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POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Danyel Surrency Jones hands over to co-founder Darnell Jones as interim CEO



POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Danyel Surrency Jones hands over to co-founder Darnell Jones as interim CEO

POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Daniel Surrency Jones is leaving the brand, which under her leadership continues to experience spectacular growth on the earth of sports and fitness technology, and is handing over the responsibilities to its co-founder and former CEO, Darnell Jonesas interim CEO.

Danyel will remain chairman of the board and president of the Power To Give Foundation (501c3). The change entered into force on October 21, 2022.

As the one global Black women-owned sports training and fitness technology platform, Danyel’s influence on the nice idea of ​​two passionate inventors has grown into a worldwide force that has not only helped countless athletes stay in peak shape, but in addition empowered the fitness community with latest ways mainstream can stay lively and achieve their goals. Danyel’s distinctive leadership style during her time at POWERHANDZ has evolved in her relentless pursuit of demonstrating how a small business can impact the worldwide community through strategic partnerships and generational legacy.

An enduring legacy

“Every entrepreneur dreams of fixing the world – each of you inspired me and our team to do it. No matter the obstacles, we are going to proceed to fight for innovation because we all know our communities need us. “I’m impressed by what we’ve done and I’m very encouraged by the data that tells us we’ll continue to do this in the future,” he said. Daniel Surrency Jonesformer CEO of POWERHANDZ.

“I KNOW that my next journey will be based on the last two decades of my career, specifically the last 8 years of building POWERHANDZ without any plan. The success we have achieved would not have been possible without the dedication of so many people who believed in us and saw what we could achieve, despite our size. As an inventor, mother, wife and social activist – I now understand that our greatest struggles give birth to our greatest purpose. I know the brand will continue to thrive under Darnell’s leadership, and I am deeply rooted in gratitude for this journey and what is to come.”

2022 marked a milestone 12 months through which Danyel successfully led the brand through a multi-million dollar capital injection from Vanguard Holdings Group, a worldwide private investment trust operating across a broad spectrum of industries, including sports, wealth management and real estate. In addition to the capital injection, Vanguard conducted a non-public tender offer to purchase outstanding shares from minority shareholders of PHI, providing liquidity to long-time shareholders of POWERHANDZ and PHI. The Vanguard Holdings Group partners with a myriad of industries and has extensive capital resources to not only proceed to develop and grow the prevailing POWERHANDZ collection, but to truly advance progressive approaches to sports performance technology, fitness training and athlete wealth constructing.

With sales in over 87 countries, POWERHANDZ consistently expands its industry-leading training innovation to countless skilled and youth sports organizations, fitness disciplines and e-commerce giants like Amazon. Continuing with the worldwide theme, the brand was the fundamental partner of the 2022 World Boxing Council sixtieth Anniversary Convention in Acapulco, Mexico. Representing one other victory with a key sports partner featuring athletes like Andre Ward, Errol Spence, Ryan Garcia AND Gervonta Davis who’re a part of the POWERHANDZ community.

Next chapter

While Danyel was extremely successful, she also worked closely with co-founder Darnell Jones and exes CEO who will take over as interim CEO. As someone who brings extensive experience as an executive operator and who has been involved in over $100 million in industry exits within the sports and fitness technology industry; has the unique ability to not only proceed its strong vision and strategic roadmap, but in addition bring a wealth of data to the table to proceed to grow the brand in collaboration with key partners.

“Daniel’s legacy will probably be a guiding light and I’m happy with what she has completed as an executive on this industry. She was pulling down doors that others thought were permanently locked,” said Darnell Jones, transitional period CEO of POWERHANDZ.

“This brand is my journey. I was that kid who started on the court and dreamed of the NBA, but I knew it would take a lot of training to accelerate my performance. I am deeply motivated when I see people improve their performance, whether or not they do LaMelo ball, a kid playing soccer at the YMCA, or a mom getting back into shape after giving birth. I know our future includes analyzing more data to create better innovations that integrate with a new lifestyle focused on improving physical and mental health.”

While Darnell will oversee the each day rhythm of operations, the brand will conduct a nationwide seek for POWER’s next CEO and can seek someone who not only has business and sports acumen, but in addition shares the brand’s commitment to philanthropic causes. An announcement will probably be made after the ultimate selection in mid-2023.

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At Smartwater Wellness, check in with fitness trainer Shy Lovell





When it involves health and well-being, it’s an intentional process that all of us have to put effort into. While it could seem easy to be a fitness guru on Instagram, living a healthy lifestyle is a choice you make daily.

Many of us get so caught up in the every day hustle and bustle that we sometimes forget that a healthy lifestyle is definitely a choice, and these small, on a regular basis decisions could make or break the trail to the healthy lifestyle of your dreams.

Continuing the work of our VP of Video and Branded Content, NöNe Dunivan sat down with us Fitness trainer, Shy Lovell for a health check on Instagram Live. They delve into the small changes we are able to all make to guide us towards a healthier life.

Here are 5 suggestions you’ll be able to implement into your fitness journey today!

1.) Nutrition
A healthy lifestyle starts from the within, so before you even create a training plan, it’s value taking a moment and analyzing your every day food decisions. The foods you select play a very important role in your overall fitness beyond just your weight, and you ought to make informed decisions. Calorie restriction, fast food, and overeating are immediate goals to contemplate.

2.) Creating SMART goals
On your fitness journey, you ought to be realistic by setting small goals. Day by day and week by week, you ought to set achievable goals that you could easily work towards. Reaching these small goals will encourage you to maintain going, and you then can start creating more ambitious ones.

3.) Procrastination
Just start!

It’s one thing to discuss exercise, but one other thing to stand up and do it. We all know that it’s demanding to start out your fitness adventure, but step one is just getting began. Write a plan that you could commit to and stop denying your dream life.

4.) Invest in a fitness trainer
Trainers are all the time an ideal investment because now you’ve the prospect to learn directly from knowledgeable. If you are struggling in your fitness journey, it may be a very good idea to seek out an accountability partner who cannot only provide help to stay fit, but additionally use their expertise to provide help to achieve your goals more effectively.

5.) Don’t compare your fitness journey
Your fitness journey is yours and yours alone. Don’t get distracted by comparing yourself to others. Give yourself grace throughout your journey. You are your only competition.

At Smartwater Wellness, check in with fitness trainer Shy Lovell

CLICK HERE to take heed to the complete interview and go to to affix us on our .

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It’s not exercise that’s stopping you from losing weight, it’s your diet





If you wish to critically evaluate your current health this yr, you will want to deal with your diet before specializing in anything, akin to weight reduction or gain.

Believe it or not, mindful eating habits may help you shed extra pounds without making you crave or feel extremely hungry. This is because of healthy foods that contain natural nutrients, versus processed foods which are loaded with fats, sugars, salts and preservatives. In comparison, naturally nutrient-dense foods include vegatables and fruits, lean meats, fish, whole grains, dairy products, legumes, nuts and seeds. While highly processed foods are convenient (I’m talking to those that do not like to cook), they’re unfortunately high in calories, low in nutrients, and increase the danger of assorted diseases akin to diabetes and coronary heart disease.

However, natural foods can still provide health because they’re wealthy in vitamins and minerals, do not contain chemical additives and are primarily unprocessed.

Examples of natural food products:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Chia seeds
  • broccoli
  • Kale
  • Berries
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Salmon
  • Whole eggs
  • Unprocessed meats

Here’s how natural foods help you shed extra pounds:

Whole, unprocessed plant-based foods and meats are wealthy in vitamins and minerals which are great for your health. Processed foods are low in micronutrients and should increase the danger of health problems. If your diet consists solely of processed foods, you may not be getting enough iron, which can impact your ability to exercise and consequently limit your ability to burn calories during exercise. A low-nutrient diet may additionally prevent you from losing weight because processed foods are less filling. Moreover, protein is an important nutrient vital for fat loss. Natural foods are a greater source of protein because they’re less processed and frequently contain more protein and fewer fat.


Soluble fiber provides many health advantages, including weight reduction. When combined with water, fiber forms a thick gel and should reduce appetite by slowing down the flow of food through the intestines. Another way soluble fiber can reduce appetite is by affecting the production of hormones that manage hunger.

Less fats:

Artificial trans fats are harmful to health. These fats are artificially produced by pumping hydrogen molecules into vegetable oils, turning them from a liquid to a solid. These fats increase fat gain and increase the danger of many harmful diseases. Natural food does not contain artificial trans fats.

Limit sugar:

The natural sugars in vegatables and fruits are not the identical as those in refined sugars that might be processed. Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars, but provide other essential nutrients akin to fiber, vitamins and water which are needed in a balanced diet.

Cut down on high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar in your diet and you’ll see a difference in your overall health and weight. This also means cutting ice cream, cakes, cookies and sweets. Like processed foods, refined sugars also do little to maintain you feeling full.

The better part of eating natural foods and maintaining a healthy diet is that you can still eat more while losing weight. Natural food comprises a considerable amount of air and water, which does not contain calories. Additionally, foods with fewer calories and more volume may fill you up greater than foods with more calories and fewer volume.

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The Rumble Boxing series is taking the city market by storm




The Rumble Boxing series is taking the city market by storm

Rumble Boxing is a nationally recognized fitness boxing boutique studio a franchise that is dynamically developing throughout the country, with 25 open locations and over 250 licenses granted.

Rumble Boxing is a 45-minute, 10-round group strength and conditioning workout based on teardrop-shaped water boxing bags and high-intensity strength training circuits. Rumble workouts are known for his or her electrifying class experience: uplifting music, authentic HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), metabolic conditioning (MetCon) and the advantages of cardio in a single seamless class led by semi-trainers and motivational speakers – emcee.

Founded in 2017 in New York, Rumble Boxing began franchising in 2021 and is currently a part of Xponential brand a portfolio that features many well-known fitness brands reminiscent of BFT, Cycles barAND Pure Barre.

Rachelle Dejean, 31, is the chief marketing officer (CMO) at Rumble. Growing up, Dejean participated in countless sports, including at the collegiate level, gaining a high level of physical and mental endurance. Being a successful athlete has helped her achieve success and proceed to grow as a frontrunner in her skilled profession with a fitness franchise. Prior to becoming CMO at Rumble Boxing, Dejean was the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Pilates clubhelping grow the brand from 250 locations to over 650 locations across North America and beyond.

(Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing Franchise)

How did Rumble Boxing turn out to be so well-known and successful so quickly?

When the brand was conceptualized, no fitness boutique had really embraced group fitness and added a hospitality element to it. Combine entertainment and excitement with the opportunity to hit something and an enormous nod to sneaker culture – and the Rumble was born.

We were adamant about telling stories and cutting down on the bullshit and nonsense that customers had turn out to be numb to from other brands that focused solely on sales and promotions. Take this unpretentious attitude and sync it with custom playlists and specially curated shows (half boxhalf strength and switching between rounds) and members come.

Now that we’re moving beyond the urban, densely populated markets where models and celebrities are typically found, we make certain the programming and atmosphere is the same. We hold on to who we’re and what we all know.

How does your identity as a black woman influence your brand representation decisions? Why is it essential to have this sort of representation at the leadership level?

From my very own experience, I ask myself: “Can I or can I see myself in this place (insert location/product concept or brand name)?” and “Do XYZ see themselves here?” probably greater than most, so it has an enormous influence on my decisions about what the campaign looks like and ultimately the way it performs. Furthermore, the Rumble was also rooted in hip-hop culture and black icons – if we didn’t discuss our brand vibe, we could be doing our community a disservice for 2 fundamental reasons: 1) that is what members do, we love and appreciate our brand culture and ethos, 2) our members and clients represent literally all walks of life.

It is essential to have different backgrounds, experiences and cultures in order that we are able to proceed this attitude.

What makes Rumble Boxing an ideal investment option for BIPOC entrepreneurs considering purchasing a business?

In addition to the investment opportunities and extensive support that the Rumble Boxing corporate team provides to all franchise owners, you truly create a community and environment at each studio that is truly unique. You can get an ideal workout anywhere, but few exercise or gym concepts offer the curated programming and cathartic (boxing) experience that Rumble offers, combined with real-life each day in-studio connections and shared community moments like being greeted by a neighborhood artist’s work celebrating uncompromising picture Princegenius Tupacand culture Biggie Smalls Or Dolly Parton.

(Photo courtesy of Rachelle Dejean, Rumble Boxing Franchise, Chief Marketing Officer)

Why should potential owners consider Rumble Boxing over a few of the other boxing fitness brands?

Having spent three and a half years growing Club Pilates from 250 to over 600 studios before joining the Rumble team, I actually have been a part of the Xponential family for several years and know the level of support and expertise that franchise owners receive – the supportive culture and the ability to grow brands at scale while maintaining the core “vibe” is what sets us aside from other fitness boxing brands. Leading Rumble’s marketing initiatives brought me “home” to my athletic roots as a former D-1 two-sport athlete at the collegiate level; high-intensity programming and strength and conditioning training that is truly enjoyable is exactly what I grew up doing and what energizes me day-after-day to steer the Rumble marketing department.

Rumble is a workout for all fitness levels and offers every rumbler the likelihood to learn recent skills, however it is also the lights, the chosen playlists, the energy and atmosphere that the trainer brings, the highest quality equipment and the way the programming is done; Andy Stern, our VP of Education and Programming is good. Switching sides of the room during specific rounds brings the class to a climax in the most subtle way that keeps you going for all 10 (rounds). Our hardware and software cannot be found anywhere else, and the loyalty of our membership base proves it – coming together day-after-day to master recent skills and fight together. I’m excited to support our franchise partners in bringing this to life.

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