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King Harris is well on his way to changing his image and personality with a new look, months after a physical altercation with his parents



TI and Tiny’s son, King Harris, has matured in front of the world after his appearance on “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

However, being a child star transitioning into maturity within the entertainment industry can come with challenges, comparable to constant scrutiny of your appearance.

This is very true for the recording artist “Stand on Business.” People criticize King for his strong features and fair complexion, but often his style and online antics stand out greater than what people say about his appearance.

King Harris debuts a new look and according to fans, he looks more mature than before.
King Harris debuts a new look and according to fans, he looks more mature than before. (Photos: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Recently, someone made a remark about his seemingly unrecognizable appearance, which prompted his fans to come to his defense, stating that he looks mature and is not sick because the person suggested.

Earlier this week, on Monday, April 29, King attended artist Quavo’s seventh annual Huncho Day at Berkmar High School within the suburb of Atkanta. The charity event raised tens of hundreds of dollars for the Migos rapper’s The Rocket Foundation, which supports gun violence prevention.

King did his part by playing within the All-Star Football game. Dressed in a black Huncho Legends uniform, white tights, a platinum Gucci chain and red and white Nikes, the previous reality star may very well be seen sporting a new look after recently chopping off her locks – faded on the perimeters and curled on the back.

When the 19-year-old, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris III, shared a clip on Instagram of himself being interviewed by Atlanta radio host and personality Miasi Simone, the post sparked a surge in his 856,000 followers praising his participation and praising him for starting his party enterprise, the Wildfest Atlanta festival, which he discussed with Simone.

But as a substitute of his achievements, one person’s words moved his fans, who focused on his appearance.

“My boyfriend looks sick,” the person says he wrote.

Immediately, two people clapped. One wrote: “Nope, growth and maturity.” The second comment was deeper and wrote: “The only sick person is you because you are saying something negative and hurtful…your mind and heart are sick.”

Between this post and other, many individuals complimented King’s “calm and collected” appearance, noting how mature he seemed. Meanwhile, others commented on his new hairstyle.

“The king has matured. It looks great. He looks like his mom with his dad’s mannerisms,” one person commented.

“You look so much better with your hair cut,” added one other. A 3rd said: “Oh he looks just like the little king from the family hustle again.” And More said, “Brother, it looks like he is making some changes in his life for the better. Keep pushing.”

Before cutting his hair in January 2024. King had blonde and brown locks. Often wild and uncontrollable, some say it fits the personality he has surrounded himself with over the last few years.

In November 2023, King gained immense popularity after he got into a fight with his father in a private suite during the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints football game.

At the heart of the argument was a discussion about how King grew up in the suburbs rather than in the hood like his father was raised. His parents say the boy has never experienced real combat. King argued that he spent time at his grandmother’s house, which is still located downtown in a tough neighborhood, lamenting the idea that he was born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth.

Following this incident, claims made headlines that King Harris was not T.I.’s biological son, but rather the alleged illegitimate child of Bimmy Antney, a former music director and lieutenant of the Supreme Team. Some people have pointed out the similarities between Bimmy’s fair skin, reddish hair and freckles in old photos and those of King, saying they are more similar than T.I. or any of his other children.

“ALL of TI’s sons appear like him except King, BUT if he considers him his son, then he is his son,” one person noted. In the blink of an eye, people started reading her comments and writing, “Probably because she looks more like her mom, but hey.”

Tiny quickly put the rumor to rest.

“Man, these are the biggest bulls – ever!!! No offense, but I don’t even know this Bimmy! I just remembered who he was,” the Xscape singer stated, adding, “Stop playing with us for clickbait b…h.”

This isn’t the first time Mother Bear has defended her son. After previously defending King’s actions during the 2022 Waffle House incident, Tiny took to social media to express how much she loves her other child and rides for him.

“Man this little dude @the_next_king10 has always been my favorite but also terrifying,” she wrote. “No, he isn’t from the hood, but unlike any of his siblings, he got into trouble, fighting all of the rattling time and slap boxing daily at college prefer it was a sport!”

Adding: “But every parent with multiple children knows it’s always 1!! I am truly blessed for mine!!”

King’s Wildfest is scheduled for August 25 and will be to Atlanta what Rolling Loud is to New York and Miami.

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Megan Thee Stallion reveals what not to do at her concerts




Megan Thee Stallion loves to have a good time, but there’s one thing she doesn’t like about fans at her shows.

IN video shared on social media, the 29-year-old rapper politely asks concert goers not to blow smoke at her. Between songs in her hometown of Houston, Megan joked with the audience to minimize the pot smoke.

“No, no, no, don’t turn off the fan,” Megan said during her performance as a small fan blew towards her.

“I said, don’t blow that weed past me. I don’t desire to get high. If I get drunk, the show will likely be over,” she joked. “I’m going to the hospital, call the police.”

Megan Thee Stallion performs during her Hot Girl Summer Tour on June 15, 2024 in Houston. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Megan had a whirlwind summer on her first headlining tour, the “Hot Girl Summer Tour.” The rapper has performed throughout North America, including: in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, New York and Philadelphia.

During her performance in Atlanta, she announced that a self-titled album can be released on June 28. In a subsequent Instagram post, the album cover was revealed, featuring her emerging from a butterfly cocoon.

The cover refers to the animal motif that accompanies lots of her recent releases. She released a series of snake-themed singles, including “Cobra”, “Boa” and “Hiss”, the latter of which reached primary on the Billboard charts. Hot 100 Chart.

Featured Stories

Megan explained how she uses snake imagery in a May interview with: Official.

“This is what everyone is seeing now,” she said. “Renewal, rebirth: that’s the whole concept of this (album). We started with a snake because first of all I love snakes, but I feel like snakes are misunderstood, especially in Western culture. Snakes represent rebirth, spirituality. I’m not really a person who says, “Oh my God, it’s sunny and just cheerful, happy.” I like darker things. I like things that are a little scary. I like things that are unique. I chose the snake because… he’s kind of like an anti-hero.”

After the album’s release, Megan will head to Europe tour dates in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland.

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Dutch soccer fans spark outrage for wearing blackface wigs and dreadlocks in honor of soccer legend Ruud Gullit




A bunch of Dutch soccer fans faced a backlash after they donned blackface in an try and imitate former Dutch soccer star Ruud Gullit through the European Cup in Berlin.

Ruud Gullit, born Rudi Dil in Amsterdam, was the kid of a Surinamese father and a Dutch mother. He began playing soccer as a young child before the age of 10 and played professionally for several soccer clubs in Europe throughout his adult life.

At the age of 26, Gullit played a key role in the Dutch national team’s victory at Euro 1988, beating the Soviet Union in the ultimate. The Netherlands returned to Euro 1992, but lost to Denmark in the semi-finals.

In 1995, Gullit signed for Chelsea, where he led the team to victory in the FA Cup in his first yr. It can be Chelsea’s first major title in 26 years. The following yr he became player manager of Chelsea Football Club.

In addition to being an expert player, Guillit had a profession as a manager of several teams. He was also involved in music, and his anti-apartheid song “South Africa” ​​peaked at number 3 on the Dutch Top 40 chart.

Gullit has been an undeniable legend in his home country throughout his profession, which is why through the opening match of Euro 2024 against Poland on June 16, several fans decided to to pay tribute for football, painting their faces black and wearing locking wigs. To drive home the purpose, in addition they wore orange Gullit replica shirts to commemorate the Netherlands’ Euro 1988 title.

It didn’t take long for fan photos to go viral. Many accused Gullit’s supporters of crossing the road from flattery to outright racism.

For centuries, blackface has invoked a racist, painful, and deeply offensive history. From research conducted by: This tradition is believed to this point back over 200 years Press Association. However, many once considered blackface minstrelsy as a form of entertainment.

In the 1830s, white people darkened their faces, creating caricatures of black men and women. The performances were intended to perpetuate stereotypes about black people. The name Jim Crow law comes from a personality played by blackface entertainer Thomas Dartmouth Rice, who claimed that his performance of “Jump, Jim Crow” (or “Jumping Jim Crow”) was inspired by an individual in bondage he once saw.

Dutch soccer fans (left) heavily condemned for wearing blackface in honor of soccer legend Ruud Gullit (right) during the Euro 2024 match
Dutch football fans paint their faces and placed on wigs (left) Ruud Gullit (right) through the Poland-Netherlands match at Euro 2024 in Berlin. (Photos: @@HennythiingGoes / X ; VI Images via Getty Images)

In the Netherlands, the Christmas character “Black Pete” has been at the middle of controversy for years. “Zwarte Piet,” the Dutch translation of “Black Pete,” has been widely seen at Christmas festivals and on television throughout the European country. Following Dutch tradition, a blackface figure works as an assistant and hands out candies and gifts to children during Christmas.

As the Black Lives Matter movement grew across the U.S. in 2020, the Netherlands also began to reassess its loyalty to “Black Pete.” Some municipalities and school boards in the Netherlands have decided to stop presenting the character during annual celebrations.

On June 16, a social media user shared a screenshot of fans dressed as Gullit. The report rejected the argument that the fans’ faces were “painted orange.”

“My answers were obviously crazy. I just wanted to end the argument that they were painted orange. Look at the difference in skin tone from your face to your hands. Regardless of shade, skin color is not a costume” – an individual wrote on X.

Other X users joined in vilifying the Netherlands for its apparently racist traditions. “There are many things I love about the Netherlands, but crazy racist costumes are not one of them” – one person he tweeted. “During my yr I saw a random Blackface, Yellowface, Brownface; literally every horribly offensive stereotype you’ll be able to imagine: worn by white people as a fancy dress, painted on.

The fan, who’s a white woman, also revealed that while living in the Netherlands, she witnessed her black friend being called a racial slur.

“My friend was accidentally called N slur while she was riding her bike in the street minding her own business,” she said. “I would see people who were most likely immigrants from Syria or other Arabic-speaking countries treated worse than I was if they were locals and spoke the language!”

One fan said: “The Dutch will never overcome racist allegations.” While one other added, “Blackface is always derogatory, idc. If it’s part of your culture, then your culture is racist. You can pay tribute without it!”

Even Dutch residents were embarrassed by the actions of Dutch fans.

“As a Dutchman, I hope he painted himself orange like everyone else, but it… is so outdated and tiring” – fan he wrote. “I don’t understand why they even let them into the stadium. “Say no to racism, but let people in blackface into the stadium?”

As for the match itself, the Netherlands defeated Poland 2-1. They will then face France on June 21.

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Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant continues his Nike Producer Pack series with music producer Bink! — Andlandscape




Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant has made the choice to have interaction the legendary music producer Bink! in the most recent Nike KD17 Producer Pack, he was shocked. Before their joint studio session within the winter of 2023, the basketball star and the rap beatmister had no skilled or personal relationship. After these sessions with Durant, Bink! by accident received a call from Nike informing him that he would receive his own sneakers.

Bink bonding quickly! and Durant may be attributed to their shared passion for music, especially hip-hop. Bink! is understood for his gorgeous, often soulful and powerful beats, regardless that he has remained largely under the radar after over 30 years in the sport. His biography and discography span waves and generations. He has recorded albums with Jay-Z (“1-900-Hustler”, “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”), Drake (“You Only Live Twice”), Rick Ross (“Santorini Greece”), Dr. Dre (“It’s All On Me”) and plenty of others.

Bink’s KD17 sneaker design! is a testament to the manufacturer’s underappreciated and understated legacy. It features subtle embellishments that, when unwrapped, reveal Easter eggs related to his profession, Virginia upbringing and private musical history. Before the shoe was launched, Bink! talked about what it’s prefer to design custom sneakers for certainly one of the most important basketball footwear brands.

Like Bink! KD17 being created?

It was entirely Durant’s idea. There was no pitch or anything like that. We recorded with 38 Spesh, Ransom, Durant and me for a number of days. It was an excellent session in an excellent atmosphere, but I didn’t think much about it. Just a few months later, Nike called me and told me that Durant wanted me to get entangled in a Nike campaign. So I believed, “Okay, great.” So I’m like, “I wonder what beat he wants in this ad.”

I texted KD and asked, “Hey, did someone scam me?” Nike says something about Nike promoting. KD said, “Yes, I’ll call you in a moment.” So before Durant called me, Nike called me back and I asked, “So what beat does Durant want?” They asked, “Beat?” I believed, “Yeah, what type of music? What’s the atmosphere like?

From left to right: Music producers The Alchemist, Bink! and Metro Boomin headline the most recent installment of Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant and the Nike KD17 manufacturer’s pack.


He said, “He doesn’t want a beat.” He gives you the shoe. He had to interrupt it down and tell me the story of the Producer Pack they’d written with before Cardo Got Wings, Boi-1da and ninth Wonder. A Nike representative told me that (The) Alchemist, Metro Boomin and I can be latest recipients this 12 months. It was each flattering and surprising.

How long have you ever known KD? How did you and Durant originally meet?

I have never known KD for very long. When we did the recording session, it was my first meeting with him.

Did he contact you or how did all of it come together?

38 words he contacted me. 38 Spesh and Durant are close, so that they arranged this together.

What was your response whenever you came upon they were sneakers?

I didn’t know what to think because I had never owned sneakers. So I ask, is that this real? What is that this? What’s happening now? So it took an extended time to get going, you recognize?

So he didn’t provide you with any warning. One day you simply called Nike and said, “Hey, we need you to make a sneaker.” KD selected you?

So I called and said, “Hey, is it true, are you all playing with me?” He didn’t even give me a heads up, so I believed, “What the hell is going on?”

Once you knew what you were doing, what were the following steps in the method?

We began making the arrangement in June last 12 months. We began doing a number of Zoom meetings and the prefer to help me design the shoe.

Did they let you know what shoes you can be making?

Yes, they told me that whatever the design of the KD17, we might have full creative control to create their very own custom pair.

How does it feel to see the KD sneakers coming out?

Look, man, I’m still attempting to process all of it. This really struck me through the photo shoot in Cali and it was a extremely great production. It was amazing.

Nike KD17 x Bink heel counter! includes an illustrated hand sign representing Virginia.


What elements did you add to your custom design? I noticed your signature on the side and an icon or logo on the back.

This is a Virginia thing. It’s two up, two down, or VA. This is what we throw to point out where we come from. I desired to make it right into a Virginia shoe.

But I selected all the pieces. The colours were a combination of the colours of the highschool I attended, Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia, after which Norfolk State, which has a marching band that I loved growing up. I loved listening to them during football games. My mother took me to parades and football games to listen to the band. And I’m just an earthy guy. It’s a combination of those three things. This is how the shoe design was created.

Very good. How about “Easy” on the heel?

Oh, he’s a sniper with easy money. This is the KD stamp.

“Humble Monsta” is that you simply?

It’s me. This is the name of my company on the underside of the shoe.

Are there another details we missed?

It has a beige sole with orange spots and the ankle collar has brown denim. A detail it’s possible you’ll not notice is the tattoo on the hands on the back of the shoe. It’s an identical to a tattoo I’ve had on my arm for years. I sent them a photograph (of my tattoo) they usually put it on the shoe.

Music producer Bink! appeared in promotional images of the manufacturer’s Nike KD17 pack.


And is the only transparent so you may see Humble Monsta? Does it have another meaning? I also noticed that the back looks almost like basketball leather.

Normal. And that is the point. It uses denim, leather after which almost like mesh. I really like most of these shoes because they’re hard to get dirty. Wipe it off and you have to be straight, you recognize? You can have this shoe for a very long time unless you might be that individual about it.

You’ve said you must create shoes that last and you have been involved in hip-hop for 31 years. Does the sturdiness of sneakers have anything to do with yours?

I absolutely represent keeping strong. It’s a blessing to be in something this long, still relevant, and never miss a step.

And because you’re associated with Metro and Alchemist, in some ways it’s like three different generations of producers.

The alchemist and I are in the identical class. We arrived around the identical time. The subway is latest blood, but I’m in great company, you recognize?

How do you’re feeling about being associated with KD after knowing him for such a short while? Apparently it’s from the DMV area too. Is this someone you were a fan of? With? When did it first appear in your radar?

When he first got here to the league, possibly a bit of earlier, being that tall and handling the ball such as you were 5’7 was phenomenal. This is crazy. I all the time thought he was an outstanding basketball player, so to be recognized for my artistry as much as I appreciated his was an honor.

How many pairs will you retain for yourself and your loved ones?

I ensure that I get a pair, but I only need two pairs, one to place down and one to place down so I never touch one another again.

It’s for the archives and the museum, right?

Yes, that part. It’ll be right next to my drum machine.

Dan Resnick is a suburban Philadelphia author who has written for First We Feast and Uproxx. His first Jordans were Black Infrared 6s, which he still has since 1991, regardless that the shoes are on the verge of destruction. Alvin Williams was certainly one of the primary people he admired for his or her sneakers.

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