Casey Askar ties coronavirus to border wall in latest ad. [Video]

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Naples Republican Casey Askar’s newest advertisement ties an immigration suspension over the pandemic to the need for a border wall.

The newest spot from the Congressional candidate contrasts a computer dashboard showing coronavirus spread worldwide against cars lined up at U.S. checkpoints. In narration, Askar praises President Donald Trump for suspending international immigration.

“This crisis clearly illustrates just how important our nation’s borders are to maintaining domestic security,” Askar said. “When I’m elected to Congress, I will work with President Trump to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.”

The ad, entitled “Once and For All,” moves from imagery around the COVID-19 pandemic to footage of Trump standing by portions of the border wall under construction between Mexico and the U.S.

“I’ll help the President finish the wall and control the border once and for all,” he said.

Mexico to date has 59,567 confirmed cases of COVID-19 compared to …

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