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4 square tips to avoid leaving money on the table



As a newcomer to the Omega Psi Phi National Convention, Karla Spencer-George has learned lots from other vendors who’ve been in the industry for years. But when she pulled out her Square bank card reader, everyone was impressed by her ability to quickly process transactions using the device on her Android phone.

“I wish they would have used it instead of a traditional machining machine,” says Spencer-George, who worked as an electrical engineer at Lockheed Martin for 12 years before founding Liberation Clothing & Gifts, LLC in February 2010.

It sells merchandise promoting Black history and culture, including T-shirts, documentaries, books, calendars and paintings. Although the company’s business is primarily online, Spencer-George also sells its merchandise at Black Run events, comparable to national and regional Black sorority and sorority conventions, Black History Month fairs, science fairs, Juneteenth observances and natural hair symposia .

Spencer-George selected to use Square for events since it was faster and cheaper than a bank card processing machine. In any case, bank card payments can account for 35% to 65% of the products it sells. She learned that despite the fact that the Square device only cost $10, she could get it back once she arrange an account. It also helped that there have been no fixed monthly fees.

Additionally, Square allowed her to call regular customers without having to re-enter their email addresses or phone numbers to send them confirmations. She was also impressed by the plug-and-play features of Square’s software.

“Just connect the device to your phone or iPad and swipe,” says Spencer-George, who also studied computer science in college. “I also see the proven fact that transactions are paperless as a bonus for me and the environment.

Already an experienced seller, Spencer-George offers the following tips to make sure you don’t miss a sale:

Perform advanced on-site testing

“It’s necessary that my bank card payment processor runs easily. Whether your event is held at an out of doors trade show or in the underground, lower level of the exhibit hall, you will need to travel to the event venue and complete a test Square transaction prior to the event. If you might be unable to get to the event location upfront, please call your ISP to discuss coverage in that area. Additionally, if a spot offers secure Internet for industrial transactions, consider purchasing it.

Don’t stop at a single point of failure

To avoid falling victim to Murphy’s Law, use two mobile devices with Square software. This way, if one device dies, you’ll have one other one. I take advantage of each a Droid phone and an iPad. I take advantage of a wireless hotspot separate from my Droid phone for iPad. This will make your Droid phone take longer to charge. Finally, I’m bringing my laptop so I can use an old-fashioned merchant account if all else fails.

Charge all of your devices

Since you might not have access to electricity during the event, make certain to charge all of your devices the night before. Before each event, I charge my Droid phone, iPad, laptop, wireless hotspot, and portable wireless charger.

Use a stylus

Invest in a stylus for touchscreen devices. Let your customers sign transactions with a stylus as an alternative of their fingers. Using a stylus is more skilled and easier for purchasers to write.

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Business and Finance

Travis Scott shares merchandise with a photo of himself in Miami hours after his arrest




Travis Scott, Travis Scott mugshot, Travis Scott arrested, Travis Scott merch,

Within hours of being arrested in Miami for disorderly conduct while intoxicated, Travis Scott released merchandise emblazoned with his photo.

Black T-Shirt, currently available for $35 his product site, includes a corrected version of Scott’s photo and the quote “It’s Miami,” which a police affidavit says he told authorities during his early Thursday morning arrest. The t-shirt is titled “Free The Rage” and the proceeds might be donated to Scott Cactus Jack Foundationa non-profit organization he founded in 2020 that goals to create opportunities for youngsters through educational and artistic resources.

However, based on tons of other versions including crewneck sweatshirts which have received rave reviews scattered all around the Internet, quite a few people can have tried to beat the rapper.

According to police, the “Sicko Mode” rapper’s photo was taken after he was arrested in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on June 20 at 4:35 a.m. local time on charges of disorderly conduct under the influence of alcohol and trespassing after a warning. reports obtained by many shops, including: People Magazine.

According to police, the 33-year-old father of two got into a verbal argument during a party on a yacht. After Scott was faraway from the vessel, he left the world, returning a short time later, shouting obscenities on the ship’s passengers and behaving “erratically.” He was ultimately arrested with bail already set at $650. He admitted to police that he had been drinking, giving “It’s Miami” as a proof. No charges were filed against the complainant, but Scott was asked to go away the premises.

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Although that is the rapper’s third official photo, it’s the primary time he has decided to directly profit from the clash with the authorities. Meanwhile, this just isn’t the primary time others have benefited from it. A fast web search will turn up several clothing options based on Scott’s previous photos. Given this, it’s no wonder he now desired to cash in on his own memorabilia.

Scott’s move also signals a trend as more stars money in on their unique memorabilia. As theGrio previously reported, Snoop Dogg entered into a collaboration earlier this 12 months The truest to unload a big selection of items from his personal collection of memorabilia that he has amassed throughout his profession. Many items, including Snoop’s real smoked blunt (preserved in resin and placed in an ashtray), which is anticipated to sell for over $4,000, are still up for grabs.

The Realest intends to assist celebrities create a marketplace for memorabilia sold directly by them, so that they could make as much money as 1000’s – or hundreds of thousands – of sellers and auction houses typically make.

Discussing The Realest and its collection with DiversitySnoop said, “This shit we got, but we didn’t know it was worth anything.”

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Master P offers healthy choices with the launch of Miller Family Foods




Master P, Miller Family Foods

Hip-hop entrepreneur Percy Miller, higher often called Master P, has began an organization that may offer healthier food choices for the betterment of the Black community.

On his Instagram account, Master P announced on June 11 that fired MIller Family. He said he began a health food company economic freedom while increasing diversity in grocery stores with healthy, Black-owned foods that taste good.

“We are evolving as a culture; we are no longer just consumers. We spend trillions of dollars every year without ownership, but that’s changing. African Americans want healthier food alternatives. I heard them loud and clear. And that’s why Miller Family Foods was created. We feed with happiness. Eat healthy. Feel good,” wrote Master P.

Products from the latest line include: cereals, oatmeal, breakfast bars, pancakes and waffles. The New Orleans businessman makes sure that his products are made of the highest quality ingredients and using natural ingredients.

Miller said the company gives back to the community and supports charities.

Miller Family Food the motto is: “FEEDING HAPPINESS, making a difference, serving healthy happiness, one bite at a time. We focus on honesty, hard work and giving something back. We are honored to support charities like Door of Hope.”

Products sold under the Miller Family Foods brand don’t contain artificial preservatives, GMOs and BHA/BHT; no partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup; without artificial sweeteners and dyes.

For more information, go to

This news comes months after Master P and Snoop Dogg were sued Walmart after accusing the store of sabotaging the Snoop Cereal brand (which launched in July 2023) and aspiring to “oppose the accused for their devilish actions.”

According to MarketWatch, Broadus Foods owned by Snoop and Master P, filed a lawsuit in a Minnesota court accusing Walmart and Post Consumer Brands (Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, Honeycomb) of suppressing their products and jeopardizing Snoop Cereal sales by keeping items off the floor and leaving them in the warehouse.

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Foreign aid can help strengthen the economies of donor countries by boosting entrepreneurship




Support for foreign aid is declining many developed countries, including Canada. Reflecting this trend, a A recent study found that 59 per cent of Canadians want to cut back foreign aid to developing countries.

This is striking considering that Canada’s foreign aid amounts to 0.38% of gross national productis already below OECD goal of 0.7%.which places Canada in the middle of the spectrum of donor countries.

Cutting foreign aid from developed countries not only hinders international development; it also threatens the international competitiveness of the donor country’s domestic enterprises.

While foreign aid should all the time give attention to eliminating global disparities, alleviating poverty, and improving the well-being of people in recipient countries, additionally it is vital to focus on the positive spillover effects that aid can have on donor countries.

This can help legitimize and maintain support for foreign aid at a time when countries and their persons are increasingly turning inward.

Not just an act of generosity

Despite the general public’s apparent fatigue with foreign aid, the Canadian government announced its increase in the 2024 budgetafter a 15% reduction in the previous 12 months, which was significant criticism from the aid sector.

It is essential to do not forget that foreign aid shouldn’t be just an act of generosity; it can also profit donor countries that provide aid.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland presents the federal budget in the House of Commons in Ottawa on April 16, 2024.

Many governments are actually communicating the importance of foreign aid to their residents. For example, the Australian government introduced the so-called latest development policy in 2023 emphasizing the have to lift people out of poverty in developing countries to make sure peace, stability and prosperity for Australia.

In the same vein, the Government of Canada has emphasized the importance of Canada taking a more lively international role in its actions Announcement of the 2024 budget. Protecting national interests and promoting Canadian values ​​requires lively participation and involvement in international affairs.

Decisions regarding foreign direct investment

As researchers and policy experts, we were concerned about whether foreign aid had positive spillover effects for corporations in donor countries.

If such positive effects occur, reducing foreign aid couldn’t only harm recipient countries but in addition harm the economic well-being of donor countries. For example, a discount in foreign aid could cause Canadian businesses to develop into less competitive abroad, which could end in fewer job opportunities and reduced prosperity in Canada.

Our study examined the role of Japanese foreign aid in foreign direct investment decisions made by 1,451 Japanese corporations in 76 developing countries during 1991–2002. Foreign direct investment refers to investments made by an organization or entity from one country to a different country.

We excluded corporations from the infrastructure and construction industries because their investment decisions could result from the implementation of aid projects and weren’t related to the external effects of aid.

Development aid was a crucial tool of Japan’s foreign policy, especially in the Nineties. In 1991, Japan was the largest aid donor in the world, nevertheless, its aid budget was significantly cut in 2003.

Japan’s first Charter of Official Development Assistance, adopted in 1992, favored low-level tied aid – Japan has largely stopped tying aid implementation to Japanese corporations or products. When the charter was revised in 2003, it allowed Japanese corporations to more easily access aid contracts.

New research conclusions

Our findings showed that each one forms of foreign aid can positively impact donor countries’ foreign direct investment in recipient countries. This includes aid for economic and social infrastructure (roads, telecommunications, education or health) and non-infrastructure aid (corresponding to budget support or emergency aid).

Both types of aid can reduce the costs and risks related to foreign direct investment, opening up latest opportunities for donor country businesses in recipient countries.

A Somali man in a suit gestures with his hands while speaking into a microphone to someone off camera
International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen speaks in the foyer of the House of Commons before query period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, February 15, 2024.

Infrastructure aid improves access to information and networks in recipient countries, improving the market environment. Meanwhile, non-infrastructure aid can reduce market and political uncertainty, making it easier for corporations to operate.

In northern Vietnam, for instance, Japan supported the construction of highways and port facilities in the Nineties. Interviews conducted by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation suggest that without improving transport infrastructure, most investments by Japanese corporations wouldn’t be made in the region. The use of these facilities was vital to those corporations because they relied on imported parts and materials, making fast and cheap transportation to and from ports, in addition to port operations, essential.

Our study also shows that not all corporations benefited from foreign aid to the same extent. Some corporations, corresponding to those with less experience in the recipient country, were more depending on foreign aid to handle local challenges that they were unable to handle on their very own.

Threatening national interests

Our research findings highlight that cutting foreign aid from developed countries not only hinders international development; it may not directly threaten national interests.

While The primary goal of foreign aid should all the time be to extend the well-being of the people of developing countriesit is necessary to recollect the positive unintended effects that aid may have on donor countries.

A more nuanced understanding of foreign aid is important for Canadians as they assess how aid policies impact each Canada’s economic prosperity and its global influence.

Maintaining a strong foreign aid program shouldn’t be only an ethical imperative, but in addition a strategic necessity for countries like Canada. By continuing to support international development efforts, Canada can protect its economic interests while strengthening its commitment to global equality and stability.

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