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What will you give when Mother’s Day is difficult? A friendly gift guide



Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,

Mother’s Day is a joyful event for a lot of, but let’s be honest: for some at the present time may also be very difficult. From the lack of a parent or child to an advanced or estranged relationship and more, “mother wounds” can hurt – deeply.

Why? There are many experts in behavioral science and psychology who consider this our relationships with our moms or primary caregivers shape our sense of self greater than every other relationship. So when this integral relationship seems “off” or suddenly disappears, it’s no wonder it is so difficult to mourn or forget.

However, a mother’s wounds should not all the time related to relationship mourning. Sometimes a mother could also be overwhelmed or should cope with difficult situations along with her children. Other times, the mother can have difficulty feeling like she is doing it right.

Instead of tiptoeing around these people, you can show up for them and help them get through and even find recent meaning of their day.

If you know someone who is scuffling with Mother’s Day this yr, you might wish to brainstorm ways to assist them get through it. Below, we have collected some gift ideas and options from Black brands that might help capture the complexity of Mother’s Day.

A thoughtful read

(Photo: Hatchet Books/Blackstone Publishing)

Sadness is a particularly difficult emotion to process. While it could be sad and difficult at first, many individuals find comfort in knowing that it is often an indication of affection. You can remind anyone in your list who could also be mourning this fact this yr by adding “Sadness is love” Marisa Renee Lee. It also helps to know that we should not alone. Released today “Bits and pieces: my mother, my brother and me” Whoopi Goldberg uses the clever and funny voice of an entertainment legend, truthfully her grief over the lack of her mother and brother.

During the discussion concerning the recent edition of People MagazineGoldberg explained how she realized her grief had become a brain fog that left her with little memory of her brother’s death or how long he and her mother had been gone.

“I thought, ‘Wow, if you can’t record how they left, no wonder you don’t remember anything,'” she told the newspaper. “No wonder you don’t remember anything. So perhaps you should just write down a couple of things and see what happens if you do it. “

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Stylish symbol

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Everything was Black Owned)

The ancient Egyptians believed that scarab beetles symbolized resurrection, rebirth, transformation or, in some sense, the circle of life. To at the present time, many individuals still draw comfort from this symbol, especially during times of mourning. Give the gift to anyone you know who could also be grieving but can also find comfort in spiritual symbolism this winged scarab necklace or one other icon of life and soul.

Reflection journal

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Stay Rooted)

Whatever the explanation, some people going through a difficult Mother’s Day may profit from a spot to place their thoughts. You may even discover a journal with an encouraging or thoughtful mantra on the duvet, corresponding to “Be Rooted”Trust the Journey” notebook.


Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Grounded)

When an individual is scuffling with sadness, sometimes the pain might be relieved by a brand new life to nurture. Since flower arrangements die quickly and are discarded, having a live plant nearby can provide longer-lasting comfort. Give anyone in your list who could also be struggling this yr after the recent lack of a mother or child a brand new low-maintenance plant, corresponding to: Neon pathos plant sold by Grounded.

A word of encouragement

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Fromrez/Mahogany)

The role of a mother is essential, and yet, although billions of girls have done it for hundreds of years, nobody has left behind a definitive “how to” guide. (No mom had time!) Besides, there is no right way, although it could appear to be the fallacious way. Sometimes a mother needs encouragement and the knowledge that she is doing well. For the overwhelmed moms in your life, remind them how well they’re doing; give them affirmation cards like Set of black icons Or Words that work deck to encourage them when you cannot be there to cheer them on.

Self-care kit

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Mantl/54 Thrones)

Their mother could also be living an extended distance or the connection could also be strained. Perhaps they’re mourning their mother. Regardless of the circumstances, inviting a friend who is going through a difficult Mother’s Day to care for herself will give her great motherly energy. Send your message loud and clear by gifting them with a high-quality skincare kit like Complete routine set by Mantla or Foam + Slather package from 54 Thrones.

Soothing candle

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Wick and Glow Candle Co/Paper White Candles)

Our offer features a candle for each occasion, including Mother’s Day. You pays a serious and touching tribute by giving a gift Dear Mum addressed to everyone who misses the heat of a mother. You may flippantly press the funny bone using the favored “We have our last nerve” candle for individuals who could also be missing when they teased her. Both may make beautiful gifts from baby to mom – especially if the child is attempting to smooth things over.

Pop culture reference

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Photo: Trini Gee Store)

Swaddle someone who longs for a mother’s comfort or needs a mother’s encouragement a blanket covered with the faces of iconic Black TV mothers. We cannot consider anything more comforting than being wrapped in the nice and cozy embrace of Aunt Viv or Clair Huxtable. Made by Trini Gee The design is available on a fleece blanket, t-shirt, crewneck, and low mug within the Etsy shop.

Provide them with a protected space

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Image: Adobe Stock)

While a thoughtful gift is appreciated in any case, sometimes an individual scuffling with Mother’s Day needs a protected space to specific themselves. Offer them an ear to listen, without judging and even giving advice – just listen. Let them know that you are here for them throughout the day and beyond.

Help them respect their mother or child

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Image: Adobe Stock)

Each person grieves otherwise, and a bereaved person on Mother’s Day may find it cathartic to make use of at the present time to honor the lost mother or child. Paying tribute to the deceased might be done in a wide range of ways, corresponding to by paying tribute to a brief ceremony in a spot they loved, eating their favorite foods, or playing music that is related to the deceased.

Start a brand new tradition – or invite them to take part in one in every of their very own

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Image: Adobe Stock)

There are a lot of us who look ahead to doing the identical thing yearly to honor our moms. Perhaps they enjoy going to the newest movie releases, a decadent brunch, or receiving an enormous bouquet of flowers (or the entire above). When neither mother nor child is there to participate, the traditions we are able to not enjoy could make the day way more difficult to address. This yr, consider helping anyone scuffling with the lack of old traditions start recent ones.

When planning your day, do not forget to ask friends who haven’t got plans to attend your event. For some, being alone or pretending the day won’t occur in any respect might be worse than giving someone’s mom a card and coming to brunch.

Feed them

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Image: Adobe Stock)

Those of us who were fortunate enough to taste the healing power of our mother’s home cooking understand its nurturing power. There is nothing more motherly than feeding someone in need of comfort. You don’t even should tear off your apron and whip something up within the kitchen; you can order from their favorite store, treat them to lunch, and even give them a DoorDash gift card.

Remind them that they should not alone

Mother's Day Gift Guide, What to Do When Mother's Day Is Hard, Statement Gifts from Black Brands When Mother's Day Is Hard, Mother's Day 2024, Black Motherhood,
(Image: Adobe Stock)

No one, we repeat, nobody is alone in difficult moments on Mother’s Day. Every yr many individuals struggle with at the present time. Simply reaching out to remind someone that they should not alone and that you are here for them can have a greater impact than any gift or gesture.

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Juneteenth Unity Fest returns to Brooklyn




party, event, planning, marketing, Juneteenth, Unify fest

The Robert Randolph Foundation is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the edition JUNE UNITY FESTIVAL, a national, multicultural experience uniting diverse voices and communities to commemorate and rejoice Juneteenth and Black culture. Streaming live from Brooklyn, New York, UNITYFEST 2024 will feature quite a lot of entertainment, education and community activation events, including the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST concert happening at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! on the Lena Horne Bandshell in Prospect Park.

“June 11 is a day when we remember America’s past, recognize the resilience and strength of Black people, and celebrate the progress we have made,” commented Robert Randolph, founding father of the Robert Randolph Foundation.

UNITYFEST will rejoice the breadth and depth of black culture and Juneteenth as a uniquely American experience, while providing a platform to unite coalitions of grassroots charities.

The festivities will kick off with the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST block party at Under the K Bridge Park, an old-school neighborhood party featuring DJ Spinna. Anchored by the official JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST concert at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! on the Lena Horne Bandshell in Prospect Park, led by the award-winning gospel singer and keyboardist Ty TribbettUNITYFEST may even include a late after party on the Brooklyn Bowl. Full details will probably be announced in the approaching weeks.

“Heal America is honored to partner with the Robert Randolph Foundation for the second annual JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST,” he said Branden Polkdirector of Strategic Partnerships of Heal America, a movement to fight racial injustice with love and redemption.

“Last year, we witnessed this festival bring together a diverse group of people celebrating black culture and educating audiences about black history. The time has come for us to unite and overcome long-standing racial divisions together. As a pastor and supporter of the Heal America movement, I am inspired to work to heal and honor Juneteenth.”

“We are very excited and honored to partner with Robert and UNITYFEST on this inaugural Juneteenth event,” he said Diana Eber, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! executive producer.

“This celebration of black artistry and resilience is central to what we do at Bandshell throughout the summer. Thank you Robert for making this amazing vision a reality!”

JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated African-American artist Robert Randolph, whose goal is to create a multicultural experience that unites people from all walks of life while amplifying the multiple narratives of the Black experience in America. Randolph, the Robert Randolph Foundation and the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST team also recognize the importance of raising awareness of Juneteenth as a vacation and helping people understand its importance in American history. When the country’s last enslaved inhabitants learned of the Emancipation Proclamation on June 19, 1865, it signaled a change within the situation. Today now we have the chance to change the tide once more with this national event that may function a reflective and celebratory catalyst to further fuel inclusive cultures that strengthen America’s social fabric.

“While Juneteenth marks the symbolic end of slavery in America, our goal is for JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST to represent the achievements of Black people in the United States,” adds Randolph.

“Through this observance, our mission is to make Juneteenth an opportunity to remember the past, recognize our progress, and take collective action to create a ‘more perfect union’ for all Americans.”

JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST is made possible by phenomenal sponsors and partners including Amazon, Levitt Foundation and OWN. The event also worked with incredible community partners, including Heal America, to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity. A full list of sponsors and partner organizations might be found view on their website.

For more information in regards to the Robert Randolph Foundation’s JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST, visit,

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A black candidate claims false advertising hurt his election possibilities. Here’s how AI could shape state and local races




Adrian Perkins was running for re-election as mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, when he was surprised by a pointy campaign hit.

A satirical television ad, paid for by a rival political motion committee, used artificial intelligence to portray Perkins as a highschool student summoned to the principal’s office. Instead of whipping him for cheating on a test or moving into a fight, the principal criticized Perkins for failing to maintain the community protected and create jobs.

The film superimposed Perkins’ face onto the body of the actor playing him. Although the ad was labeled as having been created using “deep learning computer technology,” Perkins said it was compelling and resonated with voters. He didn’t manage to pay for or campaign staff to counter this, and he believes it was one among many reasons he lost the 2022 race. A representative for the group behind the ad didn’t reply to a request for comment.

“This false advertising 100 percent impacted our campaign because we were a low-vote place with fewer resources,” said Perkins, a Democrat. “You had to choose where to direct your efforts.”

While such attacks are a staple of adverse political campaigns, the ad targeting Perkins was notable: It is believed to be one among the primary examples of an AI deepfake utilized in a US political race. It also foreshadowed the dilemma facing candidates in lots of state and local races this yr as generative artificial intelligence becomes more common and easier to make use of.

The technology — which may do all the things from streamline mundane campaign tasks to create fake images, video and audio — has already been deployed in some state races across the country and has spread far more widely in elections world wide. Despite being a misleading tool, efforts to control it have been piecemeal or delayed, and the loophole could have the largest impact in lesser-known races within the election.

Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword for candidates running such campaigns. Affordable, user-friendly AI models may help them get monetary savings and time on some on a regular basis tasks. But they often do not have the staff or expertise to combat AI-generated lies, heightening fears that an eleven-hour deepfake could deceive enough voters to swing races decided by slim margins.

“AI-based threats impact close races and lower-profile competitions where small changes matter and there are often fewer resources to correct misleading stories,” said Josh Lawson, director of artificial intelligence and democracy on the Aspen Institute.

No national safeguards

Some local candidates have already faced criticism for deploying artificial intelligence in misleading ways, from a Republican state senate candidate in Tennessee who used a man-made intelligence headshot to look thinner and younger, to a Democratic sheriff in Philadelphia whose campaign re-election campaign promoted fake news generated by ChatGPT.

One challenge in separating fact from fiction is the decline of local news outlets, which in lots of places means much less coverage of candidates running for state and local offices, especially in reporting that digs into the candidates’ backgrounds and how their campaigns operate. Lack of familiarity with the candidates could make voters more prone to believing false information, said U.S. Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia.

The Democrat, who worked extensively on AI-related laws as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said AI-generated disinformation is simpler to detect and combat in high-profile races since it is under greater scrutiny. When an AI-generated robocall impersonated President Joe Biden so as to discourage voters from going to the polls within the New Hampshire primary this yr, it was quickly reported to the media and investigated, with serious consequences for the players behind it.

According to the nonprofit group Public Citizen, greater than a 3rd of states have passed laws regulating artificial intelligence in politics, and laws to combat election misinformation has received bipartisan support in every state where it has passed.

However, Congress has not yet acted, regardless that several bipartisan groups of lawmakers have proposed such laws.

“Congress is pathetic,” said Warner, who said he was pessimistic about Congress passing any laws this yr to guard elections from artificial intelligence interference.

Travis Brimm, executive director of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, called the specter of AI misinformation in down-ballot races an evolving problem for which humans are “still working to find the best solution.”

“This is a real challenge, and that’s why the Democratic secretaries addressed it right away and passed real legislation with real penalties for the abuse of artificial intelligence,” Brimm said.

A spokesman for the Republican Committee on Secretaries of State didn’t reply to AP’s request for comment.

Featured Stories

How do you regulate fairness?

While experts and lawmakers worry about how generative AI attacks could skew elections, some candidates for state or local office have said AI tools have proven invaluable of their campaigns. Powerful computer systems, software or processes can mimic features of human work and cognition.

Glenn Cook, a Republican running for a state legislative seat in southeastern Georgia, is less well-known and has significantly fewer campaign funds than the incumbent he’ll face in Tuesday’s runoff elections. So he invested in a digital consultant who creates most of his campaign content using low-cost, publicly available generative artificial intelligence models.

On its website, AI-generated articles are peppered with AI-generated images of smiling and talking community members, none of whom actually exist. The AI-generated podcast episodes used a cloned version of his voice to present his political positions.

Cook said he vets all the things before it goes public. The savings – each in time and money – allowed him to knock on more doors within the district and attend more campaign events.

“My wife and I have done 4,500 doors here,” he said. “You can do a lot with this.”

Cook’s opponent, state Rep. Steven Sainz, said he thought Cook was “hiding behind what appears to be a robot rather than authentically conveying his opinions to voters.”

“I do not rely on artificially generated promises, but on real results,” Sainz said, adding that he doesn’t use artificial intelligence in his own campaign.

Republican voters within the district weren’t sure what to make of the usage of artificial intelligence within the race, but said they cared most concerning the candidates’ values ​​and campaign reach. Patricia Rowell, a retired Cook voter, said she liked that he was in her community three or 4 times through the campaign, while Mike Perry, a self-employed Sainz voter, said he felt a more personal reference to Sainz.

He said greater use of artificial intelligence in politics was inevitable, but wondered how voters would have the opportunity to tell apart between what’s true and what isn’t.

“You know, it’s free speech and I don’t want to discourage free speech, but it comes down to the honesty of the people who promote it,” he said. – And I do not know how you regulate honesty. It’s quite difficult.”

Local campaigns are vulnerable to attacks

Digital firms that sell AI models for political campaigns told the AP that almost all use of AI in local campaigns has to date been minimal and geared toward increasing efficiency for tedious tasks reminiscent of analyzing polling data or creating media copy. social media containing a certain word limit.

According to a brand new report by a team led by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin, political consultants are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence tools to see what works. More than 20 political activists across the ideological spectrum told researchers they were experimenting with generative AI models on this yr’s campaigns, regardless that additionally they nervous that less scrupulous actors might do the identical.

“Local elections will be much more difficult because people will attack,” said Zelly Martin, lead writer of the report and senior research fellow on the university’s Center for Media Engagement. “And what resources do they have to defend themselves, unlike Biden and Trump, who have many more resources to fight back?”

There are huge differences in staff, money and expertise between no-ballot campaigns – for state legislator, mayor, school board or other local office – and races for federal office. Where a local campaign may involve only a handful of staffers, competitive U.S. House and Senate campaigns may involve dozens, and by the top of the campaign the variety of presidential operations may swell into the hundreds.

Biden and former President Donald Trump’s campaigns are experimenting with artificial intelligence to enhance fundraising and voter outreach. Mia Ehrenberg, a spokeswoman for the Biden campaign, said additionally they have a plan to debunk AI-generated disinformation. A Trump campaign spokesman didn’t reply to AP questions on plans to take care of AI-generated disinformation.

Perkins, a former mayor of Shreveport, had a small team that selected to disregard the attack and proceed the campaign when it hit local television. He said that on the time, he viewed the deepfake ad against him as a typical dirty trick, however the rise of artificial intelligence in only two years of his campaign made him realize the technology’s power as a tool to mislead voters.

“In politics, people will always push the envelope a little to be effective,” he said. “We had no idea how significant this event would be.”

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Last minute alcohol brands that want to help dad on Father’s Day




fathers day, spirits brand, liquor

A well-liked joke is that on appropriate days, moms receive more love than fathers. Contrary to popular belief, people donate money on Father’s Day. This is predicted to be $22.4 billion issued for dad– reports the National Retail Federation. Although this is sort of $11 billion lower than Mother’s Day expenses, it’s still a hug. Another joke is that Father’s Day gifts normally fall into the last minute gift category. This could also be questionable, but BLACK ENTERPRISES identified five brands of alcohol that you possibly can buy on your dad when you do not buy him something first.

My closest uncle

If whiskey is your father’s favorite, take a look at the Uncle Nearest rye line. 1856 is a premium whisky, 1886 is a small batch and Rye is a straight rye whisky. The brand has cocktail sets that include mixers and bitters.


If dad likes rum, he’ll love the DonQ range of rums. Reserve 7, Put on Q Crystal i Put on Q Pina. Any of those Puerto Rican rums they’ve a characteristic taste which dad might be delighted with. If you care about your waistline, Don Q Piña is a transparent rum that suits people on a weight reduction weight loss program.

The Brough Brothers

If an enormous poppa is classy, ​​bring him a bottle of Brough Brothers Bourbon. This Black-owned Kentucky Bourbon brand will just do that they create a floral and fruity note to the taste buds. If you are in Kentucky, take a tour of the Brough Brothers Distillery.

Armand De Brignac Ace of spades

If Dad Dukes likes to drink champagne, Ace of Spades is one of the best alternative. The brand was there bought by Jay-Z in 2014. Retailing for $300 each, this sparkling brut is top-notch in style and flavor. Your father will remember this toast perpetually.

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