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Keyshia Ka’Oir Checks Out Online Trolls Leaving Threats in Gucci Mane’s Comments Over the Death of His Former Enchanting Artist



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The tragedy once more shocked the hip-hop world.

Enchanting, former Gucci Mane artist, has died aged just 26 after being placed on life support following an alleged drug overdose. The emcee previously worked together with her label 1017.

Big Guwop fans have been vocal in their opinions, asking why he didn’t do more to assist his former artist, whose real name is Channing Nicole Larry. Some even cited what they considered to be unethical practices towards his artists who died or went to prison after signing a contract with him.

“It’s sad to have to say RIP to such a wonderful young lady, a true star, we all miss you. Chant @luvenchanting”Gucci wrote.

Within the hour, his wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir, rushed to her husband’s defense, calling on critics to back off from blaming him.

The charming artist Gucci Mane has died
Keyshia Ka’Oir is defending her husband Gucci Mane after fans launched a “1017 curse” following the death of his artist Enchanting. (Photos: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram; @luvenchanting/Instagram)

This heartbreaking news was confirmed on Tuesday, June 11, by Enchanting’s sister, Kayy Jayy.

She shared the photo on X with the caption: “I love you girl (broken heart emoji).” According to to Her post is now limited and only allows select friends, family and followers to observe her tribute.

An autopsy didn’t confirm the details of the Fort Worth, Texas artist’s death. However, gossip site The Shade Room reports that her team revealed that the cause of her death was an “overdose.”

According to deputies, she had “withdrawn” over the past few days before she was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition.

“She has been coming to my house for the last 4 days to get clean. She tried her best and I did the whole lot I could to assist her, she tried,” an Enchanting representative told TSR.

Several people jumped into LaFlare’s comments section to criticize him and blame him for not doing enough to assist his artists after they are on drugs and want support.

“He only contracts with drug addicts and criminals, so yes, they will pass or go to jail if he doesn’t get them help before signing with him,” one person wrote.

Another said: “You grim harvest there,” referring to the death of 1017 Records artist Big Scarra, who died from accidental prescription drug overdose at his girlfriend’s house on December 22, 2022, at the age of 22. His debut mixtape titled “Big Grim Reaper” was released in 2021.

“It’s very strange because if a Scar or Enchanting album comes out within a week, it’s planned,” said one more conspiracy theorist. Another said: “There’s no way you’ll be able to label yourself ‘you are dead’ or ‘you are in prison.’

Many people commented that “Gucci Mane’s condolences ring false,” prompting the trap legend’s wife to step into the comments and settle the situation as she all the time does after seeing threats and other offensive remarks blaming her husband.

“Leave my husband alone!” Keyshia wrote. “I’m signing these artists to assist them and provides them a greater life! I wish it wasn’t like this! Sing, we love you, daughter! “RIH”

Cheer immediately unilateral with Ka’Oir on The Shade Room’s IG profile.

“I agree that you can’t blame a record label owner for a person’s actions and decisions. Can you blame your employer for your decisions?” one person wrote. Another said, “You can’t take care of adults.”

Keyshia also posted a tribute on her Story, writing, “Damn chant! This one shocked me! When I heard the news, I just knew you could do it! I’m so sorry! REST IN HEAVEN! We love you @luvenchanting.”

Enchanting’s profession highlights include signing with New 1017 in 2020, releasing “No Luv,” “Track & Field,” “Big Chant” and other Southern anthems. She also rapped with fellow artist K Shiday as the duo So Icy Girlz

After leaving the label, the Dallas native continued the project, releasing a deluxe version of “Luv Scarred / No Luv” in 2023, a collaboration with Baby Tate and Jacquees. One of her last contributions to hip-hop culture was on the small screen.

She was featured as an artist on the song “He Can’t Reach” on the soundtrack of the second season of the recently canceled HBO show “Rap Sh-t” in 2023.

“Back In Blood” rapper Pooh Shiesty also signed to the Gucci label in 2020. The following 12 months he turned himself in to authorities to serve 63 months in prison after his conviction charged with robbery with a firearm, battery with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm, assault with a firearm and theft. He ultimately pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges and is currently incarcerated in Memphis.

Rapper Foogiano, a 1017 signee who previously dated “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Renni Rucci, was sentenced to 5 years for allegedly he burned the ankle monitor.

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Jonathan Majors speaks out about his conviction at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards




Jonathan Majors spoke more about his domestic violence conviction during his speech at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

The “Creed III” actor, who won the Perseverance Award, addressed the trial and verdict during an emotional 14-minute speech during which he broke down in tears. Majors was convicted of 1 count of assault and one count of molestation in December 2023 after his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence.

“I think that’s what people want to know about last year. As a black man working in the criminal justice system, I felt angry,” said Majors, per Entertainment Weekly. “I felt sadness, pain, surprise. When I used to be taken out of my apartment in handcuffs, I didn’t feel like that at all. I didn’t feel like Jonathan Majors. Mr. Creed. Mr. Kang… I felt like a little bit of a scared, weak boy, despite the support and evidence that was in my favor. I knew… it was bad. It was flawed due to who I used to be and what I’m.

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good attend the 4th Annual Hollywood Unlocked Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 21, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Robin L. Marshall/Getty Images)

Majors, who was ordered to finish a 52-week violence intervention program, added that he had grow to be aware of his “shortcomings” and that his “faith had been tested and strengthened” over the past 12 months.

“We live in a world where men – especially black men – are portrayed as either superheroes or supervillains,” he said. “But I noticed that I personally don’t do anything like that. It was fun, but I’m just me… I’m imperfect. I even have flaws, I admit them.

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“I’ll say this: there shall be moments in your life where it gets dark – and I mean really dark – and I even have seen them from the depths. I saw this darkness in myself,” Majors concluded. “I sat on this total darkness and learned that once you see a glimmer of sunshine, you run towards it as hard and as fast as you may. And I won’t ever take that light as a right again.

Majors also thanked several A-list stars for his or her support during his acceptance speech, including Will Smith, Tyler Perry, David Oyelowo, Whoopi Goldberg, Courtney B. Vance and his girlfriend Meagan Good.

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Draya Michele defends dating Jalen Green, who is the same age as her son, after she was accused of “grooming” the NBA player




Draya Michele and her young beau, Houston Rockets star Jalen Green, don’t care about critics questioning their 17-year age difference.

In fact, Michele, 39, said TMZ that they’re aware that they mustn’t reply to critical comments, while Green, 22, interjected and added: “We don’t care either.” The couple was captured by a photographer as they strolled the streets of Los Angeles, looking like they were on a lunch date.

The former “Basketball Wives” Los Angeles solid member further added, “I don’t know what people’s problems are. Two adults are in love with each other, you know, I don’t know why that would irritate people in the wrong way. That is a bit strange. Love is love at the end of the day.”

Draya Michele says she doesn’t understand why people have an issue with her and Jalen Green because they’ve a 17-year age difference. (Photos: @drayamichele/Instagram, @jalen/Instagram)

Critics were quick to answer her comments. One person he wrote“There is no love in it in any respect. She’s just a girl securing one other check and that is all. A second person tweeted that Green’s lack of maturity was evident from their interactions, or lack thereof, in the video.

“This man is empty-handed while elderly Mrs. Draya pushes a baby stroller through a busy intersection, carrying a bag with her baby and attempting to avoid the caller. The jokes write themselves,” we read in the article comment.

Third response read: “This young nigga do not know the right way to be a no person daddy. He is young and she mainly has 2 newborns.

Social media users accuse her of seducing a young man. The first rumors that the Mint Swim founder and Green were dating in August 2023.

Their speculated courtship quickly became the subject of pregnancy rumors when a model supporting him was spotted at a Rockets home game in January in an oversized jumpsuit. The upcoming birth of her third child was announced in May, in a dramatic and mawkish way, on International Women’s Day.

“We are happy to share our love for you, little girl. I’m excited to say words to my daughter that I never thought I would have. We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time – this world can be difficult. But know that you are being transported to a space of love, safety and adornment,” she wrote, remaining a mother at the time, confirming that Green is the father of her unborn child.

His suspicions were confirmed when his friend and Washington Wizards player Kyle Kuzma congratulated Draya and Green online.

Michele is already mother to 22-year-old son Kniko Howard from a previous relationship and 8-year-old Jru Scandrick, whom she shares with her ex-fiancé, retired NFL player Orlando Scandrick. The latest baby, born on Mother’s Day, is Green’s second child.

Social media users were shocked to learn that he welcomed a daughter with a girl named Myah Iakopo in February. According to TMZ, despite their overlapping schedules, Iakopo “isn’t concerned about what Green does with his personal life outside of co-parenting” and has no issues with Michele.

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This isn’t the end for Drake. A text exchange about the future of the man Kendrick crushed




My homie texted: How’s it going with Drake? (I actually have yet to receive a positive response from Drake).

I texted: This isn’t the end in any respect. Drake is doing well. He probably finds public shaming painful for him personally, considering how necessary his image is to him, so he might have to talk over with his therapist about it, but career-wise, he makes good money. Kendrick has definitely taken over the culture. Today he’s the central figure. If highschool is the culture, Kendrick is by far the hottest kid at school. Drake was the hottest kid at school, but now he’s all about K-Dot. He’s got the song of the yr in “Not Like Us,” possibly even the song of the yr, and the music video hasn’t even been made yet. He just gave the concert of the summer. He cannot be stopped now. But if culture is highschool, Drake still goes to highschool. He got beaten up in the parking zone and everybody saw it, but he wasn’t kicked out. And if the culture, as in Black culture, is one highschool, then we must understand that Drake is someone who attends two schools without delay. A large portion of his fans aren’t involved in that culture, they don’t seem to be black, and so they don’t care about hip-hop the way the culture at large does, and Kendrick dunking on Drake doesn’t change how they feel about him.

He replied: Certainly. Not over the top prefer it was with Ja Rule, but I assume where do you go in the men’s rap game when a big part of your success comes out of your perceived roughness and place in the game?

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I texted: I believe for the most part, Drake fans and Kendrick fans are different people. Just like in the cafeteria at this proverbial school, they sit at different tables. They don’t even sit on the same side of the dining room. There aren’t many similarities because they see the world in other ways and need various things from music. And like I said, loads of Drake fans go to other schools. I believe Kendrick’s fans are mostly black and male and serious about hip-hop. I believe Drake’s fan base is black and white, there are men and ladies, some take hip-hop seriously and others are pop fans and should not care about hip-hop. It’s definitely larger than Kendrick’s fan base, and I do not think losing the battle cost Drake many fans.

There appear to be three camps amongst Drake fans. Some imagine that Drake won the battle. Some people think Drake lost the battle but they do not care, they still love him. They probably think that Kendrick and the many others attacking Drake prove that Drake is the man, or as my kids would say, prove that he’s the primary character. And some people don’t really care about the battle. Kendrick won this battle, but that does not imply Drake fans stopped loving him. When he releases his next album or goes on tour, they will likely be there for him.

He texted: It’s hard to take someone seriously who raps “name of all time, name of the best” after someone kicked ass so hard, lol.

I texted: This is how we feel because we’re on Kendrick’s side of the cafeteria. But things are different on Drake’s side. They see the world in another way. It’s almost as if something bad happened to Trump and it doesn’t really affect his standing together with his base because their love just isn’t based on logic and liberals are going apoplectic – how can that not make you rethink your like to Trump? But love is illogical. People love Drake and a loss won’t change that. It’s not the time for Drake to drop recent music since it’s Kendrick’s summer. The school is his. But over time it’ll calm down a bit and Drake will release a catchy track that makes people want to bounce and return to doing his thing.

He texted: That is smart.

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