Model Ashley Graham reveals ‘absolute favorite [Video]

When A Recession Comes, Don't Stop Advertising

Ashley Graham, a body positivity advocate and former Sports Illustrated cover model.took to Instagram to share her love of Health-Ade Kombucha ."Absolute favorite drink in the world right now," the new mom revealed on a recent Instagram story, while holding up a bottle of the brand’s pink lady apple-flavored drink.“This is not an ad, just my fave,” Graham clarified in the video, which was shared with her 10.9 million followers.kombucha is a traditionally fermented, bubbly tea drink that’s low in sugar and has been said to have numerous health benefits, including improved gut health.Naturally, Graham isn’t the only A-list fan of the probiotic-packed drink.

Bella Hadid apparently keeps her refrigerator stocked with it.Kourtney Kardashian has also revealed she’s obsessed with ‘buch as a healthier replacement for sugary soft drinks that still has the same satisfying fizz

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When A Recession Comes, Don't Stop Advertising

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