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The Kendrick Lamar-Drake feud is over – or at least it should be – Andscape



The moment every rap fan has been waiting for has finally arrived: on Friday, Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s fight became an atmospheric explosion of songs. The day began with “Lamar”6:16 in Los Angeles“, followed by a seven-minute barrage of Drake “Family matters” which Lamar quickly chased down with a six-minute gut punch titled “Meet the Grahams” The songs showed us two of rap’s biggest stars at their fiercest, most determined to win and at their nastiest. The feud has develop into more personal than expected, and Kendrick’s execution makes it seem to be he landed the toughest blows. This night will be one of the vital unprecedented moments in rap and a fight we are going to discuss for years. However, given the devastating nature of every rapper’s allegations and lyrics, it’s probably time to finish the diss tracks — or at least get back to the type of rhyme battle it began with, if that is even possible.

We’ve been waiting for Kendrick Lamar and Drake to air their grievances for a decade, ever since Lamar called out Drake on Big Sean’s show.Control” in 2013 yr. From then on, the 2 traded subtle blows and it was only a matter of time before a full-blown battle broke out. This fight has all the time featured – think Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, which boxing fans have been clamoring for for years – two of the most effective on this planet circling one another, while rap fans eagerly await the ultimate showdown. However, unlike a boxing match, Drake and Kendrick come together in great shape. Their jabs are as sharp as ever and their haymakers are still to be feared.

At the start of this battle, it was clear that Kendrick Lamar had a plan. Each song he dropped left a crumb for the later one and a touch that an enormous left hook was waiting. Drake’s responses, especially his poorly performed “Taylor created freestyle”, which used artificial intelligence to imitate the voices of Tupac and Snoop Dogg, seemed more spontaneous and reactive. This tension between calculation and spontaneity came to the fore on Friday, as the day began with Kendrick’s “6:16 in Los Angeles.” He posted the song on Instagram along with a blown-up photo of a pair of Maybach driving gloves and spent three minutes arguing that Drake can’t trust his friends and that he has leaks in his camp. Once again, the song was precise and sent the Internet searching for hidden meanings: Did 6:16 refer to Tupac’s birthday, Father’s Day, Euphoria’s air date, Bible verses, or any other theory hip-hop Reddit could uncover? The song made it clear that Kendrick at least had an idea of ​​what Drake was planning, all because his inner circle wasn’t so internal: “Are you finally able to play have-you-ever?” Let’s see. Have you ever thought that OVO affects me?”

“6:16 in LA” dropped a number of days after Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria,” setting two records in a row. This overturned Drake’s most famous victory, his 2015 “Back To Back” moment, during which he released two consecutive songs hating on Meek Mill. Lamar also continued his deep character evaluation and deconstruction of Drake. Still, he felt like he was hiding something, promising that there was something else he hadn’t said.

As the day progressed, it seemed inevitable that we might hear Drake’s response sooner moderately than later. DJ Akademiks, Brian Windhorst, and Drake’s LeBron James all alluded to something happening. And as we approached midnight, a backlash seemed inevitable.

On Friday night, Drake unveiled a seven-minute music video titled “Family Matters,” which featured everyone from Rick Ross to The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky. In a vacuum, this song would be one in every of the strongest diss records of all time, as each of those artists was seriously attacked by Drizzy (“I don’t even know you’re still rapping ’cause they just talk about how you’re fit again,” he says hilariously Rocky). But these were snacks. The song was all the time based on what he was saying to and about Kendrick Lamar.

“Family Matters” is one in every of Drake’s best rap songs of his profession. He knew he was coping with the leading lyricist of our era and he did an incredible job. “They were shaking thinking about what I’d say, but they texted you like, ‘We already won,’” he raps, barking out a command over a beat that explains why he’s greater than just the singing and dancing pop actor he tried out for introduce Kendrick Lamar him as. The song has its share of cringe-worthy moments, an important of which is the road “Always rap like you want to free the slaves” as a pejorative. It’s only a weird phrasing, especially since most of the jabs at Drake center on his relationship with Blackness. It’s also paying homage to his line “beaten and chained like black American slaves” from last yr’s “Slime You Out.”

However, this line was buried by many other notable moments within the song. Drake used “Family Matters” to make several serious accusations against Kendrick, namely that he is abusing his partner and that the daddy of his child is allegedly a longtime associate of Kendrick and business partner, Dave Free. The song had all the things a knockout punch in 2024 requires, for higher or for worse: accusations, tea, lyricism, wit and venom. The song should be the talk of the weekend.

But again, Kendrick Lamar was ready. Just minutes after “Family Matters” premiered, Lamar released his second album of the day titled “Meet the Grahams.” This time, the album cover is the identical as “6:16 In LA”, however the image is zoomed out to point out alleged prescriptions for Ozempic and other drugs disbursed under Drake’s name. The song has a memorable Alchemist beat (the producer supposedly sent it to Kendrick). without knowledge what it will be used for), by which the Compton MC addresses in near whispers all of Drake’s relations, from his son to his mother, father and the alleged 11-yr-old daughter Drake has been keeping a secret.

The song is not nice to take heed to and doesn’t feel like it was meant to be.

Listening to “Meet the Grahams” is like listening to a terrifying voice memo intended for one person to digest. Kendrick begins the song by talking to Drake’s son, Adonis, and tells the 6-yr-old, “Dear Adonis, I’m sorry that this man is your father, I mean it. You need to be a person to be a person, your dad is unresponsive.”

Kendrick makes more revelations and accusations, this time claiming that Drake and his OVO Sound label are involved in sex trafficking. He even compares Drake to Harvey Weinstein. That was it. This was all the things Kendrick had alluded to in his previous songs and it was uncomfortable to listen to. The sheer force and ferocity of “Meet the Grahams” and the timing of the film – which reinforced the assumption that Kendrick had access to people in Drake’s camp – overshadowed Drake’s release.

And it gave the impression of Kendrick Lamar would be the ultimate winner.

Friday’s adrenaline – the largest rap stars swapping records in real time – was exciting. It was one of the vital exciting nights in rap. But when this rush passes, we are going to be left with a harsh reality. The allegations made by the 2 men – domestic violence, sex trafficking and general mistreatment of ladies – are serious. Even more disturbing is when every man’s feigned concern for girls falls apart during questioning. Drake raps like he’s horrified that Kendrick allegedly hits women in the identical song, calls out Chris Brown, and years later defending Tory Lanez, who shot and killed Megan Thee Stallion. Kendrick Lamar may discuss his concern for girls, but it’s not enough when he used his latest album as a option to promote Kodak Black, who was previously accused of raping a highschool student pleading guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree assault and battery in 2021.

Neither man has any moral ground when it involves this matter. They just sound like they’re parading Black women’s trauma to be able to take one another down in a hyper-masculine rap feud. And it will only serve to maintain indignant fans digging up dirt on the ladies whose names are checked in every song, while at the identical time on the lookout for clues to discover an unnamed 11-yr-old girl who may or may not exist.

This is what rap feuds appear to be, with women serving rappers who wish to insult one another. And this is a trope as tiring as it is unnecessary; childish and harmful for no reason. Tupac did it Evans’ faith when he disgusted Biggie. Jay-Z did it Carmen Bryan when he got here to us. And Pusha T did it Sophie Brussaux when he disgusted Drake. Rappers sling mud, reveal dark secrets and deliver the proverbial death blow, and ladies are each the nuclear bomb and the side effect.

If this is the ultimate stage of this argument, then we’ve got seen enough. It’s over, but it’s time to call it anyway. Kendrick Lamar outperformed and outplayed Drake from start to complete – it’s hard to argue with that. But we have also strayed up to now from what we got here here for – battles of lyrics and wit – that there is not any point in continuing.

The heavyweight fight is behind us. We had an evening we cannot forget. If Drake and Kendrick Lamar want to return back to point out who can rap higher, let’s do it. But perhaps we have gone too far into something else, something completely personal, and we do not think the subsequent moves will be fun.

DavidDennis Jr. is a senior author at Andscape and the writer of the award-winning book “The Movement Made Us: A Father, a Son, and the Legacy of a Freedom Ride.” David is a graduate of Davidson College.

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Celtics Jayson Tatum recalls he wasn’t “very excited” about becoming a first-time dad after girlfriend Ella Mai’s pregnancy was revealed in viral clips




The Boston Celtics defeated the Dallas Mavericks 106-88 to win the 2024 NBA Finals, however the highlight was on Jayson Tatum’s rumored girlfriend, singer Ella Mai, and her baby bump.

On June 17, the Celtics forward made perhaps his best performance in the deciding game of the series, ending Game 5 with 31 points. Tatum, who was drafted third overall by Boston in 2017, celebrated his first championship win, which was seen in viral videos which have now gone viral.

Another video that took social media by storm is a clip of R&B singer Ella Mai waiting in the sector hallway for Tatum after his victory.

Viral Clips Confirm Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum and Girlfriend Ella Mai Are Expecting a Baby (Screenshot: @willmakris/Instagram)
Viral videos confirm that Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum and girlfriend Ella Mai expect a baby. (Screenshot: @willmakris / Instagram)

The recording shows the singer wearing a Boston jersey with the number “0” and waving on the NBA star. As she turned to Tatum to hug him, many social media users noticed the very noticeable baby bump and started speculating that the British music star is perhaps expecting her first child.

The video, which received over 1.7 million views in the primary few hours, was posted on X by a fan who also wrote: “So Ella Mai IS pregnant. What a W yr Tatum.

“We see victories on and off the field. Congratulations,” another person he said.

“Ella Mai is pregnant. This baby will be as bright as a light bulb,” a fan he was joking.

As the congratulations poured in, many fans still had no concept that the “Boo’d Up” singer was dating the five-time NBA All Star.

People The magazine reports that they’ve been linked since not less than 2020, after the singer apparently posted a photo on Instagram in 2019 to take shots on the NBA star. Although neither of them have ever publicly gone public with their relationship, Tatum and Mai have been spotted together several times over the summer.

In 2022, Tatum and the four-time Grammy nominee joined Michael Rubin for his yearbook Fourth of July party. In September 2023, the alleged couple was seen next to one another again at the marriage of Memphis Grizzlies player Marcus Smart. Then in November 2023, Tatum helped the R&B singer have fun her twenty ninth birthday in New York City.

When asked about her love life during a 2022 sit-down on The Breakfast Club, Ella Mai danced round her and Tatum’s romance.

“There are rumors that you are a Boston Celtics fan,” co-host DJ Envy suggested.

“Oh really? … I’m definitely a basketball fan, but you know I’m not one to talk about my dating life,” the “Boo’d Up” singer replied.

Despite remaining mum on her romantic relationship with Tatum, comedian Michael Blackson has apparently lifted the lid on their secret after revealing on “The Breakfast Club” that he tried to shoot the singer before the NBA player told him she was married taken away.

While attending Mike Rubin’s 2022 Fourth of July party in the Hamptons, Blackson said he noticed a beautiful Black woman who looked like a normal person, not an exaggeratedly thin celebrity. He approached her and struck up a conversation.

“Suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder,” he recalls. “I said, ‘Are you okay?’ and he says, “Yes, I’m good because I’m together with her.”

True to the best way she talks about their relationship, Ella Mai has not confirmed that she is pregnant. However, rumors that she is pregnant have been circulating on the Internet for months.

In April, a fan went to X to share with the world that his father saw Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum at a baby shower and that the singer was pregnant. Screenshots of the tweets were posted to @wagsunfiltered3.0 on Instagram.

“Bro, my dad saw Jayson Tatum at the infant shower, man. I believe MF has one other child,” wrote a fan. “My dad said he had a child with some famous singer. Ella Mai probably cannot think about one other person. He also said they feasted on fried chicken.

Now that the Celtics have taken home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, videos and photos have surfaced online showing Ella Mai’s pregnancy becoming more visible.

This might be the 29-year-old’s first child and Tatum’s second. Tatum’s son, Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., also referred to as “Deuce”, often helps his father warm up on the basketball court before Celtics games and was in attendance to observe his father win his first championship ring.

Tutum was just 19 and a Duke student when he first came upon he was going to be a father.

“I wasn’t thrilled,” Tatum said Everyday Adirondack. “I was a little selfish at that time because I knew I was going to chase my dream and be in the NBA. I felt like it could influence what people considered me, where I’d go in the draft.

He added: “I would be the first to say that I wasn’t very excited when I found out I was going to be a dad, and I quickly realized it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. There’s nothing better than being a dad. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.”

According to Tatum, having a son taught him a sense of responsibility, which proved useful to him throughout his skilled basketball profession.

“And I believe – not that I believe so, I do know – that having Deuce at that age grounded me. Because whatever decision I desired to make, I needed to ensure that I’d handle him. “I couldn’t just get up and go or do all the things that some of my peers did because I had to come home and put him to bed,” he stated.

Although Tatum was not named NBA Finals MVP, he is widely considered the highest talent on the Celtics’ roster. The Boston Celtics have now won a record 18 NBA championships, having previously tied the Los Angeles Lakers at 17.

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“The Blues Society” by Freestyle Digital Media will be available on the VOD platform




“The Blues Society,” a documentary featuring the Memphis Blues Country Festival, will be available on demand in July.

According to the press, the film, narrated by actor Eric Roberts, “reevaluates the life of the Memphis Country Blues Festival (1966–1970) through the prism of race, 1960s counterculture and the Memphis blues genre.” release. Written, directed and produced by Dr. Augusta Palmer, “The Blues Society” tells the story of blues greats Furry Lewis, Nathan Beauregard and the Reverend Robert Wilkins.

The film also examines “a gaggle of white artists from the North and South who created a celebration of African-American music in a highly racially segregated city. Reaching into the present, the film ends with a 2017 concert by which John Wilkins returns to the stage he last shared together with his father, the Reverend Robert Wilkins, 48 ​​years earlier,” the release reads.

“The Blues Society” will be available to rent/own on all HD digital online platforms, cable and satellite platforms worldwide, and on DVD from July 9. The film will be available through Freestyle Digital Media, the film distribution arm of Allen Media Group, whose founder, chairman and CEO Byron Allen owns Grio.

“I didn’t just want to make a concert film. Everyone can appreciate the unforgettable music in ‘The Blues Society,’ but the love of the blues did not cure white supremacy,” said director Palmer. “I wanted to recreate the idealism of white organizers, but also highlight Black voices and expose the paternalism in the blues revival of the 1960s. Since the pandemic, structural racism has become much more visible to the nation. We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.”

Featured Stories

J. Tinneny co-produced the film with Palmer. The musical documentary screened at film festivals and theaters across the country, including DCTV’s Firehouse, Three Rivers Arts Festival and Light Reel Film Fest, throughout May and June. Then on July 1, “The Blues Society” will be shown at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. Freestyle Digital Media negotiated an agreement to amass “The Blues Society” with Cultural Animal, LLC and Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films.

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How ‘Bridgerton’ star Daniel Francis balances a career in front of the camera and in senior technical management




LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 12: Daniel Francis attends a special screening of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 – Part Two at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on June 12, 2024 in London, England. (Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images)

Beloved World, with its lavish costumes and old-world English-language dialogue, can pose a challenge for the average actor. But for classically trained actor Daniel Francis, who trained at British drama school LAMDA and sharpened his skills while working for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the setting could be very familiar.

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to enter this world,” Francis tells ESSENCE. “You have the best of the best designing these items with such thought and care and attention to detail that it just adds one other layer to the work that you just do as an actor and the characters that you just create. It is wonderful.”

Francis joined the Shondaland phenomenon in season three as Lord Marcus Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother and Lady Violet Bridgerton’s potential love interest.

How 'Bridgerton' star Daniel Francis balances a career in front of the camera and in senior technical management
Bridgerton. Daniel Francis as Lord Anderson in Bridgerton episode 306. Cr. © 2024. Liam Daniel/Netflix

“It’s a privilege, right?” Francis talks about joining the rom-com series in a role created specifically for the show, slightly than lifted from the source material. “I love doing Shakespeare for myself. I love it. But the greatest joy is creating something for the audience.”

“When you come to perform on this scale and with such a dedicated and loving fan base, it’s a privilege that not many actors can afford. And having a character that won’t in the books permits you to create something with the writers and the showrunner, which leaves a lot of possibilities. I can not wait for fans to see the second half of the season and then see where it goes and what happens to it because I don’t know. It’s exciting.

But the actor’s excitement comes not only from his roles on screen. When he isn’t on camera, Francis is revealed to be a technology executive, forging latest paths in fields blockchain and quantum computing.

How 'Bridgerton' star Daniel Francis balances a career in front of the camera and in senior technical management
Daniel Francis at the World Premiere of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 held at Alice Tully Hall on May 13, 2024 in New York City. (Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/Variety via Getty Images)

While it’s rare for an actor of Francis’ level of success to pursue a second career in a completely different industry than entertainment, for the actor his involvement in the business sector has at all times been second nature, born out of necessity.

“I have always been involved in business. I had a marketing company when I was at drama school,” he says. “It was my first contact with the business and I simply fell in love with it. When you grow up in poverty and want to take care of your mother and family – for me, the only solution was to start a business. I didn’t have the education that would allow me to become a lawyer and be successful on that path.”

While Francis’ talent and education led him to roles on popular series corresponding to , and , his solo entrepreneurship took him to the next frontiers of technology.

“Quantum computing is the next paradigm shift in data processing and the space we need to enter to move the world and technology forward. This is extremely exciting for me.”

How 'Bridgerton' star Daniel Francis balances a career in front of the camera and in senior technical management
Bridgerton. (From left to right) Daniel Francis as Lord Anderson, Adjoa Andoh as Lady Agatha Danbury in episode 306 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 202

While acting and technology may look like completely different fields, Francis believes they’re “parallel goals that complement each other” in his life and career.

“I love the combination of storytelling in the entertainment space, but also in technology,” he says.

“I think it’s imperative for us as storytellers to shine a light on people who are doing amazing things that don’t work in flashier industries. I think sometimes celebrities, actors, artists and athletes are the ones who get pushed and promoted the most in the black community, when in reality there are many extremely successful, highly talented and highly skilled black people in all kinds of professions at the highest levels. It’s about telling stories that show their ups, but also their trials, tribulations and drama. We are everywhere. We always have been.”

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