How long will it take to get a vaccine for COVID-19? [Video]

How long will it take to get a vaccine for COVID-19? [Video]

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Your coronavirus questions answered

SAN ANTONIO – Medical experts say the public won’t be safe from coronavirus until a vaccine is developed. But how long will that take?

Viewer SAQ: How long does it usually take to develop a vaccine?

Doctor Larry S. Schlesinger, President and CEO of Texas BioMedical Research Institute, says most vaccines take decades to produce and distribute. Developing a vaccine involves clinical trials, manufacturing and distributing which could take between 10 and 20 years. The fastest a vaccine has been made was the Ebola vaccine which was developed in four years and was successful in stopping the virus in the Congo. The Texas Biomedical Research Institute had a hand in that and Doctor Schlesinger believes a COVID-19 vaccine could be created quicker than that.

“I think we can move faster than we have historically, just by the nature of these groups coming together, but I think it’s going to take …

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