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‘A loser in every sense of the word’: Fans drag ‘Deadbeat’ from Gilbert Arenas’ past after he mocks Rudy Gobert for missing the playoffs to attend a baby delivery



Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas shares heated opinions from time to time, but his latest criticism of Rudy Gobert has sparked considerable controversy.

During his May 6 episode of “Gil’s Arena.” podcastArenas appears to be taking issue with the Minnesota Timberwolves star’s decision to miss Monday’s playoff game against defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets in favor of staying in the hospital and witnessing the birth of his first child.

Fans shame Gilbert Arenas' past after he mocks Rudy Gobert for missing the game and attending the birth of his child
Fans shame Gilbert Arenas’ past after he mocks Rudy Gobert for missing the game and attending the birth of his child

“It’s a baby, brother. It will likely be there whenever you come back. I’m just saying,” Arenas said. “Whatever you’re thinking that you’ll do with the baby, the baby will sleep. It can come into contact with the skin inside two days.

“Right on the T-shirt,” added former NBA star Brandon Jennings. “Just under the tie all the time. Milk.”

Arenas posted a clip of his comments about X, which quickly sparked a backlash.

“Gilbert is a loser in every sense of the word,” an irate fan wrote on Twitter.

“When it comes to conversations about parenting, Gilbert Arenas needs to step away from each other.” one person wrote on X

“THIS is Gilbert Arenas, who abandoned his pregnant fiancée without contact for a month? and moved to a recent city without even saying goodbye to his children? Of course he said that. He doesn’t have the slightest idea about this… Stupid…” other person added.

Gobert was on the basketball court May 4 for the Timberwolves’ Western Conference semifinal series opener. But in some unspecified time in the future after Minnesota’s 106-99 victory in Denver, he returned to Minneapolis to be along with his fiancée, Julia Bonilla, who was preparing to give birth to the couple’s first child.

According to NBA insider sports reporter Shams Charania, Gobert tried to fly from Minnesota to Denver all day Monday, but weather conditions in Denver and Minnesota caused flight delays, leaving him unable to miss his teammates’ 106-80 upset of the Nuggets. . Gobert is anticipated to return to the court for Game 3 on Friday, May 10, when the series moves to the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Arenas suggested that basketball games should take priority over family because he wouldn’t have adequate medical health insurance if he didn’t play in the league.

“I understand. I heard you want to be with your wife and smile and all that, but your good health insurance in the NBA is because of your game,” Arenas said. While advances in modern medicine have actually created a safer environment for expectant moms, many ladies especially Black women are disproportionately in danger in delivery rooms. The type of medical health insurance a person has doesn’t guarantee a secure delivery.

Arenas has 4 children along with his ex-fiancée Laura Govan. But his recent criticism of Gobert has brought back memories of past issues which have plagued him during fatherhood.

The One X user was quick to remind Arenas of his shortcomings as a father.

“I will mention this every time,” she said, reposting a screenshot from 2010 of an article headline that read: “Gilbert Arenas Accused of Abandoning Children, Pregnant Fiancée.”

Arenas’ ex-fiancee has made quite a few allegations against him over the years, including by publishing a shared screenshot on Instagram in 2017. The text messages show an alleged exchange between Arenas and Govan’s father, during which they negotiated recent visitation terms and threatened to cut off child support altogether.

“Here is my deal NOT negotiable (if 70% of Laura stays…30% of me, then I’ll not pay for private school and I’ll take the money Laura owes me from her account and file other defamation cases to demand extra money because she doesn’t have a civil lawyer and she will be able to’t hire one to protect her money,” Arenas says, adding, “either we make it 70% me, they stay in private school and she or he keeps the child support she receives and I leave affairs and the money she owes”

His final option was “50/50 with 7 days and 7 days private school but NO child support and I abandon the case and the money she owes me.”

In 2018, Govan shared one other grievance about Arenas on Instagram, accusing the NBA player of not seeing his children for eight months or buying them Christmas gifts. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Govan shared a screenshot of a text exchange with Arenas. Next to a photo of a 2010 AMG G63 SUV, he allegedly wrote: “Mothers who don’t cause any problems get this for Christmas. Enjoy Christmas. I hear these 2019 joints are hard to come by. I hope to see you with one.

Govan then responded by drafting a note accusing Gilbert of being an absentee father.

“I’m with my kids all day long. I refrain from reacting to all the negativity you have sent my way. But today I have to explain everything,” she wrote on Instagram on December 22, 2018. “My children are my life and the only thing that connects us. That’s why I’m posting this message to emphasize the fact that everything I do, I do for them. Let’s redirect your energy not to buying gifts for others, but to time spent with your children, 8 months is a long time spent without an excuse. …And since you’re in the giving mood, how about some Christmas gifts for our kids….”

In 2016, Arenas withdrew following a recording of him allegedly entering a a tirade full of profanity during a telephone conversation with Govan. Part of the conversation was broadcast over the airwaves as part of the Donkey of the Day episode of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“There is a video recording of me saying (allegedly f my children) yes, I said it… NOT in the #deadbeatdad sense, BUT in the sense of a man who is frustrated with fighting an evil demon every day, and I let her know that even children can’t save you, she thinks maybe leave me and the children , she uses them to fight her battles,” Arenas wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Given Arenas’ complicated family history, it becomes clearer that some imagine he should avoid commenting on other people’s personal lives. As for Gobert, he has good enough to rejoice. On Tuesday, the center was also named the league’s Defensive Player of the Year for the fourth time. He joins Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo as the only players in the league to receive the honor 4 times. Gobert won in 2018, 2019 and 2021 with the Utah Jazz.

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Major league players praise the inclusion of Negro league statistics in major league records




CHICAGO (AP) — Buck Leonard. Charlie “Chino” Smith. Türkiye Stearnes.

Baseball players and fans alike are learning more about the Negro Leagues after statistics on greater than 2,300 players – historical figures resembling Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Satchel Paige and Mule Suttles – were included in the major league record book following a three-year study design.

“You’re going to learn about a lot of names and a lot of people that we may not have heard of,” Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen said Wednesday. “Now that Josh Gibson is at the top of the OPS and batting average rankings and several other categories, that’s great news. But it’s more than just that and numbers. It’s great that you can now learn more about players from the Negro Leagues. …I will be able to dig deeper into some of the names I may not have heard of.”

The 17-member commission, chaired by John Thorn, the official historian of Major League Baseball, met six times as part of a meticulous process of examining the statistics of the seven Negro Leagues from 1920 to 1948. According to MLB, nearly 75% of available records were included, and extra research may lead to more changes to the major league rankings.

“It’s really exciting,” Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene said. “I’m going to have to do a little more research and understand some of the history to kind of rewire my brain on some of the best players.”

This August 2, 1942 file photo shows Kansas City Monarchs pitcher Leroy Satchel Paige warming up at Yankee Stadium in New York before a Negro League game between the Monarchs and the New York Cuban Stars. (AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman, File)

Gibson became the majors’ profession leader with a .372 batting average, surpassing Ty Cobb’s .367 batting average. Gibson’s .466 average for the 1943 Homestead Grays became the season record, followed by Smith’s .451 average for the 1929 New York Lincoln Giants.

The powerful Gibson also became the profession leader in slugging percentage (.718) and OPS (1.177), passing Babe Ruth (.690 and 1.164).

“Baseball history is part of the history of the United States, and I believe that the major leagues’ recognition and inclusion of the Negro Leagues is a huge step toward bringing all the pieces of baseball history together,” said Tyrus Cobb, Ty Cobb’s great-grandson. “And I think it’s really exciting that there’s a new statistical leader in batting average.”

After hearing the news, Tyrus Cobb, 32, of San Jose, California, said he took a better take a look at Gibson’s profession.

“I made sure to look up him, Oscar Charleston and a few of the other guys who were at the top of the list,” said Cobb, who works in industrial real estate. “So I think it’s a really exciting thing for baseball history.”

The inclusion of Negro League statistics also modified the numbers of a handful of players higher known for his or her major league careers.

Willie Mays added 10 hits with the 1948 Birmingham Black Barons, bringing his total to three,293. Minnie Minoso was credited with 150 hits for the New York Cubans from 1946 to 1948, bringing his total to 2,113. Jackie Robinson, who on the 1947 Dodgers, he broke the majors’ color barrier by having 49 hits on the 1945 Kansas City Monarchs, bringing his total to 1,567.

“It’s good news for the game,” Washington Nationals pitcher Josiah Gray said. “For Negro League players of the past who were exceptional at what they did, it’s good to be brought into the highlight. It’s really cool to see Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston and so many other names that baseball fans can study and see that there was greater than just major league baseball back then.

The change comes amid a decline in the number of black players at mainstream firms. A study conducted by the Central Florida Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports found Black or African American players made up 6.2% of players on Opening Day rosters in 2023, down from 7.2% in 2022. Both numbers were the lowest since the study began in 1991, when 18% of MLB players were biracial black.

Featured Stories

On June 20 at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama, the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants will play a Negro Leagues tribute game.

“I think it’s pretty cool that you’re showing appreciation,” Giants pitcher Jordan Hicks said. “They were two different leagues, but at the end of the day, it was still baseball, and at any time when they got together, you can see that the guys who had excelled in the Negro Leagues were actually performing in the MLB. So I feel it’s fair that in the event that they were still the same guy in the Negro Leagues as they were in MLB, those stats should match, especially if it was in the same era.

Brett Tinker, 56, of Nyack, New York, heard stories about the Negro Leagues from his grandfather, Harold “Hooks” Tinker, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, who played for the Pittsburgh Crawfords. Harold Tinker shared his love of sports. He told his grandson how often that they had to remain on the team bus because they couldn’t get into the hotel, and he showed off his collection of memorabilia.

When Brett Tinker heard about the inclusion of Negro League statistics, he was moved to tears.

“It’s an honor. It’s too late, not only for my grandfather, but for many players who never had a chance to receive this recognition,” he said.

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After signing a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, Saquon Barkley’s fortune is estimated at $32 million




Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles

Former New York Giants shortstop Saquon Barkley recently signed a contract price an estimated $37.8 million with considered one of the Giants’ biggest rivals, signing a According to AfroTech, he signed a three-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is a significant change because he can be playing with considered one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts, on a everlasting playoff team. And while Barkley may face punishment on the pitch, his bank statements is not going to be harmed.

Sportskeeda reported that Barkley’s contract includes a signing bonus of $11,625,000. His average annual salary can be $12,583,333 and his guaranteed money can be $26,000,000. Barkley will receive a base salary of $1,375,000 for the upcoming season as he’ll have already got a sizable signing bonus.

The wealthy gorilla has listed Barkley’s net price is $32 million.

He previously signed a four-year, $31,194,751 contract with the Giants. The contract included a signing bonus of $20,767,092, guaranteed money of $31,194,751 and a mean salary of $7,798,688.

Barkley, 27, spent his entire profession with the New York Giants, racking up 5,211 yards and 35 touchdowns. Now he’ll attempt to bring one other Super Bowl ring to the City of Brotherly Love. The excellent news is that he probably won’t must carry as much of the Eagles’ offense. In New York, he was often the team’s best and most used option on offense.

Pennsylvania is no stranger to running back. He was a star player for Penn State, where he was named the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and Big Ten Running Back of the Year twice in 2016 and 2017. He also holds the school record for many rushing touchdowns (43) and total touchdowns (53). At Penn State, he rushed for 3,000 yards and amassed 1,000 receiving yards.

The Giants chosen the Power Runner as the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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‘Skip’s not doing well anymore’: Shannon Sharpe bounces back from Fallout with Skip Bayless, Inks’ multi-year deal with ESPN after viral interview with Katt Williams




Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe

A yr after FS1’s “Undisputed” emotional split with polarizing media personality Skip Bayless, who he said had “no respect for him,” things are looking up for Shannon Sharpe and his recent home at ESPN.

Sharpe made his debut on ESPN’s “First Take” on September 4, 2023, after leaving “Undisputed” in June of this yr. Sharpe and Bayless have had some controversial moments during their seven-year tenure, however the three-time Super Bowl champion’s first nine months at ESPN seem like a hit because the network is now rewarding him with an expanded multi-year contract. They say even Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, ESPN’s parent company, has gotten involved in retaining Sharpe and expanding his role. Hollywood reporter.

The recent deal is predicted to offer Sharpe a broader presence on ESPN’s long-running morning show “First Take” and may even appear on the network’s other programs across various platforms, including Athlete reported. Details regarding his performance schedule are expected to be announced at a later date.

“It has been a blessing to be a part of this family,” Sharpe said in an announcement. “Everything about ESPN, Stephen A. and First Take has been amazing. I’m looking forward to expanding my role and showing more of the world what I have to offer. The show goes on!”

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe
‘Skip’s not doing well anymore’: Shannon Sharpe returns from Fallout with Skip Bayless, Inks’ multi-year deal with ESPN after Viral Katt Williams interview (Photo: @shannonsharpe84 @skipbayless/Instagram)

The full terms of Sharpe’s deal were not disclosed, but some fans reacted on social media shortly after news broke of the previous NFL star’s increased role on the network.

“Uncle earns money” – one other said the fan.

“Perfect, he’s one of the few great analysts they have,” one other social media user decided.

“This is the reason Skip and his podcast are no longer doing well,” an wrote on Twitter User X. “The numbers say that the first shot is better without Skip, and it is indisputable that the first shot is the worst without Shay.”

However, some fans miss Skip and Shannon as a duo.

“Shannon Sharpe was better in ‘Undisputed’ than in ‘First Take,'” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Shannon and Skip are the best combination. It was like a comedy show, very similar to the NBA on TNT crew.” “Shannon and SAS simply feel forced,” it said on Twitter other.

Sharpe currently appears on First Take twice every week alongside outspoken sportscaster and podcast host Stephen A. Smith and a rotating panel of co-hosts.

Sharpe also hosts his own podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” where he interviews celebrities weekly, as well because the late-night show “Nightcap” with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Gilbert Arenas.

In January 2024, Sharpe sat down with comedian Katt Williams for an episode of his podcast “Club Shay Shay.” The interview went viral, reaching over 70 million views in June. The interview sparked countless memes and conversations about Hollywood culture.

On an episode of Sharpe’s “Nightcap,” he made it clear how he benefited from the interview.

“I just got my check. So whatever you think that I did, three X’s are. So for those who think I made 500,000, three X’s are it. If you think that I made 1,000,000, thrice that. If you think that I made two million, that is three Xs,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe said the Williams interview prompted Iger to achieve out to him personally to discuss his future with the corporate, the Pro Football Hall of Famer said Hollywood reporter in May.

ESPN management described Sharpe as an “incredible addition” to the team.

“Shannon Sharpe is an incredible addition to the First Take team, elevating the show’s momentum with her engaging presence and insightful commentary,” David Roberts, ESPN’s head of event production and studios, said in an announcement. “Shannon’s chemistry with Stephen A. Smith elevated our debates and was another key reason why First Take is the premier destination for morning sports discussions.”

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