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Zendaya and Colman Domingo May ‘Pursue Other Opportunities’ After ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Filming Delayed



Fans of “Euphoria” can have to attend slightly longer for the third season.

HBO Max announced Monday that filming on the hit teen drama has been delayed to provide creator Sam Levinson more time to put in writing scripts. (*3*)Hollywood reporter. Production on “Euphoria” was scheduled to start inside the following few months, Deadline announced, but no binding date was given.

The production delay allows lead actress Zendaya and series regulars Colman Domingo, Storm Reid and Nice King to pursue other projects, the streamer said in an announcement.

“HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to an exceptional third season,” HBO told THR. “In the meantime, we are allowing our popular cast to pursue other opportunities.”

However, the solid has not been released from their contracts, and in accordance with THR, the third season of “Euphoria” continues to be expected to premiere in 2025. According to reports, work on the third season of the acclaimed HBO series was initially delayed resulting from a author’s strike in 2023. Season two will air in 2022.

Meanwhile, the “Euphoria” solid has catapulted into the ranks of A-list stars, with Zendaya leading the billion-dollar “Dune” franchise, Domingo receiving her first Oscar nomination for her role in Netflix’s “Rustin,” and Reid winning her first Emmy for her performance as Riley Abel within the HBO series “The Last of Us”.

According to Variety, Zendaya held back tears while talking about “Euphoria” and her character, Rue, on the 2022 FYC Emmy Awards on the Academy Museum.

“One of the greatest honors of being able to play her is all the stories I’ve gained now when people come to me and share their sobriety stories” – Zendaya he said then. “It’s so beautiful to me every time, and I think I take those stories with me and they become part of who I am every time I play her.”

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“I’m very touched because I care about her a lot because she represents a lot of people who need a lot of love. It represents a part of me and a part of Sam (Levinson). It means a lot to me and I just want people to be able to heal through it.”

Domingo addressed the delay of the third season in an interview with GQ in February, in the course of the Oscar campaign. The actor said that creator Levinson is “a person who writes, rewrites, writes and rewrites because I think he’s grappling with what’s important.”

“He immediately responds to the world’s ills,” Domingo told the publication. “I do know the one thing I can inform you is that he may be very concerned about the existential query of who we at the moment are. Our souls. That’s what I need to determine in season three.”

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Gayle King, Charles Barkley The CNN series “King Charles” has ended.




The series was first announced for CNN last April.

Gayle King and Charles Barkley’s CNN series has come to an end. Last week, the ultimate episode of “King Charles” aired on CNN, with King and Barkley thanking them for the series.

Charles Barkley (left) and Gayle King have been tapped to co-host CNN’s weekly primetime program, announced by the network on Saturday, April 22, 2023. (AP Photo/File)

Behind Hollywood reporterKing and Barkley expressed their appreciation for one another on this episode. “I will say this: I love working with you, and something tells me, Charles, that this won’t be the last time we work together,” King said.

Barkley replied, “Call me, Gayle,” and King then turned to the audience. “See you next time we see you,” she said. “Thank you very much for being with us over the last six months. We had a great time.”

According to a CNN spokesperson, the series was never intended to last long. “As we announced at its premiere last fall, the limited run of ‘King Charles’ has come to an end and was a great addition to CNN’s lineup,” a spokesman said in a press release, adding that viewers included “the youngest, wealthiest and most diverse” during its run. there is a show on cable news.

As theGrio previously reported, CNN announced the series in April 2023. Then-CEO Chris Licht described it as “an exciting new way to bring our viewers culturally relevant programming and unique perspectives from two incredibly dynamic personalities.”

How Hollywood reporter he wrote, the show’s viewership following its premiere was removed from great. According to Nielsen rankings, the same-day premiere attracted only 501,00 viewers, rating “a distant third among major cable news channels in total viewers and not far off CNN’s recent average hours.”

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Netflix’s ‘Good Times’ is as offensive as the trailer said it would be




If Seth MacFarlane desired to make a tougher version of Family Guy, he could have just said so.

This would be more acceptable than the way he and everybody else attached to this disaster of an animated “comedy” series played in the faces of Black people.

Netflix’s “Good Times” is every bit as offensive as the two-minute trailer promised, and anyone who criticized people for reacting negatively to the trailer on social media acted like “a dog attacked will scream” because, honey ? This show is terrible.

To be honest, the trailer immediately turned me off. I could not understand why anyone would wish to reboot Good Times, and I could not understand why a “reboot” would include the stereotypes and caricatures I saw in the trailer.

However, I made a decision to try it because I desired to be honest in my criticism.

All 10 episodes of the series aired on Friday, and the motion begins immediately in the first episode. Reggie (voiced by JB Smoove) takes a shower and sings a part of the original theme song. He is accompanied by a cockroach that stands on the window sill while he bathes.

From there it only gets worse.

The fourth generation of the Evans family (Reggie is James Evans Sr.’s grandson) lives in the same apartment at 17C that the original Evans family lived in, and it appears their situation is still unchanged. They are poor, perform projects and struggle to survive each day.

Beverly (Yvette Nicole Brown) enters the lounge where her son is JJ Junior (Jay Pharoah) is sleeping on the sofa bed and is apparently having a wet dream.

“Not again! I just changed these sheets,” she wails, waking him up and asking about the Black Jesus mural he painted on the wall.

She’s attempting to win a constructing beautification contest, very like Florida in the original series, and while explaining it to her two oldest children, she hands her daughter a cracker and tells her, “Just rub some crumbs in your mouth so that when the judges come to our apartment and they’ll think I fed you .

The prize for winning the competition is a month of free rental and “two weeks without cockroaches”.


There are many references to the original series in the first episode, including the iconic Florida film “Damn! Cholera! Damn!” statement, but they’re sandwiched between all the offensive things that were added to make the show “funny”. I know these things are usually considered “Easter eggs,” but in my opinion they’re wet farts. And they stink.

I suspect it wasn’t meant to be, “Black people are funny.” It’s more like white people will think these things about black people are funny, but maybe that’s just my impression.

One gets the impression that this so-called sequel to the original series is little more than a parody of “Good Times” disguised as “Family Guy” – to put it mildly.

Junior and his fighting younger sister Gray (Marsai Martin) argue and insult each other in the same way Thelma and JJ did in the original series, and since the fighting siblings have already been included, the third sibling is Dalvin (Gerald’s Slink). ” Johnson), a drug dealer, still breastfeeding a baby who limits his food in a stroller and has already been kicked out of the house by his father Reggie for what he does.

Beverly’s breasts lactate each time Dalvin is around, and my 10-year-old nephew told my sister he thought it was “highly inappropriate.”

He was also rejected by a drug dealing kid.

It’s funny how in the show every swear word is allowed to fly freely, but the N-word is uttered repeatedly. You’ve come to date, why are you ashamed now?

Halfway through the third episode I spotted I could not do it anymore after which for some strange reason the power went out in my entire neighborhood and I’d wish to think it was Jesus from Power Company telling me to present up the ghost, so I did.

I probably won’t finish this series and I do not regret it. This piece was enough for me to come to a decision that I’m not the target market for this show, and that is okay.

I’m undecided what the creators of this series were hoping to realize, but perhaps the meta message they smuggled into the first episode indicates that they didn’t really intend for this to be a reboot or a nod to the original Regardless series.

Returning home to seek out out that Beverly won’t win the beauty pageant in any case, Reggie apologizes to her for the failure on his part.

“No,” Beverly says. “It’s me. I thought our family had to win this stupid competition to prove we were just as good as the old Evans, but the truth is, we are the new Evans.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Reggie replies. “We have to be ourselves and that’s all that matters.”

The creators of the show appear to be aware of what they’re doing.

Too bad they weren’t aware enough to not call it “the good times.”


Netflix’s ‘Good Times’ entry is as offensive as the trailer said appeared first on TheGrio.

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The trailer for season two of ‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’ showcases glamor and drama




The series returns in June with essential characters Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Caroline Brooks and more.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is back with one other installment. The latest installment of the beloved Real Housewives series will return to Bravo in June, with Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan and more returning to our screens.

The second season of “The Real Housewives of Dubai” stars Lesa Milan, Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Medani and Taleen Marie. (Photo: Chris Haston/Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

The Bravo season trailer once more showcases the lavish, fashionable and, yes, dramatic lives of the solid members. Ayan, the show’s breakout star, returns to launch her latest cosmetics line, Ayan Beauty, while striking up an unexpected friendship with Caroline Stanbury.

“It’s hot in Dubai, but I come even hotter,” Ayan says within the interview included within the clip, before telling someone in the center of an argument: “Tell someone to their face how you feel!” As the official synopsis jokes, “as alliances shift, the women question their loyalties to each other as some friendships are left in the desert dust.”

Ayan, Brooks and Milan are joined by their season one co-stars Stanbury and Sara Al Madani, in addition to latest addition Taleen Marie. As Stanbury and Ayan (who spent their first season at odds) grow closer this season, it appears to be causing some tension throughout the group. “Ayan follows this trend. I only drive G cars,” Milan says in the trailer.

As theGrio previously reported, “Dubai” is the first official international installment of the “Real Housewives” franchise. First announced in 2021, executive producer Andy Cohen said at the time that he “couldn’t be more excited” to produce the “Housewives” series “in a city that has fascinated me for years, with an exceptional group of friends as our guides.”

The second season of The Real Housewives of Dubai premieres on Sunday, June 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, before moving to its regular time slot on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes will stream the next day on Peacock.

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The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 trailer of glamor and drama appeared first on TheGrio.

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