact you immediately.

List what treatments and services you provide in your app (and edit this at any point in time!). This is an easy way for people to know what they can get done by. Show pictures of the smiles you have perfected over time in the app, a great way showcase your work!


Clothing / Apparel:


Interested in letting your most loyal customers know that a new design, or order has arrived? Offer exclusive discounts to users who place large, or repeat orders? How about displaying your latest works for purchase and even allowing for fan feedback?

Your apparel business needs a mobile app to reach and reward the folks out there that LOVE your work. Mobile apps bring tremendous value to businesses just like yours, by opening up a new & direct means of communication. Run a spur of the moment sale and inform all of your followers INSTANTLY on their device.

Getting your business’ own mobile app doesn’t have to break the bank either. We’re happy to design and prepare an app for you within the next month for an affordable price.


Customers make your business run like a well-oiled machine. How would you like to reward their continued business, while advancing your brand through the most used hub of online content? The mobile device, is calling.

Your company’s own mobile app allows you to connect with your client base on an entirely new level. Allow for your clients to schedule service appointments, submit quote estimates, view FAQs to help them identify issues, and so much more!

Include loyalty coupons for your clients to cash in on once they reach a certain benchmark, or even include an exclusive discount based on their referrals; bringing you more business!

Getting your business’ own mobile app doesn’t have to break the bank either. We’re happy to design and prepare an app for you within the next month for an affordable price.

Golf Courses:


What if you could offer your most loyal golfers a mobile scorecard, a rewards system, AND the ability to receive instant updates on your latest offers and events? How about purchasing buckets of balls for the Driving Range and paying via their mobile phone? I’m talking about your business’ own mobile app to help grow your business.

The fact is that your clients, and the rest of the mobile world are using apps more than ever. In 2014, 86% of mobile content and information was accessed within a mobile app, with the remaining 14% via a mobile browser.

Requesting Tee Times, ordering food from the Club House, even supplying golfers with tips and tutorials on improving their game; the possibilities are virtually endless!



Providing up-to-date training schedules, work out regiments, and customer rewards has never been easier with the use of your gym’s own mobile app. It’s a great way to connect with members and provide them with exclusive membership benefits, updates and more. The majority of gym-goers are using a Smart Phone to either play music or conveniently read while on a machine. Might as well make things even more convenient for them by providing useful (and exclusive) content, while also promoting your brand and services! You could even provide them with workout specific music playlists within the app!

These apps are great for recruitment as well! Potential members may download the app to research the gym before they join; or they may download to app to take advantage of exclusive offers or membership discounts/services.

Getting your business’ own mobile app doesn’t have to break the bank either. We’re happy to design and prepare an app for you within the next month for an affordable price.



Your political campaign is in the hands of the people. Why not provide them with instant updates, exclusive content and directions to your next community gathering, all in the palm of their hands? Include your promotional videos, social media profiles, and even detailed information on hot debate topics.

Your own mobile app even allows you to take donations directly through the app, process submissions for potential volunteers, and ultimately brings all of your online content conveniently under one roof! Furthermore, let people know where your will be making your next appearance with the help of push notifications. Set yourself apart from your running mate and engage directly with your supporters today!

Getting your own mobile app doesn’t have to break the bank either. We’re happy to design and prepare an app for you within the next month for an affordable price.

Sports Industry:


Cheering on your favorite team is easier than ever through a custom mobile app! Sports fans alike can download their favorite team’s app allowing them to purchase game day tickets & merchandise. Fans can post comments throughout the game, connect with other fans through social media, and submit their own fan photos. In addition, you can monitor the score of the current game, and even if you are not in attendance, stay tuned with play-by-play updates through push notifications. You will never miss the action! You have the ability to stream the live game, or view highlight videos from past games. There are so many ways teams can engage with fans, and boost team morale through the presence of a mobile app! Let the excitement of each game be at your fingertips.





It takes a few finger taps on your mobile device and voilà, you have booked a hotel room and your vacation is now in full swing! An app for your hotel will serve as a communication channel for delivering “on demand” guest assistance all while allowing you to grow your hotel brand. Guest can take a virtual tour of rooms and amenities, book a room or conference center, and order room service through the app. Hotels can send out push notifications for offers to local shops and restaurants in the area to gain more customer loyalty. Many travelers have become accustomed to using their smartphones as a travel companion. Guest can use the app to learn about what’s near with a list of local attractions, get to and from directions, and will always have the one-touch calling option to keep connected to their “home” away from home. Let the app become your guests “mobile concierge” throughout their travel experience today.

Chamber of Commerce:


Its been said that it takes an entire community, not just its community members to grow a thriving business. Let the power of a city be in the palm of your hands. A Chamber of Commerce app can help attract locals and visitors to explore what a city has to offer. The app will allow users the ability to find and promote local businesses, promoting community events, and offer discounts at the ease of your fingertips. Equipped with location based mobile technology, the information is geographically relevant, making it a great way to find local discounts, all while viewing a list of local shops and restaurants to visit. The profit potential for local business is limitless. Let this app serve as a community directory that is not only resourceful, but bridges members of the community together through push notifications, social media, hot deals, and newsworthy highlights. Give your city the exposure it deserves today.

Real Estate:


Mobile searching is exploding in just about every industry, and real estate is no exception. For realtors like yourself, having a mobile app is no longer an option as more users are searching properties through their mobile devices. Getting in front of homebuyers can easily be done using push notifications, as you can recruit new clients right from the app, based on their needs in regards to interest and location. Real estate agents can include their phone numbers, property addresses, and take virtual tours of all at their fingertips. Furthermore, they will be able to easily contact you at the touch of a button, making sure you never miss a sales opportunity. Users can easily view images of the property, review property information, and set up an open house appointment with an agent all through the app. How seamless is that? Furthermore, users can see when agents will host an open house, and add it to their personal calendar – all the more making the house buying process easier than ever. Waste no more time and get your foot in the door today!



For radio stations, “On air” is subjective due to the power of mobile technology. Let users stay in touch with their favorite radio station on the go! Radio stations are able to reach at any give time through an app. Radio streaming through the app has revolutionized the way we listen to radio. Don’t keep your listeners out of the conversation! They will love the live-streaming feature, along with videos, photos, events calendars, push notifications, and much more. Users can easily call into the station, request songs, and enter radio-hosted contests through the app. Radio stations in each community are gunning to take advantage of these opportunities, as it can reach not only active listeners, but new listeners as well! Don’t waste anymore time, learn more about this cost effective solution today and get the exposure your station deserves today.

Musician/ Artist:


Give your fans exclusive access to all things YOU! Post your show times, concert images, upcoming events, newest releases and special discounts in a mobile app! Create a VIP program for your fans to easily join and reward them for the loyal following. Notify your users of new music releases and sell merchandise to fans at the touch of their fingertips! App users can enroll in your newsletter, submit photos, view highlights from past concerts and more!

Keep your fans following with a mobile app!