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Jason Kidd pleads guilty to leading the Mavs to the NBA Finals a year after a chaotic ending



DALLAS (AP) – Jason Kidd is not fond of non-public debt collection.

Leading the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA Finals as their coach 13 years after he was the point guard on the franchise’s only championship team means more to Kidd than proving he was right about Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving needing time to grow into tandem competing for the title.

There is a a part of the 51-year-old, a Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame playerwho thinks he doesn’t have much to prove.

“I know how to win,” Kidd said. “I’ve been doing it since grade school, at the highest level. I won gold medals. I won the championship. I also won the championship as a coach and assistant coach. Now I even have the opportunity to try this as a head coach. “

When the Mavericks face the Boston Celtics in Game 1 on Thursday night, they will probably be overlooked of a 1-6 tie that has experts once more wondering how long Kidd will coach in Dallas.

The Mavs will probably be faraway from Kidd for nearly 14 months amid questions on his job security and the club’s strange decision to walk away two games before the end of the season while still retaining a likelihood to play in the postseason.

The Doncic-Irving pairing has deteriorated in the two months since the blockbuster trade that brought Irving from Brooklyn in 2023. Never mind that just a year earlier, Kidd’s coaching debut in Dallas resulted in Doncic’s first trip to the Western Conference Finals.

“I guess you have to go through a few losses to really believe that you can do it,” said Kidd, whose assistant title he won with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 playoffs. “We weren’t very good. But it’s ok. Even though people feel like they should be sold or fired because of their failures, sometimes it’s sad. We had to get through it.”

Now Kidd will try to grow to be the eighth person to win the title as a player and coach on the same team. Seven more did so under different franchises.

Kidd achieved this by giving a mixture of perennial All-Stars Irving and Doncic time to marinate and convincing the offensive wizards to play defense.

“He understands mine and Kyrie’s role because he’s played it himself,” Doncic said of the two-time Olympic gold medal winner. “That’s why he helps us a lot. But everyone. He kept everyone together. We were often weak, especially during the season. There were at all times ups and downs, but he kept us together.

Kidd and his staff made changes midseason, trading PJ Washington, a 3-and-D wing, and Daniel Gafford, a pick-and-roll rim protector to add depth at center with rookie Dereck Lively II.

The team that began the season repeating Kidd’s mantra that “our offense is our defense” has transformed into a defense-first group, very similar to his first season in 2021-2022.

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Here’s the summary.

In the 10 seasons from the 2011 championship until Kidd took over as coach, the Mavs didn’t win a playoff series. They won five in his three seasons, losing to Golden State in the West in the finals two years ago.

“It’s not very often that you go from the lottery to the final round,” Kidd said, referring to the draft pick the Mavs retained – and traded for Lively – by tanking at the end of the 2022-23 season. “But we actually believed we had the pieces. Sometimes you’re taking a step back to see what you’ve got.

Even when the Mavs felt that they had found the right combination, their seven-game winning streak dropped to 1-6. They were over .500 in six games and were flirting with the play-in tournament, which might put Dallas liable to missing one other playoffs after such a promising start under Kidd.

What followed was a 16-2 run that put the Mavericks in fifth place in the West. Now they’ve won three series without home advantage and can try to repeat that. Houston, which finished sixth in 1995, is the only minor leaguer to win the championship.

“I think at one point in the season everyone thought the world was ending,” Kidd said. “But we still came to work. We were positive and everything changed for the better. I think that’s just who we are. It’s just about trust, about working and having fun at the same time.”

The Mavericks are a reflection of their coach, stoic in the face of criticism and questions from a year ago, with possibly a little vitriol thrown in when there’s a sense of, “Enough is enough.”

Kidd has long preached that it’s OK to fail, which has impressed Lively as the 20-year-old has quickly emerged as an influential player the club didn’t necessarily expect so quickly.

“He puts me in situations where he expects me to fail, and even if I fail, he leaves me there to learn,” Lively said. “He comes into the locker room and asks, what do we predict? To find a way to have a coach like that who gets the players talking, talking to one another after which saying what they think is a tremendous process.

Last year, Kidd threw an expletive at a reporter when asked about the vote of confidence he received from then-owner Mark Cuban as the season ended, essentially saying those questions weren’t asked during the 2022 West Finals.

A ten-time All-Star and second in profession assists behind only John Stockton, Kidd shrugs as he looks back on the chaos.

“You ask all the hard questions. These are difficult questions,” Kidd said. “You’re doing all of your job. As the head coach of the Mavericks, I do my job. Last year these were tough questions, tough questions that will probably be a part of this series. I’ll offer you the answer. Some people may like this. Some may not.

Either way, Kidd prolonged his contract. He did it on the heels of the first of three series wins this spring.

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Jodie Turner-Smith shares shocking reaction to Lupita Nyong’o’s public date with Turner-Smith’s ex Joshua Jackson, a month after she filed for divorce




Jodie Turner-Smith, who split from actor Joshua Jackson after 4 years of marriage, recently shared her thoughts on the “Dawson’s Creek” alum’s budding romance with Lupita Nyong’o.

Turner-Smith, who filed for divorce from Jackson in September 2023, citing irreconcilable differences, says Cut that the couple split up as a results of them going “different paths,” but Jackson didn’t stay single for long. On October 18, Jackson was seen chilling with Lupita Nyong’o on the Janelle Monáe concert in Inglewood, California. The next day, Nyong’o announced on Instagram that she and her boyfriend, former ESPN commentator Selema Masekela, had broken up. Since then, Nyong’o and the “Queen & Slim” star’s estranged husband have been seen in public quite a few times.

After announcing their split, Nyong’o received an outpouring of support from fans and celebrities. Among the thoughtful messages was a comment by Marlon Wayans that read: “Trust God. He wants better for you. All lessons are a blessing, especially the painful ones. This too shall pass. The warmest of hugs. Be kind to yourself as you heal.”

He continued: “Every time I break up, I say, ‘I’m lucky, I CAN love again. I missed you. Make love, woman.

Jodie Turner Smith reacts to Lupita Nyong'o dating her ex-husband Joshua Jackson
Jodie Turner-Smith (right) recently had a surprising reaction to Lupita Nyong’o and Turner-Smith’s former partner Joshua Jackson emerging as a couple (left) a month after Turner-Smith filed for divorce last September. (Photos: @lupitanyongo/Instagram, @vancityjax/Instagram)

However, while stars like Wayans, Gabrielle Union, Ava DuVernay and Niecy Nash rallied behind Nyong’o, Turner-Smith remained relatively quiet about her personal life for essentially the most part. During a recent sit-down with The Cut, the actress was asked if she found it “weird” that her estranged husband was so quick to go public on a date.

“They were fine,” she said of her ex-husband dating Nyong’o. “We need happiness to co-parent peacefully. I’m trying to get us to the level of Gwyneth and Chris Martin. I really hope they are happy and that it benefits us as a family.”

As the primary couple navigates motherhood to their 4-year-old daughter, Juno, Turner-Smith said she’s willing to take steps forward to ensure her baby’s comfort.

“I just have to do everything I can to make sure Juno wins,” she emphasized, “and can peacefully co-parent with someone I once loved very, very much.”

This is not the primary time Turner-Smith has spoken out about her divorce. As she said in February 2024 interview with The Sunday Times Style magazine: “Sometimes the things we really want to work on just don’t work, and that’s okay.”

“The most important thing is that you choose what is healthiest for you and your family, and certainly for your children,” she continued.

The actress added: “The bravest thing in the world is to recognize when something isn’t working and take action. I always want to set this example for my daughter. The most important takeaway is that it’s about as much love and joy as ever. It’s just about taking a step forward towards a better life for everyone involved.”

As for Nyong’o, it looks like her recent relationship with Jackson continues to be going strong. They were each seen PDA packing in March in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, celebrating his birthday.

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Sean “Diddy” Combs returns the key to New York




NEW YORK (AP) – Sean “Diddy” Combs turned in his key to New York City at the request of Mayor Eric Adams in response to the release of a video showing the music mogul attacking R&B singer Cassie, officials said Saturday.

The mayor’s office said Combs returned the key after Adams sent letters to the musician’s offices in New York and California on June 4, canceling the key and asking for it to be sent back to City Hall. The city received the key on June 10.

In his letter, Adams said he was “deeply concerned” by the attack, adding: “I strongly condemn these actions and stand in solidarity with all victims of domestic and gender-based violence.”

Combs’ profession was interrupted by multiple sexual abuse allegations, in addition to a federal sex trafficking investigation that led to raids on Combs’ residences in Los Angeles and Miami.

In May, CNN aired surveillance video showing Combs attacking Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel hallway in 2016. Combs said he was “truly sorry” for the attack on Cassie and called his actions “inexcusable.” Cassie, whose legal name is Cassandra Ventura, sued Combs last yr, setting off a wave of increased scrutiny of Combs. The case was settled the day after it was filed.

This photo provided by the New York City Mayor’s Office shows Mayor Eric Adams (left) presenting the Key to the City to hip-hop artist Sean “Diddy” Combs in New York City’s Times Square, Friday, September 15, 2023. (New York City Mayor’s Office/Caroline Rubinstein-Willis via via AP)

Adams presented Combs with the key during last yr’s ceremony, which coincided with the release of the latest album.

This month, Howard University rescinded an honorary doctorate degree awarded to Combs and ended a scholarship program named after him after the release of a video featuring Cassie.

Combs, founding father of Bad Boy Records, is considered one of the most influential hip-hop producers and executives of the last thirty years, turning musical success right into a business empire.

An email sent to a Combs representative listed online was not immediately returned.

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Twice-divorced Martin Lawrence says he’s a better partner now After Will Smith questions his relationship advice, fans say Will has no one to talk to




Martin Lawrence and Will Smith might want to limit their advice to how to ensure box office success.

As a part of a promotional campaign to fill seats within the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” theater show, they participated in Complex’s “GOAT Talk” series, during which each actors asked questions about their favorite dances, karaoke songs and GOAT basketball players.

Will Smith’s attempt to clown about Martin Lawrence’s relationship advice backfires when a fan mentions Jada Pinkett Smith. (Photo: @martinlawrence/Instagram)

However, the conversation took a slightly serious turn after they were asked to discuss more personal matters, resembling GOAT relationship advice. The star of the show “Martin” appeared first. He said his golden rule is “treat a person as you would like to be treated.”

The Oscar winner for “King Richard” thoughtfully replied, “hmm,” before asking how that approach worked for his friend. “Well, I’ve been through two divorces,” Lawrence joked.

“So you thought, ‘Fuck this advice,'” Smith joked as they laughed. “I must have forgotten, but I’m feeling better,” Lawrence said.

When the query was directed to the movie superstar, Smith repeated a sentiment previously shared on “The Red Table Talk,” in his memoir, “The Red Table Talk,” and in interviews over the past 4 years.

“GOAT relationship advice for me is that you may’t make a person completely satisfied. Don’t even play this game and take a look at to make anyone completely satisfied,” he said, shaking his head.

The “Just The Two of Us” rapper further explained his viewpoint, stating, “You have to discover your happiness and cultivate it on your own and they have to cultivate theirs on their own and you come together by sharing your happiness, not trying to get happiness from them . That was important to me, like stepping back from trying to make people happy. And all my relationships improved.”

The exchange lasted no longer than two minutes but garnered a lot of responses since the query was faraway from the video to spark discussion on social media. “No shade, but Will Smith got upset when his wife married Tupac,” reads the digital hit directed at Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship.

Another person found it ironic that “the one who has given up twice is criticized by the one who doesn’t know when to put it off.” Third Attention read: “None of them should give relationship advice…respectfully.”

Lawrence was married to former Miss Virginia beauty Patricia Smith (formerly Southall) for 2 years after they divorced in 1997. They share a daughter, Jasmine Page, who gained attention two years ago when fans noticed she was dating with Eddie Murphy’s son, Eric Murphy.

The same yr that Lawrence’s divorce was finalized, he began dating Shamicka Hill, formerly Gibbs. They married in 2010, but after two years the wedding resulted in divorce. Together they’ve two daughters, Iyana and Amara.

Both of his former partners have since remarried, Patricia to retired NFL star Emmitt Smith and Shamicka to Antwaun Hill, owner of luxury concierge firm Ace Elite Services.. But no matter their soured romance, Patricia made sure to show her support for Lawrence on the 2020 premiere of Bad Boys for Life in Los Angeles.

The “Big Mom’s House” actor is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Angie Gonzalez, who accompanied him on the red carpet. His co-star has been married to Jada for 26 years, though it was revealed last yr that they’d been quietly separated for seven years. She was also present on the premiere.

The “Hawthorne” actress admitted as much while promoting her memoir “Worthy.” Despite her claims that Will’s 2022 scandal through which he punched Chris Rock on the Oscars rekindled their relationship, fans still do not believe the pair are romantically involved.

At this point, many are hoping she won’t be goaded into clearing “her red table for more drama” amid the hype surrounding his recent relationship advice.

Will was previously married to his first wife, Sheree Zampino, with whom he has an older son, Trey Smith.

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