WATCH: Progressive Christian Activist Shane Claiborne Says the Bible Belt is the ‘Death Belt’ Because 85 Percent of Executions Happen in the South | BCNN1 [Video]

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Christian activist, author and self-proclaimed “recovering redneck,” Shane Claiborne, said this week that America’s Bible Belt should really be known as the “death belt,” warning that the pro-life ethic should be applied consistently. 

Claiborne, a progressive Christian speaker based in Philadelphia and a leader in the New Monasticism movement, joined the leader of the conservative-leaning think-tank Institute on Religion & Democracy Wednesday for a conversation on subjects including just war theory, the death penalty, and abortion.

Claiborne, who grew up in “the hills” of East Tennessee, spoke about how he used to be in favor of the death penalty but later had a hard time reconciling that belief. He contends that capital punishment “undermines the redemptive work that Jesus did on the cross” and “the possibilities of redemption.”

“I got involved in the death penalty partly because I saw that there were a lot of Christians that were vocal on abortion and other issues,” he said. “But …

When A Recession Comes, Don't Stop Advertising

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