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Zimbabwe’s vice president says government will block scholarship for LGBTQ+ people



HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe’s influential vice president said the government will block college scholarships for LGBTQ+ young people, a move human rights groups described Friday as perpetuating homophobic practices within the African country.

The state university scholarship for 18-35 yr olds is sponsored by GALZ, a membership organization for LGBTQ+ people in Zimbabwe. The association began offering them in 2018 without incident. However, a recent online commercial encouraging applications was met with a pointy response from Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, a self-described devout Catholic and former army commander.

In a strongly worded statement on Thursday evening, Chiwenga said the scholarship was a “direct challenge” to the government’s power.

“Our schools and colleges will not accept applicants, let alone admit anyone associated with such alien, anti-life, non-African and non-Christian values ​​that are promoted and cultivated and practiced in decadent societies with which we share no moral or cultural affinities.” he stated.

Zimbabwe Vice President Constantino Chiwenga (center) attends the official opening of the tobacco marketing season in Harare, Zimbabwe, Wednesday, March 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi, File)

GALZ has previously said that the scholarship goals to supply equal access to state universities for LGBTQ+ people, who often face ostracism from their families and have difficulty paying for higher education. He doesn’t comment on the vice president’s statements.

However, a coalition of human rights groups to which GALZ belongs said it had demonstrated that sexual and gender minorities were in danger in Zimbabwe.

“We are extremely concerned by the statement from the second highest office in the country as it shows intolerance, especially considering that advertising opens up so many opportunities for young people,” Wilbert Mandinde, program coordinator on the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, told The Associated Press.

Like many African countries, Zimbabwe has laws criminalizing homosexual activity. Sex between men is punishable by as much as a yr in prison, and the country’s structure prohibits same-sex marriage.

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Chiwenga stated that under Zimbabwe’s anti-gay laws, “any (scholarship) offers are based on the same aberrations, both unlawful and criminal, and constitute a serious and flagrant insult to our national values ​​and ethos as a Christian nation.”

He said the government “will not hesitate to take appropriate measures to enforce the country’s laws,” adding that young people “should never be tempted to trade or sell their souls for such disgusting and devilish offers.”

Zimbabwe has a history of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people. Former president Robert Mugabe, who ruled the Southern African nation for 37 years, once described them as “worse than dogs and pigs” and unworthy of rights.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took power in a 2017 Chiwenga-led coup while still a military general, has been less public about his anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. However, Chiwenga’s threat to ban the scholarship highlights the continued hostility of the authorities and sections of society, including influential religious groups, remain unchanged.

In December, Zimbabwe’s Catholic bishops, like a lot of their African counterparts, warned against Pope Francis’ declaration allowing priests to bless same-sex couples, citing “respect for the country’s law, our culture and for moral reasons.”

Zimbabwe has historically avoided public activities that would seem like an expression of approval of gays.

In 2021, gay South African celebrity Somizi Mhlongo’s planned visit to reopen a stylish restaurant in Zimbabwe was canceled after a Christian sect and members of the ruling ZANU-PF party’s youth wing vowed to block his appearance.

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Inspired by widowed mom, Fisk University’s Morgan Price is making HBCU gymnastics history in the NCAA state




Morgan Price of Fisk University


Price, 18, is the daughter of former Kansas City Royals baseball player Chris Price and former Vanderbilt cheerleader Marsha Price.

Morgan Price made history. And she couldn’t do it without her mother’s love.

Price, who attends Fisk University, won the USAG All-Around National Champion title Saturday with a rating of 39.225, making history as the first athlete from a historically black college to win the collegiate gymnastics national championship.

During an interview with “CBS Mornings” On Monday, Price praised her “inspiring” mother, former Vanderbilt University cheerleader Marsha Price, for helping her three daughters and one son get on the right path after becoming a widow. The mother of 4 lost her husband, former Kansas City Royals baseball player Chris Price, in a bike accident when her daughter was just 6 years old.

Fisk University’s Morgan Price competes on the balance beam at the Super 16 gymnastics competition in January 2023 in Las Vegas. On Saturday, Price made history as the first athlete from a historically black college to win the national collegiate gymnastics championship. (Photo: Chase Stevens/AP)

“She’s a very hard-working mom,” Price said. “She taught me everything I know today, so I’m very grateful for her.”

Last 12 months, Fisk became the first HBCU team to compete in the NCAA women’s gymnastics competition. Price, who turned down a full scholarship to the University of Arkansas to attend the institution, shared how her desire to live out and honor her legacy led her to Nashville.

“I just feel like it’s an honor and just living out my legacy, and to be able to showcase my talents and do it at an HBCU is just an honor for me,” she said. “I made the decision to change to inspire the younger generation, so that younger African-American girls can see that HBCU gymnastics is important and that we can compete with the best of the best.”

The 18-year-old, who has been a gymnast since she was 2, said the achievements of her first black coach – Corrinne Tarver, the first black gymnast to win Price’s latest title in 1989 – also inspired her decision to enrolling in school and motivated her to proceed working. search for your individual goals in school.

Growing up, Price looked to her family for support because, as one in all the only black gymnasts on her team, she often felt isolated.

“Now I feel like I even have a team of African American and Latina women. I can all the time call someone,” Price told CBS. “They also taught me a lot, thanks to my culture. So I’m forever grateful to be on a team full of African Americans.”

Although Price is focused on the offseason, she said she is committed to Fisk and the sport and hopes to eventually win another title and become an HBCU gymnastics coach.


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Wayne Brady is celebrating Financial Literacy Month




Wayne Brady, Financial Literacy Month, pay progress forward, host, let


Actor, singer and entertainer Wayne Brady is celebrating Financial Literacy Month by collaborating with Chime on the “Pay Progress Forward” campaign, which explores the connection between financial well-being and the spirit of generosity.

New video series to introduce Emmy Award-winning the host sits down with five people who find themselves tested to see in the event that they can double their money or pass it on. Individuals then meet with a financial educator who helps them determine how much they should unlock financial progress of their lives.

@chime Real talk: do you select money or pay it forward? 👀 See how our give attention to generosity turned out. More details about transferring progress will be present in the link in bio 💚 . . . Paycheck to Paycheck Source: PYMTS New Reality Check: @Wayne Brady Paycheck to Paycheck Report #chime #payprogresforward #progress #financialprogress ♬ original sound – Chime Financial

I’m talking with BLACK ENTERPRISESBrady spoke candidly about his personal finance journey and the way his grandmother inspired him to at all times lead with gratitude. Brady learned funds early in life as an aspiring artist and later as a talented entrepreneur.

“My grandmother taught me all about generosity. Even if you feel like you may not have it, there will always be someone who is not as wealthy as you,” explains Brady. “You may only have 15 cents, someone may only have three cents, and if you’ve three cents, it means there is someone who has nothing, and you’ll be able to at all times help.

“I think I inherited that from her,” he adds. “As for my money literacy journey, it is a journey. If you do not grow up with it, chances are you’ll not understand its value. I believe sometimes you’ve to go a great distance not having it, knowing that you’ve to work hard for it and put it aside and know where it comes from.

It was an act of generosity on the a part of his grandmother, who gave him a $200 suit that opened up a future of economic freedom for the star. Brady was early in his profession in Los Angeles and was given the chance to sing in Japan. But Brady’s automotive has just been repossessed and he’s just been evicted from his apartment.

“In the six months I’m there, I’ll come back with enough money to make a down payment on an apartment, buy a new car and help my grandmother,” he said. “I just needed a tuxedo and money to make copies of my sheet music. And once I say I had nothing, I had nothing. My grandmother took her last $200 and invested in me. She made an investment.

Brady was in a position to pay his grandmother after which some.

Press play below to envision out Wayne Brady’s full interview with Chime’s Pay Progress Forward, where Brady shares his suggestions for somebody looking to search out the balance between generosity and financial progress in their very own life , and in addition reveals a few of his upcoming projects.

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Vice President Kamala Harris Teams With ‘Another World’ Cast to Promote Student Debt Forgiveness, HBCUs




America’s first black vp met with the celebs of the Nineties sitcom in her office within the West Wing of the White House.

Vice President Kamala Harris honored historically black colleges and universities with the solid of the comedy series “Another World,” while the White House promoted their efforts to ease the burden of student debt.

In the film sent on Friday, Harris highlighted the Biden-Harris administration’s actions to eliminate student debt for hundreds of thousands of borrowers. She was joined by “A Different World” co-stars Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison and Glenn Turman to urge borrowers to find out about available federal debt relief programs.

The movie begins with Guy, who played Whitley Gilbert, and Hardison, who played Dwayne Wayne, within the White House. In the series, Wayne fell in love with Gilbert while they were studying at Hillman College, a fictional HBCU. The series aired on NBC from 1987 to 1993.

“We live in a different world,” Guy said.

Hardison then said, “Whether you graduated from Hillman or…” the camera then cuts to Harris, who continued, “Either went to the real HU, student loan debt is a burden on too many people right now, and we do something about it.”

Harris is a graduate of Howard University, which students and alumni of the university refer to because the “real HU” to distinguish it from rival Hampton University.

In the following video sent on Saturday, actors including Cree Summer, Dawnn Lewis, Chernele Brown and Daryl Bell recreate the show’s intro outside the West Wing. Harris is later seen greeting and chatting with the solid in her office.

According to the vp’s office, Harris was “overjoyed” to welcome the solid to the White House during their visit organized by the White House Office of Community Engagement. The solid was in Washington, D.C. as a part of an HBCU tour aimed toward promoting college enrollment and raising funds for scholarships for current and future students.

The actors held a non-public meeting with Harris on Tuesday, during which they discussed the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to address the rising costs of upper education and the burden of student debt.

Vice President Harris welcomes actress Dawnn Lewis, who starred within the film “Another World.” (Photo: White House)

The meeting also highlighted HBCUs, a few of which have seen record enrollment numbers for the reason that Covid-19 pandemic. The Biden-Harris administration has invested greater than $7 billion in historically black colleges and universities. As a Howard graduate, Harris is credited with bringing national attention to HBCUs.

The vp’s office said Harris will proceed to expand the importance of HBCUs and the impact of “leading the way for HBCU graduates across the country.”

A day before the solid of “A Different World” visited the White House, which included a tour of the press briefing room with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the Biden-Harris administration announced its long-awaited student loan debt forgiveness program.

“Plan B” of President Biden’s original program, which was eliminated by the U.S. Supreme Court, includes five methods to “fix” the federal student loan program, including providing debt forgiveness to borrowers who owe more today than after they began repayment, who owed for 20 years or more and are experiencing financial difficulties. The proposed plan is anticipated to be ready in the autumn.

Combined with existing student loan programs created or expanded by the administration, the White House expects to provide assistance to as many as 30 million student borrowers, including many Black and Latino borrowers. So far, Biden and Harris have canceled $146 billion in student loan debt for 4 million Americans.

TheGrio caught up with the solid of “A Different World” in regards to the need to provide economic relief to Black students and borrowers.

(Front Row LR) Cree Summer, Kadeem Hardison (Second Row LR) Charnele Brown, Dawnn Lewis, Darryl M. Bell (Back Row LR) Jasmine Guy and Glynn Turman attend A Different World HBCU College Tour 2024 at Spelman College on February 29 , 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo: Nykieria Chaney/Getty Images)

“We are putting a burden on these children when they are just starting out in life,” Guy told the Grio day by day. “They enter their lives with a ball and chain.”

Bell, who played Ron Johnson in “A Different World,” brought to mind America’s first black president, Barack Obama, and former first lady Michelle Obama, who only paid off their college debt 4 years before entering the White House.

“Not everyone can do this to get out of debt,” Bell said.

Lewis, who played Jaleesa Vinson, said she would not have the opportunity to repay her student loan debt until she starred in “A Different World.”

“The repayments were being put off more and more, being put off until I could get a job… I was able to do this for over a decade trying to pay off my student loans,” said Lewis, a University of Miami graduate. “But it was important to get an education and do what needed to be done.”

Recalling his visit to the White House and the progress black Americans have made, Turman, who starred as Colonel Bradford Taylor on the series, said it was a “good starting point.”

“I actually see us going much further,” Grio said. “It’s good that we’re here. And it took everything to get here. But where we need to get to is just the tip of the iceberg.

Turman said he especially wants young Black people to be “encouraged” and “enthusiastic” about the opportunities available to them, but not “take them for granted.”

“This is not the time to become complacent. Just because you see us standing here in the White House doesn’t mean we don’t still have to put bricks and mortar on this bad boy,” he said. “Continue… because you need us.”

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