Shipyard Brewing and Brew Theory Strike Contract Brewing and Licensing Agreement for Florida Market [Video]

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Orlando, Florida-based Brew Theory has reached a licensing agreement with Portland, Maine-headquartered Shipyard Brewing to produce and sell the company’s portfolio of products in the Sunshine State.

“Jeremy and his company have the same kind of passion we have for Florida and strong belief in the craft business down here,” Shipyard co-founder and CEO Fred Forsley said, referring to Brew Theory founder Jeremy Roberts. “In the last three to six years, [craft beer has] just exploded in Florida and to be honest, we’re looking as we evolve — I’m getting a little older — for people that we can collaborate with and grow our brand.”

Forsley views the deal as an investment in the state, rather than Shipyard abandoning one of its oldest markets. News of the deal was first reported on by Craft Brew News.

“It’s not an exit in any way in Florida,” Forsley said. “In fact, it’s …

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