“For three long years since the heart-wrenching and senseless death of Corey Jones, his family and countless others have been waiting for justice. Today, a Palm Beach County jury delivered that justice. This verdict is a vindication of the good man that was Corey Jones, and an utter repudiation of a criminal who tried to hide behind a badge. We see what can happen when prosecutors have the dedication to charge an on-duty law enforcement officer in the murder of an innocent black man, and what can happen when a thoughtful judge rejects a shameless ploy to use Florida’s questionable Stand Your Ground law as a shield against wrongdoing. The jury saw that this disgraced officer killed an innocent man, and it’s only right that he now faces the consequences of his horrendous actions. Though the Jones family will miss Corey for the rest of their lives, they can finally start to heal knowing that justice has finally been served.”

This is a Historic Victory says "Attorney Ben Crump, "it's the first time in over 30 years that a police officer has been convicted of killing a Black man in Florida. Corey Jones sister Melissa is standing beside me and starts singing what everybody in Black America who stood with the family and our legal team is feeling, “Victory Is Mine!” This became a spontaneous family celebration outside the courthouse where justice was served for #coreyjones #justice #blacklivesmatter #Corey is smiling from #heaven !!