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A woman goes viral after a date forces her to pay for her own food due to misleading photos. Was he incorrect?



A woman went viral after she shared a video of what she calls a “bad first date” after her date forced her to pay for her own food because she didn’t match the photos online.

In a viral video posted on March 21, TikToker RedCookie229 begins: “I just finished my date and I’m so embarrassed.”

After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she explained that she had met the person on a web based dating app. The couple agreed to meet at a restaurant he wanted to try, although it was expensive for her budget. When she arrived, she noticed a man looking around after which introduced herself in person.

Dressed in a dress and parted natural hair, she approached the person.

“He looked around as if he was looking for someone else,” she explains. “I thought, ‘Hey, I’m Tia,’ and he said, ‘Tia?’ and I said, “Yes.” It’s me from BLK.”

'She definitely nailed this man': Woman goes viral after her date makes her pay for her own food due to misleading photos.  Was he wrong?  (Photo: @redcookie229 / TikTok)
Social media user Tia claims the person claimed she didn’t appear like her profile picture when she showed up on their first date. (Photo: @redcookie229/TikTok)

According to Tia, her partner asked her to sit down and when she smiled, he didn’t smile back. Instead, he told her that she didn’t appear like the photos she posted on the dating site.

“I look like in my photos. I don’t photoshop anything. I tell everything like it is,” Tia said, using photos she posted on a dating site as proof.

“You know, he was so quiet during the meal. He didn’t even want to pay, he adds.

@redcookie229 The first date went terribly wrong! #fyp #first date #black people ♬ original sound – RedCookie229

After explaining to her that she had not brought the money, he took care of the bill but demanded his money back.

“On CashApp, he sent me a request to pay for food,” he says. “I do not understand. Why are men like this? Men are evil!”

Tia added a photo of what she wore on her date to her video. She also posted photos she had uploaded to BLK, a dating app for Black men and women looking for Black partners. In the photos she uploaded to the dating site, Tia appeared to be wearing filters, wearing hair extensions and wearing makeup. However, she wore her natural hair during the date and appeared to be makeup-free.

The viral dating story sparked online debate, with some believing the man had fallen prey to a catfish.

– No, she was catfishing. She uploaded older videos on BLK. She looks younger in her profile photos (about 5-7 years younger)” – one of the users X he stated.

“She used photos of her younger self, not current photos. It’s still catfishing.” said one other User X

Photo credit: X/formerly known as Twitter user Ifeade_Lu

Other social media users say she wasn’t fair by not looking like the photos on the app. On the date, the woman has shorter hair and clearly looks several years older. On BLK, she has photos showing longer hair and a younger face.

“She didn’t represent her profile very well.” said one in all the X users. “If you know your photos are heavily filtered, you should at least try to do your hair and makeup. At least try.”

“She didn’t put in as much effort as the photos she sent him,” one other user, X, said.

On the opposite hand, Tia also received support from commenters online.

“Hey, Tia. I just want to tell you that you are beautiful. You seem nice and no one deserves blatant rudeness. I hope you find your person,” wrote a TikTok supporter.

Another TikToker wrote: “We’re sorry you feel bad, but yes, men are very physical. Just try to dress it up when you get it on dates!”

“The first impression is all the time a stigma. Always come feeling and looking your best and the aura will spread throughout the room! I hope it’s going to help. Everything will probably be high-quality, there are many fish within the sea,” we read in one other encouraging comment.

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Don’t want to file your tax return on April 15? Here’s what to do




Jennifer Streaks

The tax filing deadline is at all times April 15, but when life gets in the way in which, there is no need to panic.

If you are not in trouble yet, your taxes are due on April 15, which is just a couple of days away. As you almost certainly already know, preparing to file your tax return can take a whole lot of effort and time, which suggests getting it done will probably be an enormous relief for a lot of. However, when you are fighting time and are unsuccessful, chances are you’ll need other options.

Even though we settle our accounts yearly, loads can change in the course of the 12 months. Maybe you purchased or sold a house, got married, divorced or had a baby. Perhaps your income has increased significantly or you’ve began a business. Whatever it’s, life is coming to life and chances are you’ll just need a minute or two to catch up on your taxes.

So when you didn’t get all the pieces together in time to file your tax return on April 15, what are you able to do and what happens when you don’t file your tax return by April 15? First, the legality of all of it: taxes are still due on April 15. The only thing that changes is that if the fifteenth falls on a weekend or conflicts with a vacation; you then normally have until 5 p.m. Apart from these circumstances, since 1955 the filing deadline has been April 15, so one of the best thing you may do is get your taxes paid on time.

However, as mentioned earlier, life happens. So when you cannot file your tax return by April 15, here’s what you may do:

First, ignore the tendency to do nothing. So many individuals do this as a part of the IRS assessing billions in penalties for failing to file tax returns on time. This is something you may ignore or cope with when you’ve time. Failure to file anything could actually cost you extra money than chances are you’ll ultimately owe.

Instead of doing nothing, apply for an extension. You can fold IRS Form 4868, a free and penalty-free document that taxpayers can file with the IRS in the event that they need more time to file their individual federal tax returns. By filing for an automatic deadline extension, you will have a further six months – or until October 15 – to receive your tax return. However, the deadline to file Form 4868 stays the identical: tax day, April 15. If you let this deadline pass, so does your probability for an extension – and any returns filed after April 15 without Form 4868 will probably be considered late and can due to this fact incur a late filing penalty.

Bottom line: It’s higher to file for an extension than to file nothing and suffer penalties. Even as a financial expert who is incredibly aware of tax deadlines and potential liabilities, I filed Form 4868 myself. There was a 12 months once I moved and lost my W2; I needed time to settle in and eventually went to Taxpayer advocate service to obtain a replica of my earnings and tax certificate (yes – because I’m an adult). It may not have been fun, but I used to be able to file for the extension after which file an accurate tax return by October fifteenth.

Now that we have covered how to file an extension, please note the important caveat: an extension to file your tax return is an extension of the deadline to pay taxes owed. Some people think it’s higher to wait to file their tax return until they’ve the cash to pay the taxes they owe, but that is not the case.

Taxes can turn into real debt. Typically, interest accrues on unpaid taxes from the date the refund is due until the debt is paid off – and depending on how long it takes, that might mean a monetary amount. In fact, the interest you accrue may amount to greater than you owe initially. The late payment penalty is frequently half of 1% for every month or a part of a month of unpaid tax, up to 25 percent.

With that in mind, even when you’re not ready to file an actual return, when you discover you truly owe, try to pay as much as you may upfront.

So when you’re not ready to file your taxes on Monday, don’t panic; most taxpayers can digitally file Form 4868 to request an automatic six-month tax filing extension. And note: While you do not have to provide a reason for requesting an extension, if your request is denied, the IRS will contact you directly to let you recognize why.

Once you apply for an extension, chances are you’ll be relieved to know that you have bought yourself a couple of extra months, but use that point correctly and ensure to file your return before the October 15 deadline. If you miss this extension deadline, no additional options will probably be available and costs and penalties will immediately begin to accumulate.

Happy assembling!

Jennifer Streaks is a senior personal finance reporter and spokeswoman for Business Insider and a financial specialist at theGrio. A nationally recognized expert on money and inexpensive lifestyles, Jennifer is a renowned financial columnist whose columns have appeared on CNBC, Forbes, ABC, MSNBC, CBS and more.

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A black father and son offer an online summer camp that teaches financial and investing skills.




junior wallstreet, Chisholm, summer camp, financial literacy, cryptocurrency, real estate

Junior Wallstreeters, Inc., a non-profit organization, is pleased to host an online youth summer camp. The camp is great for stopping knowledge loss and offers students a fun environment to learn financial and investing concepts.

According to a press release, the camps will teach students lifelong financial education skills and discipline, with an emphasis on African American history and culture. Chisolm, executive director of Junior Wallstreeters, Inc, states, “In addition to topics such as budgeting, banking and stock market investing, our camp goes beyond others by exploring community wealth building through investing clubs.”

“Simply put,” Chisolm says, “our goal is to impart financial literacy to eliminate the wealth gap by showing young people how to properly use money as a tool.”

The program may also include an “Introduction to cryptocurrencies” and “Introduction to real estate investing” course.

financial literacy, junior walstreet, chisel, summer camp

“In honor of Junior Wallstreeters, Inc. Financial Literacy Month. we have launched our new websitewhich provides a better overview of our mission, impact and programs.”

Junior Wallstreeters has provided several scholarships for underprivileged students to attend the camp. Chisolm says, “We want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to receive a financial education, regardless of their family’s financial situation.” The scholarships are only available to students who attend the course for a period of 1 or two weeks.

Families eager about obtaining a camp scholarship should visit their website to use. Those eager about supporting Junior Wallstreeters can sponsor a camp or make a donation Here.

You can join for all classes at:

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The words of wisdom that Viola Davis shares with her teenage daughter are great advice for women, too




Viola Davis's daughter

EGOT winner Viola Davis reflects on her journey to success and self-esteem, and the way she empowers her 13-year-old daughter, Genesis.

There are only 19 EGOTs (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winners) on the planet, but for Viola Davis, these coveted wins were the manifestation of a dream that she believed was born out of probability.

“When you grow up in certain circumstances, you don’t see yourself anymore. And that’s why you dream big, because it’s almost like you force yourself to believe that something can happen,” Davis said. Peopleas one of several stars who helped the magazine celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Julius Tennon, Genesis Tennon and Viola Davis walk the runway during the “Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris – Walk Your Worth” show during Paris Fashion Week at the Eiffel Tower on October 1, 2023 in Paris. (Photo: Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images for L’Oreal Paris)

The 52-year-old actress and producer is still a long way from the deeply impoverished and abusive Rhode Island upbringing she chronicled in her best-selling 2022 memoir, “Finding Me.” (Davis’ narration of her memoir inadvertently cemented her EGOT status, winning her a 2023 Grammy Award for Best Audiobook Recording, Narration and Storytelling). Although she currently lives a very stable and lofty lifestyle with her husband Julius Tennon and their 13-year-old daughter, Genesis, Davis’s journey to fame was not a dream she thought would come true.

“I never imagined I’d get a leading role like (complicated ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ character) Annalize Keating,” said Davis, who also appeared on the Shonda Rhimes-produced hit series “Suicide Squad.” “And I thought, ‘Oh my God, Viola, this can really happen to people like you.’ Because I had already made the decision that the industry had left its mark on me. I understand that people on the outside say, “You can’t sell yourself short.” You are beautiful, Viola. You are all these things. … (But) I never knew my career could turn out this way.”

Reflecting on her 2017 Best Supporting Actress Oscar win for “Fences,” Davis described a “full circle” moment when she shared her mother’s triumph that night, even before she won. “It was like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. This Viola, you dreamed of the largest dream in your life and also you managed to make it come true,” she recalls. “And my mother… I remember her crying because I think she felt the same way I felt: a little country girl from St. Matthews, South Carolina – that she gave birth to me and gave birth to this.”

Now Davis is channeling that same winning energy into Genesis. While her daughter, whom she and Tennon adopted as an infant in 2011, is growing up in a very different environment than her own, Davis insists that she is instilling a strong sense of self-worth in her only child.

“I feel the same way about Genesis that I feel about myself when I look back at myself when (I was) younger,” Davis said during an appearance on “TODAY with Hoda & Jenna” in 2022, as theGrio previously reported. “I feel it is a great opportunity to grow and even find out about myself because I actually have to offer her affirmations – I do that daily.”

Raising a now-adolescent daughter means those affirmations have turn into much more urgent and essential, as Davis explains within the celebratory issue of People.

“What I tell my daughter now is: ‘Genesis, you are the love of your life.’ You need to start now to have a radical love affair with yourself, to be in touch with your inner voice, what you like, what you don’t like, what crosses boundaries and you will respect it. And thanks to this, it is the seed from which everything grows. ”

Davis admits that she has worked hard to learn these lessons in her life because she was forced to learn them herself. And her advice is probably useful for women of all ages.

“Nobody ever told me I was the love of my life,” she continued. “I just miscalculated. If I have to be small to build a relationship, I will become small. If I have to sacrifice my needs for others – this is important for women. We are believed to be stronger when we sacrifice our needs. I said, “Genesis, no, don’t do that. You are the love of your life, you and only you.”

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