40+ Resources for Your Transition to Online Teaching [Video]

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What opportunities are there in a transition to online teaching? Will this project work in a hybrid class? What about the class calendar? How will students stay engaged?

These and many more questions may face instructors set to transition to online teaching, whether for hybrid or fully-online courses.

To help with the heavy lifting and the rewarding efforts ahead, here are ideas on how Stukent courseware and content can be used. There are also tips, tools, and resources — a number of which were shared by instructors at Stukent conferences.

Using Stukent Courseware and Content


Stukent simulations for both high school and higher ed are well positioned to engage students, whether in face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online learning environments. Students can work remotely — as individuals or as teams — in hybrid and fully online contexts as they apply class concepts in multiple simulation rounds.


  • For hybrid courses, take class time to introduce …
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