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Chris, it looks like you stepped into 2018 with your Foot on the Neck of a Major Brand, what set it off?Disdain for a voiceless child. A child that was used to be the representation of Black people, as an inside joke.

What’s your background, what led you into what you are now doing as a self-made entrepreneur?

I was raised by a collection of strong black grandparents, American and Caribbean who had blended families on both sides and always put their children first. That freed me to pursue liberated expression as an artist instead of a traditional 9 to 5 career.

What do you enjoy about how you currently work and the type of work you do?

I create original music for Film and TV and I love that I can be heard by millions of people around the world without them knowing it’s me. Its however counterproductive a bit in hip hop specifically where being known gets you further.

Why is it so important for us to control the narrative of these racist jabs that are premeditated and delivered through the media with “We Apologize” after the  damage is done?

The apology still identifies the flexing power to pull it off in the first place. You cant “unring” a bell.

You went beyond Viral My Brother, your rapid response hit the entertainment industry by storm with contracts being cancelled How much time does it take to stay on top of your social media digital footprint?

Its on a daily basis and I try not to overthink it. However it’s really relegated to Instagram. Idon’tt really use twitter or facebook as much as most people.

Marketing, who helps you with your Brand advertising?

Currently I do everything solo. That way theres no miscommunication. Peace to Brother Mark. Great man.

Top tips to companies , startups and activists trying to do well in social & major media ?

Talk to key influencers and compensate them. The humility of an ask in advance is easier than the regret of an apology in hindsight.

“Not all people are convinced of the value on creating their own brand and not depending on what I call opportunist clothing lines and companies whom would not exist without the black community.”

Chris your strategy with H&M worked!!!

Do you spend time articulating why there is no value in mumble music because your Coolest Monkey In The Jungle hits every level of “All Facts Still Humble” reality rap bar for bar, ok that’s a long question…. here you go What’s your preparation time ?

I only usually need an hour or so. Depends on my daily distractions.

You are a recording artist – who do you listen to?

I listen to R&b and jazz because I love melody. I dont listen to much rap because  I’m secretly competitive and end up listening to be critical instead of celebrate.

You said Oprah in 2020 on your Hit Song “Coolest Monkey/King In The Jungle,” do you think she will run?

Not sure. I think it would be interesting. Maybe with Corey Booker.

What books are you reading now?

I’m unfortunately not at the moment. Thats a problem. My goal is to read 50 this year.

You are a husband how does your family cope with you globe-trotting?

More like state trotting at the moment. If I was a trucker and made my living long distance driving they’d have to adjust. This is no different. I’m away physically only.

I believe you have your own fragrance line, please expand on the industry.

My brand is called Savoir Faire. Its made for people with many layers. I only know one other Black man with a fragrance. Its called Ovation. Its great. We support each other. We ARE the industry that I care about. While scent transcends ethnicity of course, I’d love to be a frontrunner in the space for our people.

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