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Heisman Trophy Winner Caleb Williams Speaks Out About His Controversial Pink Painted Nails and Lip Gloss



Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC, 2024 NFL Draft Pick, Caleb Williams nails, Caleb Williams

When Caleb Williams was spotted dancing to “Earth, Wind and Fire” at a recent UCLA basketball game, the world got a sneak peek at his latest manicure: pink nails. He also placed on lip gloss and placed on a pink phone case especially for the occasion.

While this is not the primary time the USC point guard has painted his nails, this time he was met with harsh reactions on social media.

IN video sent to Xthe Heisman Trophy winner, together with USC associate athletic director Gavin Morris, addressed the haters directly.

“It’s been a long week for you,” Morris joked. “Let’s see what this phone looks like; what does the phone look like?”

The projected No. 1 overall pick within the NFL Draft replied, “The wallet is white, the phone is pink and the case is clear.”

As for the nails, he added, raising his hands: “The nails are clean.”

Then, leaning into the camera, Williams gave a brief response to anyone who hated his style.

“The lips are pink – your girlfriend loves them!” he joked, and Morris laughed.

When it involves nails, Williams, a Washington native and the son of a former nail technician who painted nails, has turn out to be known for his trendy game day manicures, which frequently throw shade at his team’s opponent.

While talking to People Magazine in August, Williams shared more about his love of nail painting.

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“I think the nail issue kind of took everyone by surprise,” he told the publication. “I did it before college, however it surprised everyone since you don’t at all times see male soccer athletes painting their nails. But I feel it’s just a unique way of expression.

Considering how his match day manicures often include clear messages to opponentshe added that he intended to tone it down.

“I had several conversations with my coaches. But I will continue to do it and express myself,” he said.

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‘Aggressive’ Protection of Le’Andria Johnson Under Fire for Pushing Woman Who Touched Singer, Conservative Fans Criticize Singer’s Racy Wardrobe Choice




Gospel singer Le

Fans are slamming gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson after a video of her recent performance went viral. While the singer sang, shouting the praises of God, many were distracted by her outfit and the “aggressive” behavior of her bodyguard towards concertgoers.

Radio One Raleigh hosted the highly anticipated Women’s Empowerment 2024 event in Raleigh, North Carolina, with an electrifying lineup that included panels and performances from renowned artists and speakers akin to Tamia, Joe, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Bobbi Storm and plenty of more.

Adding an inspiring touch, breakout sensation “Sunday Best” Le’Andria Johnson modified the atmosphere together with her soul-stirring vocals. The April 13 video shows her walking on the ground at PNC Arena in Raleigh as security moves out of her way. Peace activist Erica Ford filmed her as she moved.

She was called by gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson (left).
Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson (left) called out her “aggressive” security guard (right) after he punched an onlooker who tried to the touch her. (Photo: @Leandraj/Instagram)

People weren’t thrilled with the best way Johnson interacted with fans who simply desired to catch up with to the star.

“Love Leandra… but you need to check the safety… you can protect her without being aggressive towards the followers!” one comment To read.

“Yes security did (sic) a lot,” wrote follower Foxy 107104. “Explore the atmosphere where there was no one to hurt her.”

The mood was good and the skirt of her blue dress was higher, which attracted the interest of more conservative believers.

“What is she wearing? Where does all that meat come from?” – one person asked in an Instagram post showing her singing. Another asked: “I need a stylist.”

The comment combined two concerns: “She had security but she really needed to put pants on…ijs.”

Johnson is usually seen because the prodigal child of the gospel world, making headlines for her swearing, style and gritty history.

In 2018, she even apologized to the universal Church for using colourful language.

“To all my fans who go to church, when I say ‘church’, I wanted to address church politics,” she said in an Instagram video. “All these little, undermining things that happen in the church that hurt people like me, people like other people who have been through a lot of things in the church.”

Adding: “You know, Christianity, there’s just quite a bit happening. So with that said, using the F-bomb, I apologize to my church-going fans. I’m sorry if I offended you”.

Shortly after, the singer appeared on her OWN hit series “Iyanla, Fix My Life” to deal with her behavior. The title of the episode was “The Bad Girl of Gospel” and it was about her struggles with alcohol addiction.

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This week’s best new music: Lucky Daye, Lola Brooke, Nicki Minaj and more




This week's best new music: Lucky Daye, Lola Brooke, Nicki Minaj and more

Happy Friday, people. This week you will find a combination of new music from industry veterans, current stars and artists of tomorrow.

Today, New Orleans singer Lucky Daye releases “HERicane”, Nick Minaj collaborates with Travis Scott, Chris Brown and Sexyy Red on the “FTCU” remix, and Mozzy drops the long-awaited track. To have fun the thirtieth anniversary of his debut album, the legendary Nas also presents a new box set from 1994. .

Check out this week’s best new music below.

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Simone Biles on husband’s harsh reaction to husband’s ‘catch’ claim and emotions after 2020 Tokyo Olympics




Simone Biles

Simone Biles shared her true feelings about a few of her most publicized moments.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Biles opened up concerning the backlash her husband, NFL player Jonathan Owens, received from her fans last 12 months when he called himself “the catch” of their relationship.

Although she admitted that she initially found the speech funny, Biles stated that her husband’s remarks might have been misconstrued, and the negative emotions that followed ultimately reduced her to tears: People Magazine reported.

Simone Biles reacts after performing floor exercises through the US Classic gymnastics competition in August 2023. On the podcast this week, Biles shared her true feelings about a few of her most publicized moments. (Photo: Erin Hooley/AP)

“First of all, this interview had nothing to do with me,” Biles said of her husband’s interview with “The Pivot” podcast, sharing that she thought people were upset that Owens didn’t include her within the interview. But he also has to have his moments and I allow him to do this.

“He never said I wasn’t caught,” Biles continued. “He said he was a gimmick because he was a gimmick. I’ve never met a person like him. Many individuals who meet him say, “Oh my God.” I need a person like Jonathan.

The Olympian said she “thought it was funny what people said, ‘Divorce him, divorce him,'” but then it began hurting her feelings and one night she “broke down.”

“It really hurt that they said that about my husband,” Biles admitted, according to People magazine. “Because to me it’s like talk about me all you want, but don’t come for my family.”

Owens and Biles were married on April 22, 2023, on the Harris County Courthouse in Houston. A couple of weeks later, they hosted a second wedding with family and friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Also on Tuesday’s episode of “Call Her Daddy,” Biles opened up about her attitude during her vault performance through the team competition on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, during which, according to People. She said she knew she would “try to do 2 and 1/2” but didn’t know the way many twists she would do.

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“Because I couldn’t squirm anymore,” Biles told “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper. “It’s like your body, your brain opens up, you’ve gotten no idea where you might be. So I opened it, that is how I landed… And I salute and I need to run. If I could get on a plane and fly home, I might.

The contestant said she knew she had broken the vault immediately after landing, recalling how difficult it was for her to face the crowds in Tokyo and then at home because she told herself that “America hates me.”

“I thought I was going to be kicked out of America,” Biles said. “(Because) that is what they let you know: ‘Don’t come back unless it’s gold. Gold or bust. Do not come back.”

After the failed vault, she knew it might take time to “overcome” the curveballs, which couldn’t be done “overnight” due to the “disconnect” between her brain and body.

Biles withdrew from the Olympics and all-around competition after vault, stating that she needed to “focus on her mental health” during this time. She later returned to win a bronze medal within the balance beam final and a silver medal within the team event.

According to People, Biles, a decorated gymnast with over 30 combined Olympic and world championship medals and a four-time Olympic gold medalist, is preparing for a possible return to the Summer Olympics in Paris. Last 12 months she stated that “things are heading in the right direction so far” as she continues to “work on herself”.

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