Introduction to Pan Hoodism with Truth Min.Paul Scott

Minister Paul Scott is no stranger to social activism and coordinating successful movements that combat the dumbing down of society and specifically the dumbing down of black people.

360WiSE LiVE PR Video Interview: Robert Alexander Sits Down with Truth Min.Paul Scott of the Black Messiah Movement.

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Pan Hoodism is the idea that your journey to uniting Black people globally does not begin 2,000 miles away, but in the hood down the street in your own city.

As African Americans, we have had no shortage of ideas that are good in theory. What we have lacked is application. How do we use all the black history books we have read, lectures we have attended and YouTube videos that we have binge-watched to create a brighter future for the dismal reality in the less affluent black neighborhoods that are in virtually every city in America?

The problem is that there is nothing glamorous nor sexy about community activism. We are a people who like entertainment and many of us would rather pay $30 and drive 100 miles to hear a Youtube scholar discuss whether the earth is round or flat than to take that money and give out free black history books to the youth in public housing. Not much different than the avid churchgoer who will plop a $100 bill in a collection plate to hear “Reverend Whoop and Holla” yell about a paradise in the sky while the people outside the doors of the church are living in poverty here on the ground.

Under Pan Hoodism we will use the macro-cosmic black liberation theories and apply them micro-cosmically to our local black communities.