The 5 Characteristics of Brand Building

In a Brand Relationship Economy, the primary currency is made up of the connections and trust among customers, employees, and vendors who create significantly more value in what we sell. These relationships and connections help make price irrelevant.

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We provide content and services to help engage audiences worldwide, working with companies of all types, from broadcasters to brands. Our strategic brand partnership provides us with exclusive content from teams in over 100 countries that tell the world’ ...

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Message From The Founders

Why spend money with a basic marketing company, when you can deal directly with a verified, licensed and trademarked Influence marketing Brand that keeps a pulse on the  marketplace? There is a huge difference between a marketing company saying they ...

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Robert W. Alexander, III is the Founder & CEO of 360WISE® & MassMediaHub® Top1% PR Influence Branding & Marketing Agency according to Google. 360WiSE Media is Powered with 2 ICONS Attorney Benjamin Crump and MCHammer. The 360WiSE Brand is one ...