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Social media is a huge tool for those in the acting profession. It’s a way to stay connected to fans and get your name out there as a new actor. 360Wise Media is the firm you need to manage your accounts. We are the premier social media marketing agency for actors Florida.

Why should actors use social media?

Social media is vital for more than just staying connected to friends and family. It is a great promotion tool. Actors can leverage their accounts to promote their projects and generate interest in their films or other ventures they participate in. For newer actors, this is a chance to help you get noticed by others in the industry.

Another spin on using social media is the level of interaction you get to have with your fans. A fan will love getting a like or a reply back to a comment they made on your post. It will endear them to you for a very long time. Social media is also an excellent way for you to put your best face forward and promote a positive image.

Best types of social media for actors

That all depends on who the actor is and the age group they want to connect with. Kylie Jenner has one of the broadest followings on Snapchat, as well as Instagram. That’s also where her fans are as well. It wouldn’t make sense to join other platforms or push a network like Facebook on her fans because they don’t frequent that platform as much. When you work with a social media marketing agency for actors in Florida, we steer you towards the right platforms for your brand.

Most actors have a Facebook page simply because almost everyone has a Facebook page. After that, it depends on who your core audience is. Instagram is a necessity these days. Since it is so visual in nature, that makes sense. After that, a variety of factors can lead you to either Twitter, Snapchat, or even YouTube.

Benefits to social media

Actors use social media as a platform for their careers. However, they can also use social media for reasons that the rest of us do. Here are some other ways actors can use social media.

  • Networking with other actors or casting directors
  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Building new relationships
  • Asking for recommendations
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals or others with the same interests

Even though actors are famous, they are just like us and can use social media for the reasons a regular person does.

Pitfalls of social media

Actors have large followings on these platforms. They must possess a level of awareness for what they post. Do not post pictures or videos of yourself engaged in any bad behavior as this can cost you jobs. Also, do not use your very public platform to bully or harass other users.

To grow and manage your social media channels, work with the professionals at 360Wise Media. We are the hottest social media marketing agency for actors in Florida.

social media marketing agency for actors Florida
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social media marketing agency for actors Florida social media marketing agency for actors Florida
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