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Minnesota Timberwolves protect superstar Anthony Edwards – Andscape



Anthony Edwards will not be the rapper Andre 3000, but the brand new era of ATLien is proof that the South still has something to say. With his future so promising, protecting Edwards is barely natural. The Minnesota Timberwolves defenseman has probably the most charming personalities in a league stuffed with eccentric stars, while also being one in every of its fiercest competitors. He is an elite talker and predator of the very best order, a ruthless two-way man feat of strengthand aspiring pitchman (including being the brand new face of “Sprit”“Obey Your Want” Campaign.” next to the track star Sha’Carri Richardson). He also owns the most popular basketball shoe in the marketplace, the Adidas Ae 1s. It feels like hyperbole, but the subsequent few months could change Edwards’ life, profession and future.

Rooting for Edwards is simple. There is a sadistic enjoyment of it that runs parallel to the sport that’s, to cite one other Atlanta resident“cooler than a polar bear’s fingernails.” The way Edwards plays is so calm and controlled – yet addictive and explosive – that you simply wonder what his best years will probably be if he gets this good. Since being the highest pick in 2020, he has improved facets of his game each season. But this 12 months, his fourth, Edwards prevailed the proverbial leap. His free throw efficiency increased by almost 7% to 83.6%. His efficiency and playmaking have also improved (his assists have yielded 1,024 points in comparison with place to begin guard Mike Conley’s 1,049 points), and Edwards has firmly taken control of a team that hasn’t seen such success and excitement for the reason that early 2000s from Wolves forward Kevin Garnett and team president Flip Saunders, who was later appointed coach. In Minnesota’s first-round series against the Phoenix Suns, Edwards set a profession playoff scoring record almost along the whole line. Simply put, Edwards is not any longer knocking on the NBA’s door. Now he’s paying off his mortgage here.

“I’m probably at 40%” of his peak form, Edwards said in April in. “I haven’t even touched my peak yet.”

When asked how long it could take for him to turn into the NBA’s best player, Edwards didn’t hesitate. “About two or three years,” he said.

There’s a well-recognized calm about Edwards that may not related to basketball. Each of us has met someone like him sooner or later in our lives. It’s a co-worker, cousin, classmate, or friend whose supreme self-confidence is endearing, not off-putting. At just 22 years old, Edwards is the conductor of the Timberwolves’ offensive and defensive orchestra – the team finished the season because the third seed within the Western Conference, and the one thing standing before the team’s first conference finals appearance in 20 years is the presumptive MVP and reigning champion.

A couple of days before the playoffs began, Edwards laughed as he considered his growing importance within the league. It’s not that he doesn’t care – he really does. He doesn’t struggle with imposter syndrome either. It’s amazing that on the age of twenty-two he has a lot weight on his shoulders.

“It’s great fun,” Andscape said. “I have to be prepared for that because I know it comes with a lot of responsibility off the field.”

Former NBA star Grant Hill (left) poses with Anthony Edwards (right) in Sprite’s recent “Obey Your Thirst” campaign.


Edwards is the photosynthesis of basketball – everyone else gains life from the sunshine his heroism produces. Although the world appears to be in turmoil straight away – from college campuses to conflicts abroad and in our hometowns — watching Edwards offers fleeting but essential moments of happiness. Edwards is that lucky person. Fairly and unfairly, he bears this responsibility.

It’s very easy to protect Edwards because we all know you possibly can’t protect everyone from all the things. Since becoming knowledgeable, he has made mistakes, e.g throwing chairs after a foul loss and using anti-gay language on social media, co for which he later apologized. But most 22-year-olds are different from organizational leaders. Most of them do not need the favorable opinion of NBA legend Michael Jordan I’m joyful to confess it how much they need “kill” the competition after which exit and do it like Edwards just did with Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker. And most 22-year-olds will not be on the very short list of candidates face multi-billion dollar international sports league. Even though Edwards is one step away from stardom, the road between basketball paradise and fairy-tale hell is razor-thin.

One of probably the most interesting things about Edwards’ story is the way it all materialized. He experienced great grief after the death of his mother Yvette and grandmother Shirley from cancer in 2015 when he was in eighth grade. Edwards he turned this trauma into joy as a tribute to the 2 women who raised him this manner. Is known unconditional protection and love through his siblings who were involved in his upbringing and provided the steadiness that allowed him to grow into the person he’s today. And now Edwards is on the verge of world takeover. After sending their favorite player, the Suns move forward Kevin Durantin the primary round of the playoffs, Edwards now faces probably the most complex challenge of his still young profession: the Denver Nuggets. It’s a rematch of last 12 months’s playoffs and probably the most anticipated second-round clash, with at its core a test of will that tugs on the soul of basketball. One page is run by the very best player on the planet, Nuggets center Nikola Jokic and the playoffs’ best player, guard Jamal Murray – wish to take control of the primary half of the last decade with one other title. On the opposite side are Edwards and the Timberwolves, who’re near basketball nirvana, but they know they need to undergo hell first.

Every game from now until the top of the Timberwolves season could feature a number of the biggest moments of Edwards’ life. After the playoffs are over, the 2024 Paris Olympics will happen, through which Edwards will play a major role — perhaps he’ll even start — in Team USA’s fight for the gold medal. Then there’s the NBA upcoming media rights deal and the way players like Edwards impact the longer term of the league.

Compared to where he was a decade ago, Edwards’ life has modified dramatically in a brief time frame. And in fact he’s still getting used to it.

“Seeing how people treat me, how I interact with kids and seeing their reaction,” Edwards said, gives me goosebumps. “Honestly, I’d say most individuals’s response after they meet me. I never imagined that individuals would cry and be very joyful after they saw me.

“It’s the best feeling ever,” he said, flashing his megawatt, mischievous smile that will at some point join Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson’s as probably the most recognizable smile in the sport.

It’s very easy to protect Edwards because he gives us goosebumps after we watch him play. Since the start of the playoffs, the one player on the team is Lakers forward LeBron James before Edwards’ 100 million views generated on social media. Since Edwards, nobody has gained more Instagram followers for the reason that playoffs began. However, online clout without real-life results is far more of a curse than a present. Minnesota won’t outperform Denver or beyond if Edwards’ cocktail of talent, heroics and tenacity alone is superior. He will need his teammates, whom Edwards praises continually. They share the identical ideology, and the euphoria they pursue demands brotherhood, not dictatorship.

Edwards at all times said this moment was coming. However, living within the moment doesn’t mean being stuck in it. He knows that at some point he’ll get up and be the old guard within the league that everyone seems to be after. The player outside will talk trash to him similar to he did with Durant. And like Durant, Edwards can have to salute him when the time comes. A game is a game, he knows it.

When he thinks about what his life will probably be like when he turns 40, Edwards is each optimistic and anxious. He hopes that the older version will give you the option to inform him that he has done a great job of approaching life the suitable way. Mistakes will occur because no life will probably be complete without them. But hopefully they will not define him. We hope that individual and team successes will proceed. But basketball won’t define him either… let’s hope so.

“Hopefully I can start finding something that I like to do outside of basketball,” Edwards said. “One day I know it will end.”

It’s really easy to protect Edwards because he’s right. The sun sets and the characters finally have to return to terms with the remaining of their lives. For now, nevertheless, Edwards is just getting began and the world does indeed lie before him. All we have now to do is let the story tell itself.

Justin Tinsley is a senior culture author at Andscape. He firmly believes that “Cash Money Records Takes the Eggs in the ’99s and ’00s” is probably the most influential statement of his generation.

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Years after T.I. was slammed for attending her OB-GYN appointments, daughter Deyjah Harris declares that he “was right” about keeping her virginity




TI may not all the time be spot on in his approach to parenting, but there is no such thing as a doubt that his children are absorbing his beneficial words of wisdom.

The rapper’s eldest daughter, Deyjah Harris, revealed that the recommendation he gave her years ago about relationships has come full circle. In a series of Father’s Day posts shared to her Instagram Story, the 23-year-old revisited a televised conversation her dad had with her about maintaining her virginity in an early episode of “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

In the clip, a much younger Harris sits and her dad tells her, “Baby, you are a fairly girl, so guys will all the time pursue you. They’ll let you know you are pretty, they’ll let you know you are smart, and so they’re just telling you that to get sugar.

TI’s daughter Deyjah Harris says her dad was right about his advice on preserving her virginity. (Photos: Tip/Instagram; Deyjahimani/Instagram.)

At the time, Deyjah had thought that “sugar” was simply a code word for kiss, but within the context of the conversation, the term had rather more meaning. The “Live Your Life” artist further explained how vital it’s to differentiate who’s worthy of her “sugar.” Today, the young lady stated that not much has modified in relation to her dad’s advice on the matter.

“He still says it to at the present time, and truthfully, he’s right. Every yr I tell myself “hold the sugar” due to him, he’s so real that he got me into the sport,” Deyjah captioned the post.

Several social media users appreciated the lecture, although they noted that it was a message that also needs to be shared with sons.

Of comments there was a perspective that stated, “Now she sees that he was only trying to protect her!” Another comment read: “So amazing that he remembers and listens to him putting it in the game. She’s 10 steps ahead!” However, the conversation within the comments took a pointy turn when TI’s 2019 comments about Harris’ doctor visits resurfaced.

One user asked: “She has no choice but to keep her ‘sugar’, doesn’t he take her to the GP and check her hymen?” Another said: “He was always a good dad and you hated him so much for the doctors’ comments, even though they were very intrusive, he only ever wanted to protect his daughter.”

During an appearance on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, TI stated, “We go to the gynecologist every year to check her hymen,” and “we talk” when asked how he educates his children about sex and virginity.

“The Rubber Band Man” received backlash from fans who felt it crossed a line. When he joined The Red Table Talk for a conversation about the hymen gate, he explained, “I never said I was in any exam room. This is the assumption. This is false” and that as an 18-year-old he never said that this was currently happening.

His wife, Tiny, was present during this final discussion. The Xscape singer claimed that the encounters he mentioned occurred when his daughter was 15 and 16 years old. At his daughter’s request, he decided not to debate this controversial comment any further.

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Here’s who won the 2024 Tony Awards night




NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 16: Maleah Joi Moon, winner of the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical for “Hell’s Kitchen”, poses during the 77th Annual Tony Awards at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center on June 16, 2024. in New York. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

The 77th annual Tony Awards took place last evening at New York’s David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, honoring the actors, plays, musicals and songs which have defined Broadway in the 2023/2024 season.

One of the night’s biggest winners, newcomer Maleah Joi Moon, took the stage to perform alongside creator and producer Alicia Keys. Moon had her breakthrough in 2024, starring as “Ali” in the musical loosely based on Keys’ childhood, which was nominated in 13 categories this 12 months.

Here's who won the 2024 Tony Awards night
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 16: Alicia Keys and Maleah Joi Moon perform on stage during the 77th Annual Tony Awards at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center on June 16, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

Moon took home her first Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical, one among several trophies this 12 months that went to Black actors and behind-the-scenes creators after a banner season on Broadway.

Here's who won the 2024 Tony Awards night
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 16: Kara Young poses with the award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play for “Purlie Victorious: A Non-Confederate Romp Through the Cotton Patch” during the 77th Annual Tony Awards at 7 p.m. The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center on June 16, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

See more of this 12 months’s Tony Award winners below:

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Kenya Moore Speaks Out Following Reports of Suspension from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’




Kenya Moore broke her silence Saturday after she was reportedly suspended indefinitely from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The actress took to social media to deal with reports that she was suspended from filming a reality show after allegedly sharing explicit photos of castmate Brittany Eady on the opening of the Kenya Moore Hair Spa in Atlanta. Hollywood reporter. Photos that reportedly appeared on posters finally week’s event ‘allegedly found online’ Entertainment tonight reported.

Moore sharply criticized the reports statement on X (Twitter) wrote: “I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed anyone’s private photos or videos, or requested images belonging to others to use to threaten or blackmail. I was always justified. I can’t talk about HISTORY even if people are spreading fake news.”

Kenya Moore attends the NEW YOU Beauty BAR / NEW YOU AWARDS event on April 13, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Daniel Torok/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

The 53-year-old media personality also spoke out on her Instagram Story, saying, “Don’t consider anything you hear and half of what you see. The truth at all times involves light,” based on THR.

The alleged incident was reportedly caught on Bravo cameras, with ET reporting that “the network is still reviewing the content displayed by Kenya during filming.” According to him, Eady was accused of threatening Moore before opening a hair salon, allegedly using the word “gun.” Page six.

Featured Stories

Eady apparently addressed the reports in a post on her Instagram Story, writing: “It’s never an excellent feeling to be targeted or TIRED BY SOMEONE I assumed would draw me right into a recent circle I’ve never met “.

She added: “For the record, I have never owned any weapons or threatened anyone. I’ve never been to jail, been in a fight, or even received a speeding ticket. That’s not my character. I am hurt by the narrative that is being presented. Evil is evil.”

Moore has been a solid member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” since 2012. The sixteenth season of the fact series is currently filming and can premiere in 2025, based on reports. Way to go.

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