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Investments in chronic diseases bring high profits



Australians could also be living longer, but lifestyle-related chronic diseases are actually the leading explanation for disease, death and disability. Almost 40% of Australians aged 45 and over have two or more chronic conditions, corresponding to arthritis, asthma, back problems, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems.

Healthcare spending in Australia is approx 10% of GDP and health care costs proceed to rise faster than inflation. Treasurer Joe Hockey left the door open for a GST on health care, while state premiers signaled raising the GST to fifteen% or the Medicare levy to 2% to cover rising health care costs.

So far, nevertheless, the economic advantages of implementing policies that reduce the danger of chronic disease have been largely ignored in the controversy about containing health care costs. This will be achieved through educational programs to cut back risk aspects corresponding to smoking and weight gain, in addition to through early detection and treatment programs.

To illustrate the impact of improving health on wider economyscientists from the Center for Policy Studies on the University of Victoria translated the outcomes of the study a Finnish study the health impact of a large-scale diabetes education program in an Australian setting.

The Finnish program included individual counseling and group sessions on nutrition, physical activity and weight management. On an Australian scale, nearly a million people can be involved and the associated fee can be roughly A$0.5 billion.

If such a program produced comparable lifestyle effects to those in Finland, GDP growth would amount to A$4.5 billion per yr, or 0.3% of GDP. Compared to efficiency gains from policies in areas corresponding to tax and trade, this can be a huge profit.

Why are the potential profits so high?

Economic models of potential savings take note of two key links between the economy and chronic disease.

The first is clear: treating chronic diseases is dear. It raises our taxes and limits our ability to enjoy other types of private and non-private consumption, corresponding to good roads, public transport, education and housing.

The second key connection is less obvious but extremely necessary: chronic disease reduces our ability to work. People in poor health – especially in the age group over 49 – participate in the labor market at a much lower rate than those in good health.

Data from Household, income and work dynamics in Australia Research (HILDA) shows that the proportion of potential staff in each age group who’re employed falls sharply in the event that they are in poor health:

Chronic diseases corresponding to diabetes are a significant factor in poor health, which in turn significantly reduces labor supply and employment.

But where should we direct funds for prevention and intervention?

We modeled two comparable health programs geared toward improving health changes. One program reduces the variety of elderly individuals who lose their health. The second reduces the variety of young individuals who progress to poor health.

Evidence from economic modeling shows a transparent victory in improving health outcomes in the older group. The GDP and employment advantages are ten times greater for an older transition program than for a younger transition program (see chart below).

There are two reasons. The former will be seen in the primary graph: the employment of older people is far more sensitive to their health condition than the employment of younger people.

The second one is determined by the dynamics of health changes. Once members of the older group fall into poor health, often related to chronic diseases, they have a tendency to stay in that state, with low levels of economic activity. On the opposite hand, young persons are more more likely to experience temporary episodes of ailing health that quickly return to good health.

What does all this mean?

We should take into consideration health not only as an area of ​​social policy, but additionally because the foremost element of economic policy. The potential contribution of fine health policy to the economy far exceeds that of most other microeconomic reforms.

Finally, we should always not take into consideration health policy solely in terms of costs. Costs are necessary, but health affects the economy in far more profound ways through labor supply. Improving residents’ health enables them to contribute more to the economy by maintaining employment. This especially applies to people over 50 years of age. Maintaining the health of this group largely is determined by reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.

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Ernie Hudson (78) opens up about the persistent belly fat that drove him to the gym




Ernie Hudson keeps dropping gems.

The 78-year-old actor has grow to be a hot topic since fans spotted his impressive figure during a promotional appearance for “Ghostbusters: Frozen” in London last month. After an interview through which he revealed some secrets to controlling his body, Hudson opened up more about the belly fat that had been holding him back for years.

“When I turned 50, people said, ‘Your body will change. Nothing has changed. Sixtieth, nothing has changed. The 1970s…there was a change,” Hudson told Men’s Health People reported.

Ernie Hudson attends a “Ghostbusters: Frozen” photo call at Claridge’s Hotel last month in London. (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

“The post did not get rid of Mr. Jiggles,” he continued. “You know, he would just sit there and talk to you at night. He whispers: we now have to eat something. And suddenly I’m feeding Mr. Jiggles. So a couple of years ago I believed: I want to go to the gym.

The longtime actor said he consistently exercises three days every week, specializing in coordination and balance on Mondays, pilates on Wednesdays and strength training on Fridays.

“You come out really excited and it’s a lot of fun,” he told Men’s Health. “I have a coach in his 20s who pushes me like I’m 20. And on days when I don’t exercise, I try to choose at least a half-hour walk at a good pace to keep my heart rate above 110 BPM. This seems to work best with Mr. Jiggles!”

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Hudson’s belly fat was the least of fans’ worries once they saw viral photos of the star on the red carpet in March, wearing a plain black T-shirt and blue jeans, showing off her biceps.

While “it’s nice to be noticed” and “in many ways it’s flattering,” Hudson told Men’s Health that he won’t focus an excessive amount of on the attention he receives online, but as an alternative on making the most of the time he has left in the world.

“I don’t care about living as long as possible,” Hudson said. “I just want to live the fullest and fullest life possible, enjoy the time I have, live a good life and be an example of what God can do.”

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Red Lobster is reportedly considering filing for bankruptcy after suffering heavy losses from its never-ending shrimp trades




Filing for Red Lobster bankruptcy

Red Lobster is considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because it grapples with mounting debt.

The seafood restaurant chain is facing challenges generating profits under current leases and labor costs and is looking for guidance from law firm King & Spalding to explore restructuring options, People Magazine reported.

While sources say Red Lobster is still undecided on whether to file for bankruptcy, the move would reportedly allow it to proceed operating while it really works out its next move, which could include renegotiating leases and terminating some contracts.

Red Lobster Casual Dining is reportedly considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Red Lobster is famous for its infinite choice of shrimp, which became a everlasting feature on the menu last June. According to People magazine, the corporate raised the worth from $20 to $25 in response to the losses.

Despite infinite shrimp promotions, the restaurant reported an operating lack of $12.5 million within the fourth quarter of 2023.

In January, Thai Union Group Plc, which acquired Red Lobster in 2021, announced it was parting ways with the chain on account of “negative financial contributions to Thai Union and its shareholders.”

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Over the past few months, Red Lobster has continued its efforts to generate publicity. In February, the chain announced that it would offer a free infinite lobster meal to a limited number of shoppers during its annual Lobsterfest.

The restaurant chain also introduced its first-ever Endless Lobster Experience, during which 150 winners from across the country could enjoy a free two-hour dinner of unlimited lobster, two sides and the chain’s famous cheddar cookies.

Last month, the corporate named Jonathan Tibus, known for his expertise in “restructuring restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy,” People reported, as its latest CEO.

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Ashanti and Nelly are engaged and expecting their first child together




Is Ashanti pregnant?, Ashanti pregnant, Ashanti pregnancy announcement, Ashanti pregnancy, Are Ashanti and Nelly engaged?, Did Nelly propose to Ashanti?, Who is Nelly in a relationship with?, Ashanti Nelly relationship, Does Nelly have kids?, Nelly kids, Ashanti pregnancy rumors, Ashanti pregnant rumor, Ashanti nelly pregnant

Months after confirming their rekindled romance, Ashanti and Nelly are teaming up for a special collaboration – a baby.

This week, the “Foolish” singer teased growing pregnancy rumors in an Instagram video ad home fertility diagnostics company Proov, which she and the rapper co-own with founder Dr. Amy Beckley. In the video, Ashanti appears to be preparing for a performance; when her mother, Tina Douglas, always asks her daughter how much time she needs backstage, the star finally replies, “Uh, I’ll need about nine months.”

The singer further confirmed her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with Essence magazine, during which she also announced her engagement to Nelly.

“This new year of my life is a blessing full of love, hope and expectation,” Ashanti told the publication. “Motherhood is something I’ve been looking forward to, and sharing it with my family, fiancé and the loyal fans who have been so supportive of my career is an amazing experience.”

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In 2023, the couple confirmed the resumption of their romantic relationship. During an appearance on “Boss Moves with Rasheeda”, Nelly said that they were dating again.

“We’re cool again,” the rapper said. “But I think it surprised both of us. It wasn’t something that was planned (…) But sometimes, when you are apart, you understand each other better.”

Meanwhile, the mother-to-be solidified her latest relationship status by carrying a custom clutch bag with a photograph of the 2 of them from 2003, the 12 months they were initially rumored to be dating.

Shortly after the couple confirmed the romance rumors, pregnancy rumors began to flow into when fans spotted an intimate moment between them on stage. During a December appearance on the Four Seasons Hotel, Ashanti and Nelly placed their hands on her belly and exchanged smiles, which made fans consider that baby news can be coming soon. Similarly, the rapper once replied, “I’m on it,” to an Instagram comment during which he titled, “Get (Ashanti) pregnant tonight,” in keeping with People magazine.

Although that is Ashanti’s first child, the couple’s baby will join daughter Nelly Chanelle, his son Cornell Jr. and his niece and nephew, Shawn and Sydney Thomas, whom he adopted after his sister Jackie Donahue died of leukemia in 2005.

“We are in a great space,” Ashanti previously said People. “Everything is positive. (We) are having a great time.”

Replica “Kid” by Ashanti!

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