KUNG-FU BROTHER – Marcus Aurelius #IndieFilm

//KUNG-FU BROTHER – Marcus Aurelius #IndieFilm

KUNG-FU BROTHER – Marcus Aurelius #IndieFilm


To those of you who can really appreciate the soul of independent films,

it's you to whom I'm addressing (in addition to bringing attention to myself)!

I pride myself on being able to tell complex stories, visually! Stories that wrestle

with life, within its journey (regardless of genre)!

I’m an independent film writer/producer/director/actor residing here in Hollywood! A land that's also known for lack of DIVERSITY! But, I've been able to gain a foothold in shedding light on this lack of DIVERSITY simply by creating my own opportunity! And you may think Diversity in Hollywood is tough, but try producing a film in two different countries with two different languages! That's tough!

I shot this small urban film entirely on location in Thailand and the Philippines without the comfort or security of a major or mini-major studio! Yes, I did it all by myself! I just armed myself with a will and did it!

The film is titled “KUNG-FU BROTHER” and I'm very proud of what this film has accomplished thus far.

“KUNG-FU BROTHER” was chosen to Premier at the “Action On Film International Film Festival” where it garnered three nominations.

a. Nominated: Best Action Fight Sequence in a Movie

b. Nominated: Best Director and Action Film of the Year

c. Nominated: Action Film Of The Year

“KUNG-FU BROTHER” went on to

a. Winner: Action Film of the Year

b. Winner: 1st Runner-Up Best Director!

Also I was named in a new book titled " THE TOP 100 INDEPENDENT FILM-MAKERS IN THE WORLD" and I was ranked at #15! In the WORLD!

But I'm still humble and hope you can appreciate a grassroots movement! And with Hollywood all ablaze regarding DIVERSITY, I feel this film that gives you all that and more!

The reason I did this film, was to show I can deliver “Award Winning Film Work”! My real motivation is to tell compelling stories of the human experience with a diverse viewpoint. This film as well as many of my film ideas, were created to reach all people. I’m hoping that you (the audience), will lend your support to my film not just because of it's diversity, but also because it's entertaining! I’m hopefully looking forward to speaking with my audience soon!

Thank you for your time and consideration.



“KUNG-FU BROTHER” is an action packed, erotic comedy thriller that profiles the obscure intricacies of ancestral Japanese assassins. “KUNG-FU BROTHER” highlights a series of bizarre murders occurring in the pursuit to acquire the Kuji Denjo Scrolls. A legacy of an ancient civilization known as the Weirding Clan, set in the backdrop of erotic settings and exotic vistas, offering a visual and psychological jolt.

“KUNG-FU BROTHER” is flavored with multi-racial characters that come together in pursuit of a murderer, who’s on a quest to acquire the Sacred Scrolls. Three cops and a lady-reporter are bound by distrust, suspicion, love, hate, and a pair of handcuffs. In addition, a strange romance develops and sizzles in an incessant array of murders which culminates in consummated passion.

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