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Young Thug’s lawyer found in contempt and sentenced to 10 weekends in jail



A lawyer representing rapper Young Thug was sentenced to spend 10 weekends in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta after being found in contempt.

According to the court, Brian Steel was escorted from the courtroom on Monday after Judge Ural Glanville refused to explain the meeting between him, a state witness and prosecutors. Atlanta Journal Constitution. The alleged meeting took place “in the judge’s chambers before the start of the hearing,” the AJC reported.

Glanville ordered Steel to spend 10 weekends – a complete of 20 days – in prison and report to the Rice Street facility by 7pm on Fridays. Steel asked if he could as an alternative serve his sentence on the Cobb County Jail so he could confer together with his client, Young Thug, and Glanville approved his request.

“You have some information you shouldn’t have gotten,” Glanville told Steel before a courtroom deputy arrested the rapper’s lawyer.

Young Thug performs on the Lollapalooza music festival on August 1, 2021 in Chicago. (Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP, file)

Steel moved for a mistrial, telling the judge that (*10*) Glanville later allowed Steel to rejoin the courtroom.

Witness Kenneth Copeland testified on Monday after initially refusing to testify on Friday when he was expected to accomplish that. Copeland has an immunity agreement “contingent on his testimony,” the AJC reports.

Copeland, who’s scheduled to return to the witness stand on Tuesday, dodged a lot of the prosecutor’s questions on Monday. During Monday’s lunch break, Steel learned of the alleged encounter and asked Glanville about it after they returned from break.

“What about the witness, what about Mr. Copeland, who allegedly announced that he would not testify and would sit for two years, and apparently this honorable court, or let me put it another way, this court, said that I can detain you until the end of this trial ” Steele said.

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Steel added that he learned that prosecutor Simone Hylton told Copeland he can be held in jail “until all 26 defendants’ cases are concluded, regardless of how long that may take,” according to the AJC.

“If this is true, what we are dealing with here is coercion, witness intimidation and ex parte communication, and we have a constitutional right to be present,” Steel told Glanville.

Glanville responded by questioning Steel on how he obtained this information. “I want to know why I wasn’t there,” Steel replied.

Glanville then ordered Steel’s removal and then announced that he would proceed the trial. “I’m not holding anything back,” the judge said, according to the AJC.

Young Thug was arrested in May 2022 on racketeering charges. According to reports, the rapper is amongst 28 people related to the YSL label who’ve been charged on 56 counts. Complex.

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Draya Michele defends dating Jalen Green, who is the same age as her son, after she was accused of “grooming” the NBA player




Draya Michele and her young beau, Houston Rockets star Jalen Green, don’t care about critics questioning their 17-year age difference.

In fact, Michele, 39, said TMZ that they’re aware that they mustn’t reply to critical comments, while Green, 22, interjected and added: “We don’t care either.” The couple was captured by a photographer as they strolled the streets of Los Angeles, looking like they were on a lunch date.

The former “Basketball Wives” Los Angeles solid member further added, “I don’t know what people’s problems are. Two adults are in love with each other, you know, I don’t know why that would irritate people in the wrong way. That is a bit strange. Love is love at the end of the day.”

Draya Michele says she doesn’t understand why people have an issue with her and Jalen Green because they’ve a 17-year age difference. (Photos: @drayamichele/Instagram, @jalen/Instagram)

Critics were quick to answer her comments. One person he wrote“There is no love in it in any respect. She’s just a girl securing one other check and that is all. A second person tweeted that Green’s lack of maturity was evident from their interactions, or lack thereof, in the video.

“This man is empty-handed while elderly Mrs. Draya pushes a baby stroller through a busy intersection, carrying a bag with her baby and attempting to avoid the caller. The jokes write themselves,” we read in the article comment.

Third response read: “This young nigga do not know the right way to be a no person daddy. He is young and she mainly has 2 newborns.

Social media users accuse her of seducing a young man. The first rumors that the Mint Swim founder and Green were dating in August 2023.

Their speculated courtship quickly became the subject of pregnancy rumors when a model supporting him was spotted at a Rockets home game in January in an oversized jumpsuit. The upcoming birth of her third child was announced in May, in a dramatic and mawkish way, on International Women’s Day.

“We are happy to share our love for you, little girl. I’m excited to say words to my daughter that I never thought I would have. We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time – this world can be difficult. But know that you are being transported to a space of love, safety and adornment,” she wrote, remaining a mother at the time, confirming that Green is the father of her unborn child.

His suspicions were confirmed when his friend and Washington Wizards player Kyle Kuzma congratulated Draya and Green online.

Michele is already mother to 22-year-old son Kniko Howard from a previous relationship and 8-year-old Jru Scandrick, whom she shares with her ex-fiancé, retired NFL player Orlando Scandrick. The latest baby, born on Mother’s Day, is Green’s second child.

Social media users were shocked to learn that he welcomed a daughter with a girl named Myah Iakopo in February. According to TMZ, despite their overlapping schedules, Iakopo “isn’t concerned about what Green does with his personal life outside of co-parenting” and has no issues with Michele.

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This isn’t the end for Drake. A text exchange about the future of the man Kendrick crushed




My homie texted: How’s it going with Drake? (I actually have yet to receive a positive response from Drake).

I texted: This isn’t the end in any respect. Drake is doing well. He probably finds public shaming painful for him personally, considering how necessary his image is to him, so he might have to talk over with his therapist about it, but career-wise, he makes good money. Kendrick has definitely taken over the culture. Today he’s the central figure. If highschool is the culture, Kendrick is by far the hottest kid at school. Drake was the hottest kid at school, but now he’s all about K-Dot. He’s got the song of the yr in “Not Like Us,” possibly even the song of the yr, and the music video hasn’t even been made yet. He just gave the concert of the summer. He cannot be stopped now. But if culture is highschool, Drake still goes to highschool. He got beaten up in the parking zone and everybody saw it, but he wasn’t kicked out. And if the culture, as in Black culture, is one highschool, then we must understand that Drake is someone who attends two schools without delay. A large portion of his fans aren’t involved in that culture, they don’t seem to be black, and so they don’t care about hip-hop the way the culture at large does, and Kendrick dunking on Drake doesn’t change how they feel about him.

He replied: Certainly. Not over the top prefer it was with Ja Rule, but I assume where do you go in the men’s rap game when a big part of your success comes out of your perceived roughness and place in the game?

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I texted: I believe for the most part, Drake fans and Kendrick fans are different people. Just like in the cafeteria at this proverbial school, they sit at different tables. They don’t even sit on the same side of the dining room. There aren’t many similarities because they see the world in other ways and need various things from music. And like I said, loads of Drake fans go to other schools. I believe Kendrick’s fans are mostly black and male and serious about hip-hop. I believe Drake’s fan base is black and white, there are men and ladies, some take hip-hop seriously and others are pop fans and should not care about hip-hop. It’s definitely larger than Kendrick’s fan base, and I do not think losing the battle cost Drake many fans.

There appear to be three camps amongst Drake fans. Some imagine that Drake won the battle. Some people think Drake lost the battle but they do not care, they still love him. They probably think that Kendrick and the many others attacking Drake prove that Drake is the man, or as my kids would say, prove that he’s the primary character. And some people don’t really care about the battle. Kendrick won this battle, but that does not imply Drake fans stopped loving him. When he releases his next album or goes on tour, they will likely be there for him.

He texted: It’s hard to take someone seriously who raps “name of all time, name of the best” after someone kicked ass so hard, lol.

I texted: This is how we feel because we’re on Kendrick’s side of the cafeteria. But things are different on Drake’s side. They see the world in another way. It’s almost as if something bad happened to Trump and it doesn’t really affect his standing together with his base because their love just isn’t based on logic and liberals are going apoplectic – how can that not make you rethink your like to Trump? But love is illogical. People love Drake and a loss won’t change that. It’s not the time for Drake to drop recent music since it’s Kendrick’s summer. The school is his. But over time it’ll calm down a bit and Drake will release a catchy track that makes people want to bounce and return to doing his thing.

He texted: That is smart.

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6 Black-owned LGBTQ+ brands to elevate your summer style




Ghana, LGBTQ, queer, black-owned, fashion, design, brand

It’s summer and the girls and boys are ready to go outside! With just a little help from Black-owned LGBTQ+ brands, everyone seems to be sure to step out into the sun in style.

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood helps summer girls select the right swimsuit from their summer shopping list with its BB Swim collection. Blackwood swimsuits are available in one-piece and two-piece designs in a wide range of colours including black, red, pink, orange and brown. The New York fashion brand is the place to get yours summer Look.


Head to the beach in considered one of the K.ngsley Gbadegesin K.ngsley swim briefs, a group made in Italy and designed with ribbed ECONYL, a regenerated nylon originating from Italy. The collection features a collection of summer colours: black, green, light blue, orange and more. Choose your favorite or get all of them. These partially lined briefs are made for summer.

The first-generation Nigerian-American designer says his brand goals to “reclaim and redefine the Black, Queer, Femme body and create the tangible, direct support communities need today.”

Coco and Breezy

Protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation with sunglasses Coco and Breezy, a Black and queer-owned eyewear company founded by twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson. Choose from frame shapes akin to aviator, cat eye, rectangle, round and square. Shop the brand new STUDS collection and revel in the long-lasting look.


Queens-born designer Telfar Clemens has a bag to match your collection of colourful summer outfits. Telfar continues to take fashion by storm with its collection of vegan leather bags in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. The Telfar bag collection includes popular shopping bags, round bags, duffel bags, patent bags and puff shoppers.

Clemens said that his brand is an ode to black culture, New York and queerness. “Growing up, my parents wouldn’t let me wear or buy women’s clothing, so I started sewing my own clothes,” Clemens told the outlet. “I wanted to write a text that was genderless and would appeal to people like me.”

If you have not found the right wardrobe to match considered one of its famous bags yet, the Telfar brand has you covered, too, offering clothes and accessories that challenge the norms of “men’s” and “women’s” wardrobes.

Stuzo clothing

T-shirts and tank tops are basic elements of each summer wardrobe Stuzo clothing helps you rejoice Pride all summer long with its collection of tops. Founded by African-Panamanian designer Stoney Michelli Love, the fashionable, gender-free tops are emblazoned with various words and phrases representing the LGBTQ+ community. Parade in T-shirts with the words “Yes, Still Gay”, “Gender Free”, “FemBoi” and the “Gays of the Week” design.

According to its website, Stuzo is “inspired by love, people and life. Whatever shape or form you choose to exist in, we celebrate it!”

Bow tie behavior

More formal plans call for considered one of Robin Williams’ handmade bow ties. The Black queer-owned brand has a really cool collection of colorfully designed neckwear made from high-quality fabrics. Bow tie behavior was founded to create bold and tasteful elements around which outfits are built,” we read on the brand’s website.

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