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Successful PR agencies are always backed by an inspiring and visionary CEO,

Robert Alexander CEO Of 360Wise Media has revolutionalized this very concept. Robert Alexander, a visionary, running a successful PR and influencer marketing firm, has maintained the trust factor with an awe-inspiring client base! He is a pioneer in pushing numerous initiatives through strategy-based and result oriented approach.

360Wise Media, under the leadership of Robert Alexander, was also recently honored from American Human Rights Society as “THE MOST PROMISING PUBLIC RELATION FIRM OF 2019”

AHRSociety Award has become the industry’s rewarding label of success, anointing the very best organizations as stand-out heroes in the field.

American Human Rights Society honors firms, and individuals from across the world who have positively disrupted their field of expertise.

Advocating against racism and violence, 360Wise Media also runs a basketball league “360Wise Ballers” to keep a positive narrative in the lives of young adults in the Broward and MIAMI areas of South Florida., 360Wise Media promotes disruptive approach towards developing a brand image for clients and companies alike.

With awe-inspiring testimonials and happy costumers, Robert Alexander CEO Of 360Wise Media, husband of 20 years and 8 children with wife Tasha Alexander is instrumental in taking numerous brands, individuals and organizations to the pinnacle of success through influencer marketing, brand management, and public relations. The 360Wise brand has a top first-page Google search result for “Most trusted and complete social media company.”

PRACTITIONERS, INFLUENCERS, AND MEDIA ENTHUSIASTS have benefitted immensely by contribution of 360Wise Media!

Robert “Iam360Wise” Alexander clearly uses his influence on social media to bring awareness and help combat police brutality with world-renowned civil rights attorney, activist, keynote speaker, and filmmaker Benjamin Crump.

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