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Crystal Renee Hayslett Promotes Healing and Growth with the ‘Keep It Positive, Sweetie’ Podcast



AUSTELL, GEORGIA – MARCH 30: Crystal Renee speaks on stage at Keep It Positive Sweetie, LIVE! at the Riverside EpiCenter on March 30, 2024 in Austell, Georgia. (Photo: Derek White/Getty Images)

Last 12 months, singer and actress Crystal Renee Hayslett added one other step under her belt podcast. Through introspective dialogue and thoughtful discussions with celebrities comparable to Will Packer, Pretty Vee, Kirk Franklin and several others, the weekly audio series has turn into popular amongst various demographics. This past weekend, Hayslett got to experience the success of her idea in real time during the show’s first live taping in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crystal Renee Hayslett Promotes Healing and Growth with the 'Keep It Positive, Sweetie' Podcast
AUSTELL, GEORGIA – MARCH 30: (L-R) Eva Marcille, DeVon Franklin, Crystal Renee, Tamela Mann and David Mann speak on stage during Keep It Positive Sweetie, LIVE! at the Riverside EpiCenter on March 30, 2024 in Austell, Georgia. (Photo: Derek White/Getty Images)

“I still can’t find the words to describe how amazing it was,” says the star. “It was just the most amazing moment – ​​really.” by specializing in fun topics and having necessary conversations, Haylett created a protected, informative space for everybody in attendance. The evening began with Crystal talking to her therapist, Delena Zimmerman, where they talked about self-love, growth, and finding your purpose. She was then joined by David and Tamela Mann, Eva Marcille and Devon Franklin. The group delved into relationships at different stages and phases, with Eva and Devon talking about the way to navigate life after divorce, while the Mann couple reflected on their thriving 36-year marriage.

Following the roundtable, Hayslett showcased her dynamic artistry in a charming performance with a live band. She began her performance with a piano solo of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” followed by performances of Muni Long, “SZA and Beyoncé. The medley ended with Cece Winans singing Crystal. To end this unique experience, Hollywood mogul and Sistas creator Tyler Perry took the stage to wish for Crystal and express his pride in her recent and future success.

Crystal Renee Hayslett Promotes Healing and Growth with the 'Keep It Positive, Sweetie' Podcast
Photo Source: Dream Girl nailed it

With a guest list that included Skyh Black, KJ Smith, Todd Galberth, Dharius and Shameka Daniels, Kimberly Blackwell, Isaac Carree, Nzinga Imani and Chido Nwokocha, the live podcast taping created the perfect atmosphere for the sold-out audience. To have fun this momentous occasion, Hayslett spoke to ESSENCE about the impetus behind her popular show, its impact, vision for the future and more.

ESSENCE: Since you are so busy with your profession straight away, what influenced your decision to create podcast last 12 months?

Crystal: It was actually my manager, Dinorah Peña. She actually gave me the idea. And at first I didn’t need to do it. I asked, “What do I have to say that is different from all the other podcasts? There are tons of podcasts.” And she said, “I think it’s time for you to tell your story.” So I thought of it and in the Black community, in the case of being open about numerous things, sometimes there are particular topics which can be really hard to discuss. Because we’re taught, “Hey, you shouldn’t really talk about this or what’s going on, just leave it in the past.” Through therapy, I gained the courage to actually open up and be more transparent with the public, so we decided to just do that.

Tname actually comes from a lady who was negative on my Instagram page. And I often don’t even reply to people. But I had time that day. Sometimes you’re thinking that, “I have time today.” But that day I said, “Instead of being negative, you should see that I’m supporting another young woman’s business.” Then I added #keepitpositivesweetie and my fans just ran with it. When we were fascinated by the name, I believed, “We should do a little episode called Keep It Positive, Baby.” And they said, “No, that’s the name of the show!” So that is how we got here up with it. But it was my manager who said, “It’s time, Crystal.” I wish to be more reserved, but it surely definitely forced me to be more open and perform in front of individuals. Because even while you’re on TV, you are hiding behind a personality. You really do not have to disclose who you’re.

What do you’re thinking that it was about your story that intrigued Dinorah enough to push you to start out the podcast?

Lots of things – my journey, just attending to where I’m today from a really small town. I talk over with these young girls who may come from cities that will not have as much to supply as your larger cities. My upbringing; There were things I experienced as a toddler that I didn’t really discuss. Even to the point that he desired to commit suicide as an adolescent. Things that we have really swept under the rug and you only keep going and parsing it forward, which I believe is something that, from generation to generation, leads all the way back to slavery. We just had to maintain pushing, pushing. Nobody has time to take a seat and cry. Life goes on, keep it moving. And as I began opening as much as things, I believed, “These are the things I want to talk about.”

And at that time I shot an episode called “Get to Know Me” where I took off all my makeup and stripped down so people could actually see me. I opened up and didn’t go into details. But this episode opened me as much as numerous things. And then I noticed how many individuals really suffer and how much we’d like healing. But greater than that, I noticed that individuals have to see someone like me who has all of it together to appreciate that I’m identical to them.

The The podcast will not be even a 12 months old, but it surely is already so popular. So how do you are feeling about his incredible success in such a short while?

It was absolutely amazing to see how the audience truly moved and resonated with each episode. I usher in so many individuals who feel protected enough to share their stories with me and the audience. And I say we heal, we laugh, we grow together and we love one another. You see people week after week. They will write and say, “You modified my life. You saved my life.” When I get letters like that, I say, “Oh my God, we’re really making an impact with this.” It’s greater than just standing in front of a microphone and a camera and just talking about hot topics. What we’re really specializing in is the things that they’re real to people and we share what we actually undergo every day and what we have now undergone to get to where we’re in our lives. Just seeing how quickly it has grown and how popular it has turn into is just amazing.

How was the reception for the live podcast on March 30, and how does the energy differ from the normal recordings you do?

From the moment I woke up that day, I felt completely different than some other day. I get there and the energy is great, but then I start hearing people chatting saying, “The line is around the constructing. Crystal, you will not consider this. Some of my team would exit into the lobby and record videos, and you can just get energized. But when the DJ announced me and I heard the screams, screams and tears from the crowd, it was incredibly electrifying. I’ve been to live shows and done it for other people, but hearing it and feeling it for me was just… It was an out-of-body experience. I’ve never felt anything like this. And I tell people all the time that I’m still getting used to this thing called fame, coming out and people recognizing you.

To sell out a spot like this for the first live show and hear everyone screaming like that was just crazy. When I shoot at home, it’s just me, my cameraman, my manager and the guests I bring over. So it’s super chill. My house is amazingly calm and quiet. Sometimes I’m very drained. But there was a lot energy that day that I believe it was only yesterday that I felt drained. I used to be literally on a natural high for 2 days.

Now we have now accomplished the successful recording of your live podcast – and you’ll be able to actually talk not only about future live performances, but about the way forward for your show basically – what’s your vision Is the podcast moving forward?

You know what? Ultimately, my vision is to have my very own daytime TV show. I’m going to maintain posting it there. I would like to have my very own daytime TV show. I see myself creating, continuing to create space not only for girls, but in addition for men. When I have a look at the audience, the core of my fan base is women. But I also saw men there. I would like to open it up and really bring us all together so we are able to truly heal together.

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The black cosmetics brand Ami Colé’s has purchased another shade of lip oil




For Ami Colè, constructing community is crucial element of the brand’s DNA, which is why she is the founder and CEO N’Diaye-Mbaye diarrhea I desired to do something somewhat different: a version of March Madness called “The Ami Colé Cup.”

“We focus our community online because that’s where our girl hangs out the most, whether she’s looking at videos on Instagram or what’s currently trending on TikTok, she’s there, so we want to be there with her too,” Mbaye said Andscape.

With this in mind, the Mbaye team at Ami Colé reached out to their online community, encouraging them to vote for his or her favorite lip oil shade in a March Madness-style competition.

In 2021, Mbaye launched Ami Colé, her clean beauty brand specializing in melanin-rich skin tones, offering skin tone, HighlighterAND lip oil. Before starting her brand, Mbaye worked in marketing for L’Oreal and product development for Glossier. The Ami Colé product line now features a skin strengthening product foundation stickcream reusable stick lip and cheek products, mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel and powder. Still, the lip oil – now available in six shades – might be successful.

“We’ve really grown so much in the last few years that I still pinch myself when I think about how much we have,” Mbaye said. “We are truly proud to give our community a front row seat to the world of Ami Colé. From the beginning to today, we have always given our community an inside look at the brand, especially through social media. Our community has followed us from the moment I first thought of Ami Colé in my apartment in Brooklyn, to now where we are available at our local Sephoras. It was a truly humbling and joyful experience to watch events unfold.”

The full Ami Colé Cup bracket featured the fighting shades of the Lip Oil Treatment.

Kamille Greenwood, head of influencer partnerships at Ami Colé, joined the brand in October and worked closely with the vice chairman of graphic development and head of graphic design to bring the bracket to life.

“March can be a slower month, so we talked as a team, as you can see March Madness is really important to some people,” Greenwood said. “I’m not up to date, but my boyfriend always has it on, so what a cool way for Ami Colé girls to participate.”

The goal was to rejoice with the handle and give attention to what landed in it Sephora cart since the Sephora Spring 2024 Sale is going on this month.

“We wanted the bracket to last a few weeks and be a short sprint,” Greenwood added. “So we said, OK, it has to last three weeks, so a minimum of 16 shades. We have divided the colours into shade families – pinks, browns and shimmers. From that moment on, what did our girl like? We know that Bliss is the best-selling shade. How can we vary the shade of Bliss but not deviate from Bliss in any respect? I just discuss with our product development girl and make certain every little thing is on par.

Greenwood said it was exciting to look at consumers interact with the lock. “It was cool to see the numbers go up,” she said. “I had no idea it would be successful, some days we had over 700 votes and over 20,000 views on our website.”

She also said she was surprised that more vibrant shades, corresponding to hot pink and a few shimmery shades, weren’t rejected in earlier rounds, while purple did not have long-lasting traction with voters. “I feel like black women tend to gravitate towards darker shades, so it’s interesting to see lighter shades have more reach.”

The Ami Colé Cup buckle is proof of the importance of listening to the general public because, as Greenwood said internally, the brand made predictions using its own brackets that bore no resemblance to the voting results. “We wanted, oh, everyone will choose Eggplant, Eggplant will be the winner. It ended up being something else.”

The winner was Brick Red, but it would only be available for purchase in 2025. “Many products will already be released this year,” Greenwood confirmed. “Brick Red will now be in the pipeline, we hope the winning color will appear in 2025. Now that we know the shade, we can start thinking about the formula and the exact shade of brick red we can achieve.”

Ami Colé founder Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye attends the 2022 Fifteen Percent Donation Inaugural Benefit Gala on April 2, 2022 in New York City.

When the lip oil was launched in 2021 in Excellence, the brand’s signature pinky-brown color, Black women were desperate to reach for it since it was the right nude shade, pigmented and non-sticky. Beauty author Tembe Denton-Hurst called it “Telfar lip gloss bag” due to his stylish and famous fans – the comparison blew Mbaye away.

“Talk about a stunning moment,” she shared. “I felt like Ami Colé really filled a void in the beauty industry where representation is necessary and has been missing for a long time. Growing up in Harlem, I was surrounded by this culture. From beauty to music to food, I’ve been immersed in it all since I left home. For Black women, lip gloss has always been a means of entry into the world of beauty at an early age.”

She continued, “I remember going to the sweetness supply store to purchase my extra shiny lip gloss in my favorite flavor — it’s pure nostalgia. We all know that feeling once you placed on lip gloss and feel such as you’re IT, so after I heard that lip oil had grow to be a staple for all girls, whether or not they were pulling it out at a brunch or an event, I used to be over the moon. “

Mbaye considered the praise, confirming that she was on the proper path.

“I want Ami Colé to be a big sister who always keeps you informed about the latest trends and always keeps you informed about what is the best product at the moment. When I heard this headline, my belief was confirmed. Lip care oil has definitely taken our community by storm. Initially I thought it would be our skin enhancing shade which also performs very well and is very loved by our community, but the girls took the lip oil and ran with it!”

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Tiger Woods, who has exceeded the norm, intends to simply qualify for the Masters




Woods shouldn’t be on the leaderboard but was in the top 50 at the start of the second round

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) – Tiger Woods is chasing more history at Augusta National, but not the variety he prefers.

Woods could set a Masters record making the twenty fourth consecutive raise, the task became tougher due to the need to play almost the same variety of holes on Friday (23) as all yr (24).

He was amongst 27 players who was unable to complete the weather-delayed first round. In the five holes Woods played, he failed to birdie the par-5 fifteenth and made two bogeys from the fairway. That gives him a 1-for-73, marking the sixth straight round at Augusta National that he has failed to break par. When he entered the second round, he was still in the projected cut.

The top of the leaderboard has not modified.

Bryson DeChambeau, who began the match with a 7-under 65, has a one-shot lead over Scottie Scheffler. No. 1 player in the world and the just one to play and not using a bogey in the first round.

Tiger Woods hits a shot from a bunker on the 18th hole during a weather delay in the first round of the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, Friday, April 12, 2024, Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/George Walker IV)

The large gallery following Woods at the least saw some good golf. This was provided by Max Homa, who gave up a one-shot lead when his approach to the seventeenth got here inside inches of creating eagle.

However, his approach to the 18th was leaky enough to find an acceptable bunker, and Homa failed to make an up-and-down par to save par. He finished with a 67 to tie at 5 under with Masters debutant Nicolai Hojgaard of Denmark.

Homa said that after the restart, there wasn’t the same energy as the previous afternoon.

“I don’t think you can get the same vibe, but playing with Tiger helps,” Homa said. “You’re so excited to wake up and go play.”

The first round ended with a result below the norm of 26 competitors. The transition includes the top 50 players and ties, and Woods was amongst that number when he quickly modified his mind and commenced the second round.

DeChambeau and Scheffler played in the afternoon, braving some nasty wind gusts, although not as strong as Thursday’s.

Woods didn’t look as agile, which was probably since it took 12 hours from the time he walked off the thirteenth green after stopping play in the dark until he hit his tee shot and resumed his round. And it was cooler than on Thursday afternoon.

He narrowly missed the 14th green and overshot about 20 feet on the hole leading to bogey. On the par-5 fifteenth, his wedge crossed the green and he had to save par. And then on the 18th, he missed a 12-foot par putt.

It might have been worse – something Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson know firsthand.

Spieth’s hopes could have ended with one hole. He still had 2 overs in the round, playing fifteenth, when he crossed the green. Spieth stepped back toward the front pin and watched it go off the green, down the slope and into the water.

He had to circle back across the pond, play the long ball again and find yourself with a quadruple bogey 9. Spieth also missed a 2-foot par putt on the seventeenth hole and shot a 79. Spieth had never shot worse than 76 in his previous 10 appearances.

Johnson was up 1, getting to the shooting portion of the back nine as he headed the other way. He missed a 20-foot birdie putt on the par-5 thirteenth and got stuck in the trees on the left side of the 14th on the way to double bogey. Then on the fifteenth he drove a wedge into the pond and made one other double bogey. This added to 78.

British Open champion Brian Harman found water on the par-3 thirteenth (double bogey) and the par-3 sixteenth (triple bogey) and shot a 47 on the back nine for an 81.

The outlook for the remainder of the week is nice, with the Masters tournament now back on the schedule, with the second round starting on time though players were ending the first round.

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‘Get You One Gayle’: Gayle King Fans Shocked After Her Sly Attempt to Show Oprah Winfrey ‘Sexy’ Bearded Men Not Once, but Twice




Gayle King Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host Gayle King was recently in Louisville, Kentucky for the annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges, where she met with the lads of The Silverfox Squad LLC.

Her best friend Oprah Winfrey called her on FaceTime while she was hanging out with the bearded killers, and King introduced her to the lads not once, but twice.

Gayle King (left) and Oprah Winfrey (right). (Photo: @gayleking / Instagram)

The Silverfox branch is a gaggle of “elegant, distinguished men” over 50 who wear distinctive gray beards and care about their health. The group includes Irvin Randle, Jean Titus, Winston Warrior, Darryle Jones, Michael Lynn Johnson Jr., Stephen G. Adkins, Kyle Dutcher, Tommie Johnson and Kendall Gill. While the lads were meeting King in Louisville, Oprah called her best friend on the phone and so they were introduced to the talk show host.

When King answered Oprah’s phone, she let her know she was on speaker and would meet with the group shortly. “Oprah, I’ve got you on speakerphone.” he said King. “I wanted to introduce you to the silver foxes. Are you ready?”

Winfrey replied, “Yes!”

“Say hello to Oprah,” King said, lifting her phone to show Winfrey well-groomed men in suits.

Winfrey exclaimed, “Hello, silver foxes!” King went on to describe how she came upon who the silver foxes were.

“I said, ‘Who are the silver foxes?’ And they said: “Men with beards over 50, in shape and inspiration. I want to show it to you again,” King said, showing Winfrey the lads a second time because the room chuckled.

“And there is one white hot chocolate,” King added when the lads corrected her and noticed that there have been two white hot chocolates.

Silverfox Team shared a video from the meeting that took place on April 8 and in signatureexpressed how “humbled and grateful” for the interaction and for “inspiring others with positive influence!!!”

Social media reacted to the Instagram video, with one fan telling King to “buy you one” of the silver foxes in query because Winfrey already has a silver fox — longtime partner and businessman Stedman Graham, 73.

King divorced her ex-husband William Bumpus in 1993 after she caught him in bed with one other woman.

“Handsome! Oprah has her own silver fox… Gail will bring you one.” he replied one. “Handsome, sexy,” added one other. One fan joked: “Gayle, they appear like they’ve all their teeth! Thinks?”

Others congratulated the group on their inspiring message. “You all deserve praise for presenting a positive way of life to our young men,” one wrote.

The annual event was hosted by the American Association of Community Colleges, and King was scheduled to be the opening speaker, while the band was also available to discuss inspiring young people through fashion and lifestyle.

‘Get You One Gayle’: Gayle King Fans Shocked After Her Sly Attempt to Show Oprah Winfrey ‘Sexy’ Bearded Men Not Once, but Twice

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